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TESS role models should be more than showmen

Uri Geller (pictured above) is certainly a wonderful showman. It is, however, extremely unlikely that he can move clocks with his mind, as he asserts in your article (My best teacher, 16 January).

Mr Geller may have a place in TESS as part of a lesson on how to prove or disprove theories using the scientific method. He does not have a place as a role model in the way your column implies.

Next week, can we see something on scientific sceptic James Randi or doctor and Bad Science author Ben Goldacre, perhaps?

Damian Hayes

Principal teacher of social subjects, Dalkeith

Short and tweet

What are Scotland's teachers and further education lecturers hoping for from 2015?


A pay rise.


More recognition of the role school librarians play in raising attainment.


A big grant, time to write a book, inspirational students, sunshine and better coffee.


That somebody - anybody - will pay attention to the report of the Working Group on Tackling Bureaucracy: bit.lyTacklingBureaucracy


Professional recognition.


Survival of SQA assessment madness.


An end to the constant attacks on teachers' terms and conditions.


An education minister who recognises the link between FE and HE would be nice.


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