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I'm a retired teacher and a prolific children's poet who writes for every age group. An educational publisher market-researched my poems in classrooms in many schools right across West Yorkshire 4 years ago when I'd written 400 poems. 344 were chosen for publication by the teachers and children. I also make Skype visits and nowadays I make short 45 minute visits to classrooms all over the world and it is a delight to know that children like my work.

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1 Sound file: Voice recording by author, Josie Whitehead
2 PDF to project onto your classroom screen.
3 Word document with permission to print.
4 Worksheet which helps to perform poetry really well, and also explains what Dactyls are, with the
chance for them to write some sentences.

Why not get them to look at people's names in the class. They are often dactylic: eg JER e my; AN ge la; (my own: JO se phine) - JENN i fer; PAM e la; JESS i ca; OL i ver;

PERFORMANCE POEM: Do get your children to perform this poem. There are many speaking parts.

It is very important that children should listen to poems and by Googling JOSIE'S POEMS they can regularly hear me reading many of the poems that I've written. I made the recordings at the request of children at my local primary school who wanted to hear the poems over and over again at home.

Put a sheet up on the wall where they can add any dactylic words they can find - perhaps other than names:

EL e phant; AM bu lance; TERR i er; TEL e phone; CEN ti pede; DAN ger ous; BLUS ter y; CIN e ma; THE a tre; etc

This is a good exercise and helps children to realize that we have little accentuations within our words that make the rhythms in poetry - and helps to promote phonemic awareness, ie the ability to break down words into sounds.

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2 years ago

Oh, this poem is WONDERFUL. My class absolutely loved it and laughed and laughed.


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4 years ago

Thanks<br />

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