sh th ng ch caption and picture matchQuick View

sh th ng ch caption and picture match

Read the CVC captions and match them to the correct picture, children are greeted by applause when they get it right and are redirected back if they get it wrong. Six different captions to read.
Photo Caption Cards - Phase 2Quick View

Photo Caption Cards - Phase 2

A selection of 20 different photograph cards and matching captions, featuring CVC words from Phase 2 (Letters and Sounds). We have found these really useful for a range of phonic activities - you can separate the captions from the photos and ask children to match them together. We also use them in phonics lessons, on displays, or have them available in the reading corner for children to access independently.
Caption It!Quick View

Caption It!

You are the Editor at A reporter just sent you a file with photographs and captions for tomorrow’s edition. The file is messed up! The photographs and captions are all mixed up. Look at the pictures and read the caption cards. A caption is a brief description of a photograph or illustration. Match the correct caption to the photograph.
Phonics Phase 2 Captions - EYFSQuick View

Phonics Phase 2 Captions - EYFS

Phonics Phase 2 Captions - EYFS ‘Phonics - Reading Captions - Phase 2’ is an EYFS/KS1 English phonics teaching resource that uses the suggested captions for words in sets 1-5 of the DfES ‘Letters and Sounds’ phonics teaching programme. Children move on from reading single words to reading captions. They use and apply their decoding skills on simple material appropriate for their word-reading level. All 35 captions are illustrated with a cute and colourful picture to engage the learner. This PowerPoint teaching resource includes activities aimed at giving children practise in decoding captions, 4 accompanying worksheets and flashcards that can be printed off and laminated to use for learning activities such as matching games, whats in the box? and pictures and captions snap. ‘Phonics Phase 2 Captions - EYFS’ is fully editable giving teachers the freedom to adapt the resource to meet the needs of each class taught.
Phase 2 Letters and Sounds CaptionsQuick View

Phase 2 Letters and Sounds Captions

There are 3 types of powerpoints - some just display the caption and images, one shows 3 captions to match to a picture and the other shows 3 pictures to match to a caption. The pdf files can be printed for display and activities.
Features of a Newspaper Match-up ActivityQuick View

Features of a Newspaper Match-up Activity

A set of three differentiated worksheets to ask children to match up the features of news articles to the given example. Worksheet 1 - Gives the names of the feature and describes what it is (easy) Worksheet 2 - Gives the names and descriptions seperately for children to match up (medium) Worksheet 3 - Gives just the names so that children can write in their own description of the feature.
Teaching teens: photo captionQuick View

Teaching teens: photo caption

This lesson consists of three activities to provoke discussion and provide ideas for collaborative story writing. Unusual photos from the LearnEnglish Teens photo caption section are the main focus of the lesson ( The lesson introduces students to the LearnEnglish Teens site, encourage discussion and speculation about photos. Students brainstorm possible scenarios of what is happening in the photos. This should stimulate students' imaginations and form a basis for collaborative writing.
The Zombie Apocalypse Lesson + Funny Caption StartersQuick View

The Zombie Apocalypse Lesson + Funny Caption Starters

3 Resources
The Zombie Apocalypse Lesson + Funny Caption and General Starters The Zombie Apocalypse Cities lie abandoned. The streets are no longer safe as the K11 virus has spread and infected large numbers of the population. You and a small group of survivors have made it out of the city and have taken refuge in an abandoned farmhouse. You have to hold out against the ‘zombie-like’ hordes for 7 days until help arrives. Will you survive? Funny Caption Starters + Word Quizzes A collection of funny images with speech spaces for students to match their own thoughts as to what is happening in the picture. Creates a funny start to any lesson. Also included a bumper power point of word based quizzes. General Starters A general collection of 15 KS2/KS3 starters. For further infomation click on each individual link. For other engaging resources, including full lessons, visit my shop page here:
Farmer Duck word and pic matchingQuick View

Farmer Duck word and pic matching

Write a word or caption to go with the Farmer Duck picture. Words are supplied for a simple read & match activity, or children can be pushed to think of and write their own words.


Four proposed events illustrated with Widgit and PCS symbols. Reading KS1 level. Eight pictures can be sequenced to make a sensible story. The last picture and caption poses a problem. Useful for reading for meaning and discussion.
English Spelling and Phonics Pack - TION endings as in caption (ʃən)Quick View

English Spelling and Phonics Pack - TION endings as in caption (ʃən)

This is a 16-page pack of English worksheets, spelling lists, and double-sided color flashcards for the TION endings as in caption (ʃən) spelling rule and the associated words recommended in the Key Stage 1, Year 2 English curriculum. It’s also suitable for U.S. grades 1-3 and other language learners. The worksheet pack contains a variety of progressively-more-difficult activities, two spelling lists, and an answer key. They allow you to target particular skills for individual students and provide differentiated learning opportunities. Page 1 - tracing, copying, coloring, and sound identification. Page 2 - word unscramble, rhyme words, and picture/ word matching. Page 3 - find the correct spellings, gap-fill, and sentence writing. Page 4 - revising example words and similar sounding words, story/ poem writing. Page 5 - identifying the pictures (without the words being listed). Page 6 - identifying the pictures (with the words listed). Page 7 - matching the words and International Phonetic Alphabet spellings to the pictures. Page 8 - spelling list. Page 9 - spelling list with IPA spellings. An answer key. The flashcards are provided in two formats: 2-to-a-page (double-sided) and 6-to-a-page (double-sided). Each format consists of one front card (a large image) and ten options for the rear card. The rear flashcards are different combinations of: an image the spelling the word written in lower case, upper case, cursive, and pre-cursive the I.P.A. spelling a ‘sounds like’ spelling the spelling rule it is an example of U.S. and U.K. English versions are included. This product is part of the 660+ page Key Stage 1, Year 2 Spelling and Phonics Pack, which contains material for 30 different spelling rules. This product is a zip file containing pdfs. You will need zip extraction software, a pdf reader, and a printer.
Non-fiction text feature and purpose matching activity Quick View

Non-fiction text feature and purpose matching activity

A 4 way differentiated text feature and purpose matching activity. For SEN they have a whole list of text features and purpose definitions to cut out and match The BA have a couple of names of features and purposes missing, so they have to match the rest and work out which are the missing features and what are the missing purposes For A they have the same activity with a few more blanks to fill For the HA they have just a blank table with all the features listed and have to come up with a purpose for each. Features listed include; sub-heading, glossaries, captions, indexes, labels, table of contents, bullet points, photographs and titles