John Clare - 'First Love' poemQuick View

John Clare - 'First Love' poem

Planned for the poem from the ‘Poems Deep and Dangerous’ Cambridge iGCSE anthology. PPT with instructions, blank copies of the poems and fun and interactive worksheets and activities are all included. I am a new contributor and would really appreciate any feedback and reviews you could give. Thank you!
First Love Study BundleQuick View

First Love Study Bundle

Comprehensive, ready-to-teach resources for the study of First Love by John Clare, listed for examination in IGCSE World Literature from 2020 - 2022. These resources are also available to purchase form my website ( the bundle contains: study questions with guidance on how to answer in full paragraphs; a 3-page worksheet with a focus on explaining hyperbole, including a sample PEE paragraph for essay writing; 4 pages of activities that can be printed and folded into a booklet for use in class or for self-study; an engaging quiz to test your knowledge and help you revise; a fully illustrated, editable and navigable powerpoint giving line-by-line annotations to help you quickly learn, self-study and deconstruct the poem; 4 essay questions for you to practice with – and one complete essay plan for you to use.
p4c lesson on love using poetryQuick View

p4c lesson on love using poetry

A nice P4C (philosophy for children) lesson exploring the theme of love using a poem written by John Clare called 'first love'. A range of paired, group and whole class discussion classes as well as some written tasks as well.
Pre 1914: Poem SummariesQuick View

Pre 1914: Poem Summaries

Pre 1914: Poem Summaries. 'The Eagle' (Alfred Tennyson), 'Song of the Old Mother' (W. B. Yeats), 'On My First Sonne' (Ben Jonson), 'Patrolling Barnegat' (Walt Whitman), @'Sonnet' - I love to see the summer' (John Clare), 'The Affliction of Margaret' (William Wordsworth).
IGCSE Cambridge World Lit Poetry 5 min. crash courseQuick View

IGCSE Cambridge World Lit Poetry 5 min. crash course

5 minute crash course on each of the poems for the Cambridge Stories of Ourselves anthology of poems. Youtube video and Powerpoint: The Old Familiar Faces, by Charles Lamb; Song to the Men of England, by Percy Bysshe Shelley; First Love, by John Clare; Dover Beach, by Matthew Arnold; The Voice, by Thomas Hardy; The Listeners, by Walter De La Mar; The Flower-Fed Buffaloes, by Vachel Lindsay;
Literature practice exam lessons and questionQuick View

Literature practice exam lessons and question

A set of three lessons looking at 3 poems ('Baby - Sitting', 'On My First Sonne', 'The Little Boy Lost / Found') working towards a practise exam question. Prior knowledge of 'Follower' is needed. Used this with my set 5 of 10 and they had so many good ideas that most of mine were unnecesary by the time they appeared on the screen. Had to save the docs as 97 - 2003 docs, so some of the alignments, animations etc might be a bit askew.
Literature Poetry Jeopardy: NatureQuick View

Literature Poetry Jeopardy: Nature

A literature poetry quiz based on the AQA Anthology Literature Poetry. Revises the poems of Seamus Heaney and Gillian Clarke and Pre 1914 with the theme of nature. A jeopardy quiz which gives students the answers and they need to come up with the question.
The Present Continuous Tense with a Street SceneQuick View

The Present Continuous Tense with a Street Scene

Two pages - a great picture, by Laurie A. Conley. With a picture, I normally 1) play Splat! 2) Memory game 3) Barrier game (pupil A facing picture, pupil B not allowed to look) 'she&'s wearing a pink top - what&';s she doing? 4) Hot seat - are Will 'what are you doing?&' &';what can you see?' etc.... Here, I have made a variety of exercises for writing or homework.
Poetry Review 103:1, Spring 2013, teachers' notesQuick View

Poetry Review 103:1, Spring 2013, teachers' notes

A Poetryclass teaching resource from the Poetry Society which explores the Spring 2013 edition of Poetry Review (sent to individual and schools members) and how links can be made with canonical poems. Poetry and anonymity; literary heritage; language, dialect and place; poetic forms; metaphor, personification and sound; list poems, identity and character.
War Horse - Education Pack (2012)Quick View

War Horse - Education Pack (2012)

This is an updated education pack for the National Theatre's production of War Horse and includes interviews with the cast as well as an overview of the creative process behind the show.
Literature Revision AidsQuick View

Literature Revision Aids

A PEE planning sheet which allows pupils to 'fill in the blanks' and a Quick revision activity PPT which allows pupils an easy acronym for revising poetry - both Literature and Langauge.
Much Ado About Nothing: Shakespeare Resource PackQuick View

Much Ado About Nothing: Shakespeare Resource Pack

This free Shakespeare teaching resource pack from the National Theatre contains downloadable pdf resources for teachers, students, researchers or anyone interested in discovering more about the National Theatre's production of 'Much Ado About Nothing&'.
Pains of Youth - Background PackQuick View

Pains of Youth - Background Pack

This resource pack from the National Theatre contains free downloadable pdf resources for teachers, students, researchers or anyone interested in discovering more about the National Theatre's production of &'Pains of Youth&';.
The Depression & The New Deal Revision SetQuick View

The Depression & The New Deal Revision Set

This set includes a PowerPoint and Revision Booklet. The Powerpoint is designed to be delivered alongside the revision booklet and the two link together. The Powerpoint contains the page numbers that each activity can be found on, allowing students to use the booklet whilst having additional support via the Powerpoint. In addition to this the Powerpoint contains four revision games included: - Guess the Word (Similar to the Taboo Board Game) - Headliners (Students see the first letters of a headline and have to work out the answer) - If this is the Answer, What is the Question (12 answers all relating to the topic) - Presidential Elections, Who Won? All elections from 1932 - 2012. The revision booklet contains activities for students to complete including timelines, biographies, mind maps and of course Exam answers. For each of the three key questions that are posed, there are AQA exam questions for both 8 and 12 marks, complete with mark schemes. This resource also has links with the Alphabet Agencies poster which is featured in the Revision Guide. The Poster can be downloaded here: This resource pack contains two copies of the PowerPoint, one designed for older machines 1997-2003 and one for newer machines post 2007.
Hamlet: Minds Under Stress: Lesson Plan ResourcesQuick View

Hamlet: Minds Under Stress: Lesson Plan Resources

The interactive whiteboard flipchart is structured around the key soliloquies and speeches in Hamlet by William Shakespeare. It features interviews with theatre artists, key questions aimed at stimulating debate in the classroom and an interactive discussion board, exclusive performance footage from Nick Hytner's critically acclaimed production, and beautiful images. There is also a downloadable image resource of production images from the show. THIS FLIPCHART WORKS ON SMARTBOARDS IF YOU DOWNLOAD THE FREE ACTIVE INSPIRE SOFTWARE FROM THE PROMETHEAN PLANET WEBSITE.