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Graphic Designer (BSc Hons) with PGCE in Education. Been teaching for 5 years. Been in education for 10.

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Here I have made 26 visually stunning posters each representing a different letter of the alphabet. These posters have been professionally designed by a graphic designer. Each poster contains the letter in uppercase and lowercase, an image to help represent the letter (a = apple) and the spelling of the word to show the title letter in use.

You will receive these posters in 2 formats, as an image and as a pdf. This will give you the freedom to print them what ever size you like! So they can be posters or flashcards.

The font used is a precursive infant font - ideal for learners of that age.

Here I have made 3 visually stunning PowerPoints to help you with the alphabet and phonics revision. These PowerPoints give you the educator complete control of how you deliver them as well as allowing opportunities for children to engage.

Each PowerPoint consists of 27 slides: A title slide and one for each of the 26 letters in the alphabet.

The 3 PowerPoints are titled as follows;

  1. The Alphabet
  2. The Alphabet_Only Uppercase
  3. The Alphabet_Only Lowercase

Within PowerPoint 1 “The Alphabet”, each slide requires 5 clicks from the teacher;
Click 1 - shows the uppercase letter in a large precursive font at the top of the slide. e.g. ‘A’.
Click 2 - shows the lowercase letter in a large precursive font at the top of the slide. e.g. ‘a’.
Click 3 - shows a stunning clipart of something beginning with that letter (a list of the 26 items I selected are at the bottom of this description. e.g. an apple.
Click 4 - Shows the name of the clipart with an uppercase beginning letter. e.g. ‘Apple’.
Click 5 - Shows the name of the clipart with a lowercase beginning letter. e.g. ‘apple’.

The subsequent two slideshows (‘The Alphabet_Only Uppercase’ & ‘The Alphabet_Only Lowercase’) are identical however they only show either uppercase letters or lowercase letters. The same precursive font has been used and embedded to each slideshows - so it won’t matter if you do not have it on your computer.

The 26 images which have been selected to represent each letter are;

A - apple
B - banana
C - cat
D - dog
E - eggs
F - fox
G - grapes
H - hat
I - ice cream
J - jam
K - key
L - lemon
M - mouse
N - nest
O - orange
P - pig
Q - queen
R - robot
S - snake
T - tap (faucet)
U - umbrella
V - van
W - windmill
X - x-ray
Y - yellow (colour)
Z - zebra

As well as being a teacher with a PGCE in primary education, I am also a Graphic Designer (BSc Hons). I firmly believe that what you are getting for your money is an absolute bargain and all I ask in return is for you to review the resource.

Please contact me if you have any suggestions.


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