Year 7 Science Baseline AssessmentQuick View

Year 7 Science Baseline Assessment

An extremely accurate measure of prior student attainment from Key Stage 2 Science. The assessment covers all aspects of the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum for Science and can inform first teaching to ensure any gaps in knowledge from Key Stage 2 can be addressed leading to more rapid progress.
Year 2 Maths  Baseline AssessmentQuick View

Year 2 Maths Baseline Assessment

This editable assessment is set from the new National Curriculum objectives for Year 1. It can be used as a baseline to assess where children are within their mathematical knowledge at the start of Year 2. The total is out of 50 marks. This is editable and there is space for children to do workings out etc. I have previously uploaded a Year 1 baseline assessment which has been downloaded 100+ times.
Geography Baseline Assessment TestQuick View

Geography Baseline Assessment Test

Geography Baseline Assessment A year 7 Geography baseline assessment. An effective way of ascertaining what students already know from Key Stage 2. What the assessment covers: • Section 1- World Maps • Section 2- Europe • Section 3- British Isles • Section 4- OS Skills • Section 5- Geography Knowledge- Multiple Choice • Section 6- Exam Style questions (only baseline assessment 2) Includes: • An animated PowerPoint presentation- Instructions and answers • Student Work Sheets – baseline assessment 1 & 2 • Lesson plan • Teacher results grid • Sources: Pixabay (unless stated) • ©Love Learning Geography The assessment is divided into 6 sections. There is an animated & vibrant power point. It explains how to complete the assessment step by step. It also has the ANSWERS (yay) to each questions. It can be adapted. I have included 2 baseline assessments. Baseline assessment 1 Includes Section 1-5. Baseline assessment 2 includes Sections 1-6. The baseline booklets are in pdf. To help SEN students I have included a variety of learning styles. All font is in Comic sans, to support dyslexic learners. Suitable for a non-specialist. This will save you so much time. The results will help you adapt your year 7 schemes of work. It is easy to follow and will help students understand their gaps in their knowledge. Complete the assessment again and show progression. See a preview on Thank you for looking at my resources. If you download or purchase any of my resources, I would really appreciate the feedback. I would love to hear from you! **I hope your students love learning geography :) ** T&C By purchasing my resources, you are agreeing that the contents are the property of Love Learning Geography and licensed to you only for classroom/personal use as a single user. I retain copyright and reserve all rights to this product. You are not permitted to resell or share this item. You may not share it anywhere online (except on secure platforms with your own students).


A fully editable 9-page EAL screening form. The aim of this screening form is to establish a student’s basic English language proficiency; to identify a student who requires EAL, EFL, ESL support and to identify topic areas a student may need to develop. Before carrying out the screening form, it is helpful to say to the child, ‘During the task, I will circle some areas that you find a bit tricky. This is to help me know which areas I need to focus on in class so that I can make your English even better!’ By saying this, the student will be reassured from the start. . The following 23 topic areas are assessed: Colours Numbers (0 - 9) Numbers (10 – 20) Body parts Head / Face Clothes Household objects School Shapes Action words Domestic Animals Weather words Food - Basics Food - Fruit Food - Vegetables Fast food Wild Animals Gardening Positional Words Days of the week Times of the day Months of the year Professions / Jobs
Year 1 Maths baseline assessmentQuick View

Year 1 Maths baseline assessment

This editable assessment is set from EYFS early learning goals. It can be used to assess where children are within their mathematical knowledge at the start of the year. 2 parts as It also includes a teacher / child questions task as early on in yr1 children struggle to read independantly so some questions are set for teacher to assess by using resources for example being able to name 3D shapes.
Geography Year 7 baseline assessmentQuick View

Geography Year 7 baseline assessment

Baseline assessment made for Sept 2018, includes mark scheme, suggested 9-1 KS3 grade boundaries and also a document helping pupils improve some answers for post assessment lesson activitiy


This resource contains 2 baseline assessments and two mark schemes for history transition from year 6-7. The first test examines knowledge and understanding, and tests students on their knowledge of historical methods and the Second World War (KS2 topic). It is fully differentiated and examines recall and key second order concept understanding. The second assessment is a skills assessment which evaluates students’ ability to use source materials. They are required to demonstrate key skills such as making inferences; comparing sources; assessing reliability. There are a wide range of written; pictoral and photographic evidence to evaluate on the papers testing all of their skills as well as written sources. They are accompanied with mark schemes and guidance on performance. I use these tests to inform planning and differentiation for the year.
Baseline assessment for ArtQuick View

Baseline assessment for Art

I've revised and updated my baseline test to include measuring across the four main attainment areas of Making Skills, Ideas, Knowledge and Evaluation. My test takes only one lesson to complete plus one homework task and marking is done in the lesson itself. I've used this test for years and I know it works well. I was a member of the NSEAD Curriculum Writing Group that wrote the curriculum competencies, more formally called the: 'Framework for Progression, Planning for Learning, Assessment, Recording and Reporting 2014.’ For more fantastic art resources visit my TES store
EYFS Reception Baseline AssessmentQuick View

