Picking the right application form for your school

Your options

The application form options for jobs on Tes
- Online application 
- CV upload
- School-made application​
- Via web-link

We recognise that schools need more rigorous job application forms than most employers because of the weighty responsibilities they bear around hiring. However, we also know that 2/3 teachers have been put off applying for jobs because of lengthy application processes.   

This is why we have created a new online application form schools can use - an option we would most recommend.

Online application form

This new online application form for teaching jobs was created by Tes based on the best practice of hundreds of schools in the UK and internationally, and follows extensive research with teachers. The form:

  • Automatically personalises itself with your school’s name and logo
  • Contains all the information schools have told us they need (teacher training information, education and employment history, criminal declarations)
  • Is available for International Schools with an adapted version matching their needs
  • Provides separate equal opportunities monitoring
  • Pushes candidates to write a fresh personal statement for each school
  • But lets teachers autofill standard information from their Career Profiles, making it easier and more attractive for them to apply
  • Can be shared with interviewers, once completed, as a printable PDF (See an example)

Teachers are twice as likely to complete a job application on Tes if a school uses the Tes Online Application Form instead of uploading its own form.*

Our view:

As well as being straightforward and reliable for schools, the form increases the chance of applications from time-poor teachers.  It also allows recruiters to see more detailed information on candidates in Tes's free Applicant Tracking System available on their School Portal.

*Tes report, based on 11,419 submitted applications over the 30 days up to January 20, 2017.

CV upload

While most schools require an application form, non-teaching institutions normally only require a CV and covering statement.

Our view:
Employers that select this option will receive both a candidate’s CV and covering statement. Copies of both will also appear in Tes's free Applicant Tracking System, though it will not automatically display as much detail as the online application.

School-made application

Schools that have their own application forms already can continue to upload those to Tes.

Our view:
Candidates who want to apply will need to download your school-made application, fill it in, then upload it before applying. This may be off-putting to candidates, especially if they are considering roles at any other schools. The forms will show in Tes’s free applicant tracking system, but will display less information automatically than the online application.

Via web-Link

Recruiters who really want to send candidates off to a different site, such as their school website,  can do so by providing a web address when posting their advert.

Our view:
This option makes it impossible for schools to fully track the performance of an advert they have placed with Tes. No candidates can be shown in the Applicant Tracking System. Furthermore, candidates can find this route off-putting as multiple clicks and link redirects normally increase the risk a person will quit the application process.