Ian Wright on his best teacher – Mr Pigden

Ian Wright’s favourite teacher, Mr Pigden

A PE teacher taught this footballer turned presenter that life, as well as the beautiful game, is all about team work, earning his undying gratitude

Hannah Frankel
16 Feb 2020

Ofsted finds itself in an unenviable position

Ofsted's inconsistency over off-rolling and three-year GCSEs is failing teachers, says William Stewart

The growing group of critics who worry that Ofsted inspections are increasingly inconsistent is wide-ranging – and it is not obvious how the inspectorate resolves this problem

Jonathan Simons
16 Feb 2020

Vaping: how should we tackle it in schools?

Person covered in a vape cloud

Clouds of colourful, fruity-smelling vapour fill the air...yes, someone's vaping. Teachers need to make sure they understand this practice and its impacts

Ceri Stokes
13 Feb 2020

Should you stay or should you go?

A teacher resigning

Changing schools is a big decision, so here are some key points to think about before you start your search

Tes Editorial
12 Feb 2020

What are the NPQs and are they for me?

NPQ CPD for aspiring leaders

The National Professional Qualifications for School Leaders are courses tailored to leaders and aspiring leaders in education settings. But what do they entail? Grainne Hallahan explores

Grainne Hallahan
11 Feb 2020

How to make outdoor nurseries work

The Scottish government has issued guidance on creating new outdoor nursery provision

Scottish government publishes guidance on running outdoor nursery sites as it prepares to increase free nursery hours

Emma Seith
11 Feb 2020