EYFS Reception Baseline Assessment

An on entry baseline assessment for reception children to be completed in the first half term of the year to assess children across all 7 areas of learning. This is linked to Development Matters 2021.
Year 5 Autumn Baseline Assessment for MathsQuick View

Year 5 Autumn Baseline Assessment for Maths

This Classroom Secrets resource is for the start of Year 5 to assess gaps in prior knowledge. It has a question for each of the Mathematics objectives from the New National Curriculum for Year 4. For more KS2 Maths Baseline assessment resources here. Enjoying our resources? Visit to take out a subscription and get access to ALL blocks and steps. If you have the time, please leave us a review on EdTech Impact to let us know how much you love our resources:
Year 6 Autumn Baseline Maths AssessmentQuick View

Year 6 Autumn Baseline Maths Assessment

This Classroom Secrets Year 6 Autumn Baseline Maths Assessment includes a back-to-school assessment with 60 questions linked to each of the previous year group objectives (grouped by strand) and a tracking spreadsheet to help identify gaps in knowledge. Enjoying our resources? Visit to take out a subscription and get access to ALL blocks and steps. If you have the time, please leave us a review on EdTech Impact to let us know how much you love our resources:
Baseline Assessment English Language KS3 KS4Quick View

Baseline Assessment English Language KS3 KS4

This English language baseline assessment has been designed to work flexibly across both KS3 and KS4. I developed it for my own school in order decide upon the best qualification pathway to place our students on: GCSE English lanaguage or Step Up to English. I created the assessment grid to match the GCSE 9-1 course. Files included: English Language Baseline Assessment for KS3 and KS4. English Language Baseline Assessment Mark Scheme. Assessment Marking Grid. Lesson duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes. Why purchase me? I am being used successfully in a pupil referral unit as I am highly engaging. I have been broken down into accessible steps whilst maintaining a high level of challenge. I am especially useful for informing decisions regarding the placement of students onto suitable English qualification pathways. Suggested general guide to pathways: less than or equal to 1, consider Step Up to English Silver pathway in order to build graduated steps to achievement. greater than 1 but less than 2, consider Step Up to English Gold pathway in order to build graduated steps to achievement and prepare for the demands at GCSE level. greater than 2, consider direct entry onto the GCSE English Language pathway.
SEN Baseline AssessmentQuick View

SEN Baseline Assessment

This resource assesses pupils with an EHCP when they join a new school or education establishment. It records the level that a pupil is functioning at and can help a new school understand the support that they need going forwards (at their new school). This assessment can then be re-assessed year on year against the initial baseline to demonstrate progress against the baseline and the students entry into a new education establishment (also attached in this document). Always useful when Ofsetd or the LEA needs evidence of a pupils progress.
Spanish Baseline AssessmentQuick View

Spanish Baseline Assessment

A simple and effective way of ascertaining what students already know from Key Stage 2 in the subject. Progress can then be mapped against this.
History Baseline TestQuick View

History Baseline Test

The aim of this test is to find out how much the students know about history. The results will give you a baseline from which you can build upon. Once they begin to study history, they will begin to show progress in all areas, particularly in the amount of detail required in answers. The test focuses on chronology, cause and consequence, change and continuity, historical enquiry, interpretation and significance. This is a particularly useful assessment for a history department and as a starting point and ideally for Year 7. Most students sadly will not have studied a lot of history at their primary schools (apart from the odd day to study the Victorians or World War 2) as literary, numeracy and SATS still dominate primary school curriculum planning. The resource comes in PDF, Word and Powerpoint formats which can be amended and changed to suit.
Geography Baseline AssessmentQuick View

Geography Baseline Assessment

This assessment tests students baseline understanding of Geography. It questions description of location, geographical questions, similarities between places and being able to argue their side of a debate with examples
Baseline AssessmentQuick View

Baseline Assessment

Here is a very brief and short baseline checklist. I use this front page to check progression throughout the year at the end of each term. It is also lovely for the children to see how much progression they have made with regards to their handwriting and name writing.
Baseline AssessmentQuick View

Baseline Assessment

Really quick and simple sheet to 'test' new pupils at the start of the year. Basic, but gives you and understanding of things they do, and don't, know.
Baseline assessmentQuick View

Baseline assessment

A SoW for a robust and accurate baseline assessment of yr7 students. In a 4 week rotation students are assessed in listening skills, keyboard skills, rhythmic skills, singing skills and self evaluation skills. It comes with in depth powerpoint, SoW, sheet music (sibelius format), self evaluation sheet, assessment sheet and music questionnaire.