Six clever classroom hacks

Six hacks to improve your classroom

Turn your tired classroom into a pedagogical paradise with these nifty tricks from Grainne Hallahan

Grainne Hallahan
12 Nov 2019

The personal cost of teaching abroad

A teacher leaving home

Principal and chief executive Mark Steed discusses the price teachers pay for living away from family and friends, and the tough decisions leaders are forced to make when staff request a leave of absence during term time

Mark Steed
12 Nov 2019

Time your international recruitment right

How to time your international recruitment right

When it comes to finding the right staff, it can feel like you’re up against the clock. We asked the experts when is the best time of year to advertise unfilled roles

Simon Lock
11 Nov 2019

Book review: The Educated Guess

The Educated Guess, by Warwick Sharp

This wide-ranging book is thought-provoking and even funny. But Ed Dorrell struggles to work out who exactly it's intended for

Ed Dorrell
10 Nov 2019

My Best Teacher: Alistair and Jonny Brownlee

The Brownlee brothers

Olympic triathletes Alistair and Jonny Brownlee talk about Mr Kingham, the teacher who took pupils out for a run every lunchtime, and Mr Simpson, the history teacher who promoted healthy living

Adi Bloom
9 Nov 2019

Reinvent your teaching career

How can we change the future of employment for the better?

Instead of changing jobs, these teachers changed the sort of school they taught in – and found themselves falling in love with teaching again

Grainne Hallahan
9 Nov 2019

'We must understand the root causes of dyslexia'

Usha Goswami

Tes meets Usha Goswami, the founder of the world's first ever research centre into neuroscience in education, who hopes her work will help children with dyslexia and speech development disorders

Catherine Lough
8 Nov 2019

Pre-U exams to be axed

GCSEs: Do we really need a national qualification for 16-year-olds, asks Bernard Trafford

Cambridge International will withdraw Pre-U exams from 2022 after finding they are too similar to reformed A levels

Catherine Lough
8 Nov 2019

How to solve a cryptic crossword

Crossword puzzle, with pencil

Teachers need to be good lateral thinkers – how else to handle Year 9 on a Friday afternoon? So, says Rob Jacques, they should try their hand at the Tes cryptic crossword

Rob Jacques
8 Nov 2019