Resources included are as follows: 55 PDF AND PPT files for you to print. STORY PRESENTATION – retelling the basic outline of the story, with pictures. Title page for introduction, story sack tag, folder cover, spine labels etc. Display borders; patterned and plain, backing paper, character and scene flashcards, book synopsis poster, alphabet flashcards, number line for table top, key word cards for display or discussion, long banner to head wall display, large lettering to spell story title, letters bunting, colourful buntings. Character description pages, writing pages, borders and frames, bingo game, draw castle, make an invitation, make a wanted poster, number square, matching pairs card game, retell the story for another point of view, write a conversation, list story elements, reward chart to draw, draw prince or princess, dress clothes for the ball, describe favourite part of the story, speech bubbles worksheets, fill in the missing words, hand puppets in colour and black and white, draw your family compared to Cinderella’s, colouring pages, chores writing task, wishes writing task, counting cards, make a mobile, story board, I like this story because…, learning objective tracker, quiz, word mat, work booklet cover for project work, word search.
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Discover English: Level 3

This fantastic 6 Level English course for Early Learners of English. Each level consists of three units of 10 lessons each. Each lesson includes detailed lesson plan and worksheets. DISCOVER ENGLISH: LEVEL 3 The lesson structure: Warm Up Main Activity Group Activity Technology Time Extra Activity Every lesson has links to awesome sites that will facilitate the lesson. The curriculum has a hands-on approach that involves, group work, arts & crafts, technology, individual work and more. I have tried to make the lessons as free of preparation as possible. Lesson resource requirements are included in each lesson plan. 30 Lesson Plans 30 + Worksheets This is great for home tutoring, class supplement, ESL department or for private tutors. Term1  That’s life  How can I help around the house?  Little Story Writer  What I want to be when I grow up.  Create your buddy  Good old times  Looking back  When Grandpa Tom was young  Our world before  Review Term2  Water Everywhere!  Marvin’s Birthday  Visit to the Aquarium  The Final Word on Water  Review Day  Healthy Living  Active Every Day  Money Limits: Budgeting  Reuse, Reduce, Recyle  Review Day Term3  Getting About  Welcome to Hong Kong  Welcome to Seoul  Welcome to New York  Review Day  Amusement parks  Let’s Have Fun!  Space Travel  Solar System  Review Day
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Blog for November 2013 - spring 2014

2 Dec (1) - Nov 28 (2) - 29th (Ma's birthday.) Both with photos 13 - 16 Dec our Nelson Mandela prog, 17 - 21st bit from Deepak Chopra and Christmas Day Radio 26- 28th - daughter in India + Chopra insights on relationships. Jan 7th, update, family, Chrisn/Muslm orgs working with ex-gang-Members 14th work + half-milliion mark 15 - 19 Jan inc sponsors for son? and &'tummy trouble.&'; 9th Feb hospital and poems. 13th - 20th Feb inc photos 23rd a long blog inc resource on Sala/God interfaith events + photos + poems. March 14-18 includes bits from Liverpool RE Confrnc 18 - 21 new job?