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You won't get outstanding results from just anyone

How do you create "outstanding" teachers and lecturers?

1. Remove praxis-based teacher education and training (particularly if university-based). Educational theory is for wimps, not future leaders.

2. Assume that anyone new to the "profession" can learn to be excellent through observation (one school is fine, who needs a range of experience?).

3. Understand that doing the job brings expertise. No need to worry if you don't understand why; if it works, it works.

The by-product of creating the next generation of outstanding teachers? Long overdue parity for school and FE teachers and lecturers. The only problem is that this parity is equal only in its spectacular lack of foresight in the deprofessionalisation of the teaching profession and the impact this will have on our learners.

Tanya Ovenden-Hope, Head of school, associate professor of education, Plymouth University.

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