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Short and tweet: Michael Russell's departure

Hugely privileged to be CabSecELL [Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning] for 1,815 days and learned something in every one. Wish new CabSecELL all success in a wonderful job. #reshuffle


Proud to be part of the first gender-balanced Scottish government Cabinet. #5050


Warm wishes to @Feorlean following his departure as education secretary. No doubt he still has a tremendous amount to give Scottish political life.


Good luck to @Feorlean. Personally I think he's done a cracking job. Not without its bumps along the way, CfE [Curriculum for Excellence] is a vast improvement.


@Feorlean Delighted you have gone! Ruined Scottish education with this liberal wishy-washy Curriculum for Excellence shite!


Thank you for acknowledging the professionalism of Scotland's teachers and your willingness to listen.


Thanks for your informed, reflective and forward-looking approach to leading education in Scotland. You'll be missed.


Thanks for all you did in your work on getting children to learn and play outdoors. You have helped change education for the better.


Thanks for nothing.


@Feorlean Many thanks for your commitment to universities and all sectors of Scottish education. A good job done well.


@Feorlean brought stature to the role over many years. That gave schools continuity and, crucially, called the tertiary sector's academic bluff.


@Feorlean, thanks for massive funding cuts to colleges, student support and student places in further education. HE is happy, though, so all good!


All the best, @Feorlean. We've had a strong critical friendship, not always agreeing, but achieving significant wins for students.


It was essential for someone to tackle the bloated and inefficient college sector. @Feorlean deserves credit.


No doubt about it, @Feorlean made a huge impact on Scottish education. Biggest shake up to #FE in 20 years.


@Feorlean very hard-working and involved Cabinet secretary. What's your wish for @AConstanceMSP?


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