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Young geographers to explore Everest

PUPILS are being asked to take on the world's highest mountain in the hunt for Young Geographer of the Year.

Entrants will be asked to consider the changing face of Everest since the mountain was first scaled in 1953. The competition is run by the Royal Geographic Society and sponsored by The TES. Chris Mothersdale, the Cumbria science teacher who last year conducted a video-taped lesson from Everest's slopes, believes pupils have much to gain from studying the region. "It's totally alien and bound to change their views and widen their horizons."

He said such study might inspire students to explore Everest for real when they were older: "Whatever you research, you become interested in. The natural conclusion is to get on a flight and go to Everest." Pupils are invited to write a magazine article on the theme "Everest: yesterday's exploration, today's package holiday, tomorrow's ...?"

Competition details at www.rgs.orgeducation or see the full-page ad in Teacher, page 2

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