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Twenty World Views

A 40 page document prepared for students attending 2004 Parliament of the World's Religions - an overview of 20 World Views - including many great World Religions plus Atheist and Agnostic perspectives. It is a good for reference and comparison. Appendix explores Interfaith work, outlines MOE (Minorities of Europe charity) gives a little history of the Parliament of the World's Religions and info about Sri Chinmoy who opened the last two PofWR with silent meditation and music + Swami Vivekananda (star of the first one.) Free to download here (usually pay for this.)
 A simple English Grammar for Intermediate LearnersQuick View

A simple English Grammar for Intermediate Learners

This grammar guide has been written specifically for intermediate learners of English to give simple explanations of basic grammar and clear definitions of grammatical terms with examples. Please note: the audio files in this document will only work when it is viewed in Adobe Reader.
Henry VIII and English ReformationQuick View

Henry VIII and English Reformation

Complete notes (basically like a textbook) for AS students. It is written as a chronological account, building in key debates. The reason for chronological rather than thematic focus is because the course has been taught in discrete sections and this is designed to bring it all together. It is not the final, proofed draft and some of the footnoting still needs to be done, but I thought I would upload it in case anyone finds it useful for the imminent exams. I'll post a revised copy when it is complete.
Sport Leisure and Tourism 1900s History SchemeQuick View

Sport Leisure and Tourism 1900s History Scheme

This is a selection of lessons on the above title. They are quite old now and I found them on an old drive. Looking at them, there are still some good worksheets and some good links so they will make a springboard for further planning... but I think you'd want to adapt them, they&'re not ready to teach and need some updating! I no longer teach history at GCSE, so I thought I would share to see if they can help others.
Henry VIII and the English ReformationQuick View

Henry VIII and the English Reformation

Set of student notes covering main aspects of this period for AS course 7 sets of notes: Background to the Reformation Kings great matter break and royal supremacy dissolution of monasteries other religious reforms opposition to the reformation how far was england protestant by 1547
AQA English Language Foundation SoW and Word DocsQuick View

AQA English Language Foundation SoW and Word Docs

Had to remove W12 Student Copy as there were too many documents. Just rearrange the paragraphs on W12 Teacher Copy to recreate it! These documents and the SoW go with a separate listing containing all the PPTs and PDFs mentioned in the SoW. 14x 70 minute lessons.
Y8 SOW Unit 1 Is absolute power possible?Quick View

Y8 SOW Unit 1 Is absolute power possible?

Half a term’s planning with resources. My y8 are investigating the theme of ‘power and protest’ this year (y7 is ‘lives of ordinary people’ and y9 is ‘conflict and resolution’ - these are the themes i have chosen in line with the new KS3 national programme of study). This is the introductory unit. so far my students are loving it. its not content heavy, as it allows for much discussion in class. am pursuing the ‘do less, more effectively’ concept with my planning this year!


A Timeline constructed by Tor Alexander Bruce over several months from research via Books, Websites, Discussions, Library visits and DVD-viewing. The resource is a multi-page Excel-spread sheet, stemming from what we currently regard as the birth of the Universe, through each stage of the evolution of the picture we regard as the natural world, through to educated-views of where our human desire to exhaust all natural resources may lead us and the co-inhabitants of Earth. The document was originally compiled as a War-Chart, to highlight the varying stages of man's inhumanity to man, but the research led to documenting everything from archaeological discoveries resulting in greater knowledge of human development, to detailed information relating to prehistoric-earth; world leadership through the ages and facts relating to the resources that have allowed the human species to develop in the way they have.
KS1 History: Edith Cavell Powerpoints, worksheets, activities and display packQuick View

KS1 History: Edith Cavell Powerpoints, worksheets, activities and display pack

A set of resources to teach KS1 about Edith Cavell and how she helped soldiers in the Great War. The pack includes planning, display, interactive whiteboard lessons and class activities. 1 WHAT WAS IT LIKE WHEN EDITH WAS ALIVE The Powerpoint sets the scene, showing what life was like when Edith was born. It looks at her birth in a chronological framework, and talks about differences between then and now. Activities: Now and Then pictures: to look at and discuss, or to use for display Questions about Edith Cavell: A picture of Edith in her nurses uniform, with questions for the children to think about. 2 THE LIFE STORY OF EDITH CAVELL The 20 page Powerpoint looks at her life in detail until the time she returns to Belgium when the war begins. Activities: The Cavell family Census records Hotseating questions: Sheet for the children to fill out what kinds of questions they would have liked to have asked Edith Pictures to tell her story: Six pictures from different times in her life; can be used for sequencing or to illustrate her life story. The Life story of Edith Cavell Ebook: A contemporary book written about Edith. (Not suitable to give to the children to read, but useful to look at passages) 3 WHAT DID EDITH DO IN THE FIRST WORLD WAR The 26 page Powerpoint tells the story of the last year of Edith's life. It looks at Belgium at the beginning of the war, and what Edith did for the soldiers. It looks at how and why she is remembered today. Activities: 1914 map of Europe - accompanied by a Powerpoint showing how Edith travelled to Europe. The map can be used for identifying the countries, or for showing her route to Brussels from Norwich. Other activities / display resources Edith acrostic poem sheet Picture timeline: 10 pictures of Edith from when she was a child to just before she died. Project cover Story planner Word search Writing sheets (x3) The story of Edith worksheet PLANNING An adaptable plan in Word, following the Primary Curriculum 2014.
Othello - Background PackQuick View

Othello - Background Pack

This background pack for Nicholas Hytner’s stage adaptation of Shakespeare’s Othello features workshop diaries, technical details on the staging of the production and interviews with cast members.
My Self, My World SoWQuick View

My Self, My World SoW

Lessons designed for students at an inner city high school in Leeds. Any card sorts/print outs are at the end of the powerpoint after the blank slide. Key Words Media, Refugee, Political Party, War, Human Rights, Active Citizenship, Community Cohesion, Poverty, Homelessness, Racism, Child Soldier, Prisoners
042 - Can learning be Boring?Quick View

042 - Can learning be Boring?

#ukedchat summary & archive 'David Cameron said, There are some things that actually we really have to make sure young people are taught – sometimes it can be boring, learning arithmetic and your spelling can be boring, but it’s absolutely essential as its part of life – Should any learning in school be boring?' from Thursday 21 April 2011 hosted by @ukedchat. Join #ukedchat each Thursday evening between 8-9pm to discuss the latest educational issues via twitter. See live at Information and details at
AQA GCSE Spanish Vocabulary BookletQuick View

AQA GCSE Spanish Vocabulary Booklet

This is all of the Vocabulary Lists, provided by AQA in their GCSE Specification, translated into English. It has been proof-read by a native speaker but please let me know if there are any mistakes. - UPDATED 21/11/14
Bullying TodayQuick View

Bullying Today

Bullying Today : A Report by the Office of the Children’s Commissioner, with Recommendations and Links to Practitioner Tools