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(Photograph) - Special things happen in schools every day. This is your chance to show us what's new, unusual or funny about your school. We're looking for intriguing images of everyday life taken by you or your pupils

Primary 7 at Abronhill primary school in North Lanarkshire displayed their sartorial skills while on a trip to Kilbowie outdoor centre in Argyle. The children had canoed to an island that was covered with seaweed. Lots of uses were found for it, but principal teacher Gregor Bremner reckons this seaweed hat was the best

Anthony Gatewood-Skeete, art teacher at Allerton high business enterprise specialist school, Leeds, organised his Year 9 students to create pavement art on the basketball pitch. A weekend later, there are still remnants of the bright colours, and students spent their lunchtimes checking on their handiwork and showing their friends

Children at St Mary's CE primary school, Stockport, held a World Cup carnival week. Each class studied a country ranging from Costa Rica to Iran. At the end of the week, the children performed in the costumes they had made. Headteacher Marjorie Brown captured the Year 4 children in the middle of a Polish dance

Send your images to Please include contact details and caption info, which must include your school's name. We pay pound;25 for every one we use. See for terms and conditions

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