Youse will dig it

Traditional grammar makes its return - through Scots, the language favoured by those who want the curriculum to reflect the richness of our heritage, etc etc.

Grammar Broonie, published by the Scottish National Dictionary Association for the upper primary and lower secondary, invites pupils to learn about tenses, pronouns, conjunctions and the other bits of grammar expunged from the English classroom by the libertarians.

Take conjugation. According to Teen Broonie, the helpful "magic bogle" who guides he young learners, the future tense of "howk" runs "I will howk, you will howk, shesheit will howk, we will howk, youse (sic) will howk, they will howk".

Broonie comments: "I ken aw this conjugation o verbs sounds glaikit but it's a braw wey o learnin verbs an their tenses. If ye learn this technique noo, ye'll hae nae problem wi French, German, English an ither languages."

So what about irregularities, the bane of language learners? Broonie says they are words "that nip awbodie's heids".

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