Minibeasts - Medium Term Planning - Early YearsQuick View

Minibeasts - Medium Term Planning - Early Years

Minibeasts - Medium Term Planning - Early Years OUTSTANDING detailed 8 week planning PLANNING MATCHES NEW 2021 EYFS FRAMEWORK This is a high quality and very detailed medium term plan aimed at a reception class, however could be used in nursery too. It is very detailed at 6 pages and 3000 words! The plan includes 8 weeks of lessons/ activities around the topic Minibeasts in all areas of the Early Years 2021 curriculum including; Parent-child engagement Communication and language Physical development (gross and fine motor) Personal, social and emotional development Literacy (comprehension, reading and writing) Maths (number) Understanding the World (the natural world and technology as a bonus!) Expressive arts and design (creating with materials) Religious education (7 days of Creation) Outdoor provision Please leave a review if you are happy with this product; I would really appreciate it. If you have any questions or comments please email me on © 2021, MrsRosieTeach
Under the Sea Medium Term PlanningQuick View

Under the Sea Medium Term Planning

used with year 1/2 medium term full lesson plans for foundation subjects - science, music, pe, re, pshe, geography, history, art/design. Hope it saves someone some time! Please feel free to leave a comment.
Art and Design Medium Term Plan for Painting and 3D Forms through a Landscape StudyQuick View

Art and Design Medium Term Plan for Painting and 3D Forms through a Landscape Study

A series of 10 lessons focusing on painting techniques and art in the natural world. Features well known artists (Hockney, Goldsworthy, Lowry) and progresses from painting and perspective techniques to using natural materials to create art. Used in Year 3 but could be used from Year 2 to Year 5. Planning text has been partially turned white. When purchased, simply turn all text back to black to reveal full content. Any issues please contact me after purchasing. Thank you! :)
Mid Term plans SummerQuick View

Mid Term plans Summer

Summer Term Simple break down of QCA units Summer Mid Term plans Summer Term Year 3 can we change places? Year 4 Journeys Year 5 Talking textiles Year 6 Sense of place
Local Area Study or Nature Art 6 Lesson Unit with Engaging Cross-Curricula Elements KS2 or KS1Quick View

Local Area Study or Nature Art 6 Lesson Unit with Engaging Cross-Curricula Elements KS2 or KS1

This complete 6 lesson unit comes with an editable medium term plan plus 6 separate individually created lesson packs, each one with its own PowerPoint presentation. Everything you need for a half term's worth of art is here that matches perfectly with a local area study or a nature/woodland/habitat topic. Children will build sculptures, take photographs, paint, use sketchbooks, draw with a variety of mediums and stimuli and use a wide range of materials that are commonly found in schools or easily accessible. There is also a lesson where children get to experiment and create completely original pieces of art from their imagination. Every lesson has cross-curricula elements including: reading comprehension, writing and DT, plus they all come with a reflective self-evaluation sheet, everything is designed to perfectly compliment the new 2014 curriculum and the lessons will work with any age group but are designed for KS2.
Dazzling Dinosaurs - a whole term of planning for a Year 1 topic on dinosaurs!Quick View

Dazzling Dinosaurs - a whole term of planning for a Year 1 topic on dinosaurs!

This download includes planning for a whole term (13 weeks at my school) based on dinosaurs for Year 1. This topic is aimed at the Autumn term in Year 1 and includes points for differentiation and a range of activities. Files include medium-term plans for: -Art -PSHCE -Humanities -Science -Computing -RS - A Topic Web to send home to parents outlining the learning objectives that the children will achieve over the course of the topic. This planning is in line with the expectations of the 2014 National Curriculum. Enjoy!
ART,Unit 2B Mother Nature Designer(William Morris)Quick View

ART,Unit 2B Mother Nature Designer(William Morris)

This lesson plan was created to support the William Morris exhibition at Two Temple Place, London's newest exhibition space, This year we are running a series of FREE storytelling workshops for KS2 pupils, that are aimed to improve children&'s literacy and interaction with art. These will run in line with our upcoming exhibition &';Amongst Heroes: the artist in working Cornwall'. To book, contact Sarah Hardy on 020 7836 3715 or
Gruffalo Foundation Stage ActivitiesQuick View

