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Sian Evans
30th October 2018
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Facilitate assessment in French, Spanish and German lessons with help from this broad collection of resources

Delve into the detail and get a clearer understanding of how much your students know with these feedback guides, peer-assessment sheets and progress-tracking documents. Plus, help individuals be responsible for their own learning with supportive helpsheets and self-assessment checklists.



French KS3/KS4 peer assessment feedback sheet

For use with written work.

A list of common errors with a code to use when students identify mistakes made by someone else.

This resource contains advice for students in terms of how to improve for each issue highlighted. For example:

Problem identified: Adjectives
What you can do: Check adjective position (& agreement; don’t forget plurals) Key adjectives before the noun:
petit(e); grand(e); joli(e) ; mauvais(e) ; méchant(e) ; meilleur(e) ;
vaste ; long(ue) ; beau/belle ; haut(e) ; gros/grosse ; autre etc.
By NicholasMorgan

Feedback ticksheet for self & peer assessment Y7

My Y7s did a writing assessment on house & home (lots of resources uploaded separately for this) and I used this tick sheet with my higher ability group to give them the chance to peer and self assess their work and try to improve it. After they'd done this, I then used the same tick sheet to give feedback on their final version. They found it helpful as it showed what they'd done well and what they needed to improve.
By rosaespanola


Writing Pupil Feedback Sheet - Save time on teacher marking!

This resource is ideal for providing personalised feedback for each student, based on the GCSE markschemes for writing. It is a case of highlighting the relevant parts and then sticking in the pupils’ books! It allows marking time to be reduced without compromising on the quality of feedback given.


KS3 Exercise book feedback comments (German)

A bank of comments based on Presentation, Language, Attainment and Compliments for KS3 German. This may be useful if you are a trainee / an NQT and are interested in common areas for improvement in German. This can be easily adapted for other MFL's.
By deutschelehrerin


Differentiated Assessments with Self Assessment

I have created end of term assessments. The pupils work along the questions to their level and beyond if they can. There is a Progress Assessment Sheet connected to the tests but they do not need to be used together. The Progress Assessment Sheet can be used for all MFLs
By HelenDawn

MFL Spanish Effort Grade Display

This is a really simple display for your class room or to put into students books at the beginning of the year.

It lays out in simple unambiguous language a description of what 'Excellent, Very good, Could do better' and 'Unacceptable' effort looks like. It also makes it so much easier when you take up each book, rather can giving very detailed effort feedback. I ask students to respond by stating why they think their effort grade was awarded.

I have included the original poster in .doc format for you to edit and also in .pdf format for easy printing:)

Claddagh Classrooms
By Claddagh Classrooms

General MFL assessment

Whether you are setting up quick assessments or preparing for controlled assessment, these resources are easily adaptable to any language. From support to testing, check out these well-structured ways of tackling assessment with confidence.

Controlled Assessment - Resource mapping -MFL

Are you fed up your students are actually not using their resources during CA and try to reinvent the wheel?
This resources helps them see what resource is important and prepare their written or speaking task - as well as making the link with their previous experiences in CA.

Meta-thinking skills

By geelhem

Assessment ranking tracker

This template can be used to track the progress of students following assessments of each module/unit. The template provides the ability to capture results of up to 10 classes, with up to 30 students in each class, ranking each student within each class based on their overall results. A score for each unit is captured covering Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking. Instructions provided within.
By Joshuafinneran

Assessing without levels - MFL

First attempt at an assessment framework after the NC levels. Holistic rather than divided into attainment targets.
By linsen

Feedback AfL Labels MFL

Labels (4 to A4 sheet) to stick on front of exercise books/folders to track progress and give targets (through tick-boxes) to students - for MFL but could easily be adapted. I would print these on to self-adhesive sheets. Students or teachers can record levels/marks and highlight or shade in colours to show progress visually - never let them be flummoxed by those questions - 'Do you know what level you are? What do you need to do to improve?&'
By rpjk1988

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