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Young Poet;TES Young Poet of the week;Poem;My haircut by Alex Richmond

Some things never change. The only time I ever voluntarily wore the school cap was to hide a new haircut, putting off the inevitable ridicule. We can sense that Alex Richmond enjoyed writing this, and the humour is irresistible. I like the winning combination of honesty and exaggeration; the poem is both entertaining and serious, without taking itself seriously. It is an apparently unself-conscious poem about painful self-consciousness, surprisingly well-controlled and confident; the voice is authentic and the tone, ranging from playfulness to exasperation, is finely done. The poem moves cheekily in and out of rhyme, and 'you dumb clutz' is a great last line; a complete surprise.


Sometimes I go

To school and

Everyone laughs

At me. I have

A look in the

Mirror - my hair's

Sticking up all

Over the place,

'Cos it's just

On its own.

My hair needs me,

Else I will be

A victim of the

No-Hair-Do society.

I write a little

note to myself

On my mirror

Saying "Put gel

On your hair

Before you go

To school

You dumb clutz."

Alex Richmond

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