Gruffalo Foundation Stage Activities

A Medium Term Plan for the Gruffalo covering all seven areas of learning in the EYFS. Also included: A Gruffalo Literacy Activity: Recalling character descriptions and story events A Gruffalo Mathematics Activity: Counting and number recognition A Gruffalo Continous Provision Plan
Key Stage 1 Dance- JourneysQuick View

Key Stage 1 Dance- Journeys

A complete medium term dance plan and accompanying Powerpoint. It is a cross curricular geography based unit that looks at journeys and contrasting climates. It uses the story of 'Penguin Small' by Mick Inkpen as a starting point.
Human Nature: What is a person? Complete KS3 SOW and ResourcesQuick View

Human Nature: What is a person? Complete KS3 SOW and Resources

BRAND NEW scheme of work which runs over 9-10 lessons on the topic of human nature, for use with KS3. Addresses questions of human nature, value, purpose and free will. Builds critical thinking, analysis and independent learning. Student-led and with rigorous AfL throughout. All resources of a wide variety for all lessons are included. Games, card sorts, learning grids, reading and much more. Complete SOW document included with lesson sequence, differentiation, key skills and suggested homework/continuation opportunities. Powerpoint for every lesson. This really is ready to go straight out of the box! Lessons include: 1. What makes you, you? Explore ideas of body and soul with your students and introduce them to dualist and materialist views. 2. How much is a person worth? Ask your students to make some tough decisions and pin down what gives life value. Compare and contrast these with philosophical and religious standpoints. 3. Are humans special? Consider what sets us apart from other creatures and address the question of our unique position and status. 4. What is the purpose of human life? Give your students an opportunity to reflect on their ideas of the good life and what gives life meaning. Compare these with others and consider the implications for us as people. Compare their views with philosophical and religious perspectives. 5. How free are human choices? Assessing the idea of free will and outline some constraints on freedom. 6. What does the future hold for humanity? Reflect on the modern world and our technological advancement and consider the ethics of memory manipulation, artificial intelligence and designer babies. 7. Creative assessment which runs over 3-4 lessons with planning and reflection. And finally, a massive thank you to the more than 150 of you who have purchased the SOW!
Growing and changing topic plansQuick View

Growing and changing topic plans

Here are the documents that I made to add to our growing and changing topic in reception. This includes: Completed medium term plan Homework booklet for parents Baby photo request letter Food price labels for role play cafe The baby photos were used for a guess the baby competition. We also used them in a focus literacy (writing) activity, comparing them to a recent photo of each child and writing about how they had changed.
The Great Art Quest: Visual Art and StorytellingQuick View

The Great Art Quest: Visual Art and Storytelling

Visual Art and Storytelling activities by professional storytellers and artists experienced in delivering workshops for children. The storytelling activities encourage children to look critically at artwork and work in groups to think up stories based on the chosen pictures. The art activities cover several artforms, including drawing, 3D installations, animation and clay. A running theme is learning about the environment and nature through art, with many of the activities focussing on the outdoors: trees, plants, seeds, found and natural objects, waste etc.
KS2 PSHE Friendship Skills Complete PSHE SEAL 6 Lesson Unit: Creative and Cross-CurriculaQuick View

KS2 PSHE Friendship Skills Complete PSHE SEAL 6 Lesson Unit: Creative and Cross-Curricula

This complete 6 lesson unit comes with an editable medium term plan plus 6 separate lesson packs. Everything you need for a half term's worth of engaging and original PSHE work to do with building relationships. Children will learn all about the skills involved in making and maintaining friendships via a series of memorable lessons which blend elements of writing, art, philosophy, drama and SEAL to create life skills that will serve the short term benefit of improving relationships, and the long term benefit of providing skills and knowledge that will last a lifetime and continually reap rewards. The unit contains video links, for some lessons; full colour highly engaging friendship monsters, for some lessons; and plenty of open-ended philosophical questioning and discussion prompts throughout. Find more PSHE, SEAL and Mindfulness Resources at our TES shop Please don't forget to keep up to date with our education and teaching resources news by joining nearly 3000 of your fellow educators in "LIKING" our Facebook page too :) All images either owned by tftf or released through Creative Commons C.O
A Sense of Place Unit 6cQuick View

A Sense of Place Unit 6c

medium term plans, powerpoint and various resource sheets to support this unit. Topcis also inlcuded: landscape art and perspective. please leave feedback