Co-ordinates and Compass DirectionsQuick View

Co-ordinates and Compass Directions

The Sensory Trust are based at the Project and we thought turning the map into a worksheet for co-ordinates and compass directions could be good fun! This resource contains: a cover sheet explaining the activity and the answers co-ordinates worksheet (two different ability levels) compass directions worksheet (two different ability levels)
Map Co-ordinates KS2Quick View

Map Co-ordinates KS2

A Powerpoint to explain Map Co-ordinates. This powerpoint has 15 slides (Plus one title and one end slide). Designed for KS2.
WW2 Maths - Co-ordinates & Grid References. KS2 (Year 5&6) Cross Curricular NumeracyQuick View

WW2 Maths - Co-ordinates & Grid References. KS2 (Year 5&6) Cross Curricular Numeracy

This cross-curricular presentation that requires pupils to work out the co-ordinates of locations on the WW2 map of Europe. It covers 4 and 6 figure grid references. There is a clever video link included with this resource to start the lesson. You could print out the maps for use in lessons, therefore some preparation is required in order to get the best results. There is an extension sheet provided in publisher format. LO: To use co-ordinates to specify location LO: To use grid references to specify location
Treasure Map PPT game (co-ordinates starter)Quick View

Treasure Map PPT game (co-ordinates starter)

A quick Co-ordinates starter activity. Choose a kid to give a co-ordinate, you *click* that square, and a symbol will appear. Either a dolphin, shark, treasure chest, coin piles or a 'nothing symbol'. There are two variations, depending on how much time you have. A 6x4 grid or a 8x6 grid. (Note: If you want to edit the map to use a second time: Make sure you move the square behind as well as the picture.)
Christmas Geography Lesson - Mapping presents! Map skills, grid references and co-ordinates.Quick View

Christmas Geography Lesson - Mapping presents! Map skills, grid references and co-ordinates.

A super fun, well planned and engaging lesson that teaches and uses map skills to track down Santa’s lost presents. The lesson starts with a complete walk through on map reading and then has different activities that can be displayed on the board. It could easily take up 2 lessons depending on prior ability or speed you cover the mapping intro. Suitable for KS3, KS4 and KS5 groups the lesson includes activities where students need to give 6 figure (or 4 if you prefer) grid references for the lost presents as well as answer questions about their location, measure distances and map symbols. This lesson is a perfect way to have some Christmas themed fun but keep students learning and practice skills that are useful in exams. Please leave this a review!!! Merry Christmas!
Directions and co-ordinates printablesQuick View

Directions and co-ordinates printables

These printables will help your children to reinforce their learning when it comes to directions. There are printables that help children to think of the directions up, down, left and right. Have your child find their way from the ship to the lighthouse around the maze and then write down the directions they took to get there. You can also use the cardinal directions of North, South, East and West. Then your child can follow the directions given by the arrows to navigate around a grid and land on different coloured squares. Your child will navigate around a nautical themed map to end up at different points then write their own directions using the four main compass point directions. Finally, help your child understand co-ordinates by having them follow the co-ordinates to draw a line to discover the shape in each grid.
Map Skills BookletQuick View

Map Skills Booklet

This map skills booklet contains everything a student needs to develop a complete range of skills to use an OS Ordinance Survey Map in preparation for the Geography GCSE. This Map Skills booklet contains: Map symbols 4 figure grid references 6 figure grid references Height and relief Scale and distance Revision Visit to download this and 100’s of other Geography lessons
Pirate Map Co-ordinates Lesson Maths Y4Quick View

Pirate Map Co-ordinates Lesson Maths Y4

A fun, pirate themed co-ordinates lesson for Y4 (one quadrant). Included in this pack are lesson planning notes and guidance, starter (pre-assessment) activity, co-ordinate map, pirate clues sheet, recording sheet and the all important answer sheet! Talking like a pirate to deliver this lesson is entirely optional! Please leave a review for this resource - if you do, you can choose another single paid resource from my page for FREE! (contact me via the Tes Community Conversation page)
Co-ordinates Work station lessonQuick View

Co-ordinates Work station lesson

A lesson plan with the necessary worksheets for a work station style lesson on coordinates. I would really appreciate some feedback on these resources. Thanks!
Map Grid Co-ordinates Basic - 100 Aker WoodQuick View

Map Grid Co-ordinates Basic - 100 Aker Wood

Contains: Map of 100 aker wood, with and without grid Worksheet that involves using grid reference This was used with Y3, who found it engaging but quite simple. Could be adapted to be harder or easier. Applicable to both Geography (Maps) and Maths (Grid References).
World Map with CoordinatesQuick View

World Map with Coordinates

A simple coloured world map with coordinates. Children can use the map to become familiar with countries, continents, oceans and seas! Also using their coordinates skills. Can be printed A4/A3 depending on use.
Map skills assessmentQuick View

Map skills assessment

Range of skills assessed including longitude and latitude, co-ordinates, scale and height of the land. Map used is of Sunderland, but you can easily copy and paste your own map in so that students can write about a journey from one place to another.
Christmas Maths (Co-ordinates lesson, powerpowint and activity/worksheets)Quick View

Christmas Maths (Co-ordinates lesson, powerpowint and activity/worksheets)

A Christmas themed Maths lesson. A lesson plan, PowerPoint and four corresponding activities that are linked to locating and finding co-ordinates. Suitable for KS1 and lower KS2. Included is a PowerPoint that gives examples of Christmas themed activities where the students will write the correct co-ordinates. Includes four worksheets Students will be given co-ordinates and draw pictures of presents in the correct places. Students will write the correct co-ordinates on as displayed on the graph. Students will write the correct co-ordinates of the locations on the map. Students will write the correct co-ordinates of the locations on the map (more complex). Full Maths week can be bought in a bundle for £7. Printable activities in the co-ordinates-activities.pdf See my shop for more Christmas and other resources
GCSE Geography Coasts Map Skills Lesson - Suitable for all exam boards!Quick View

GCSE Geography Coasts Map Skills Lesson - Suitable for all exam boards!

The lesson A very engaging, A GCSE Geography Coasts Map skills lesson suitable for all Exam boards (AQA, IGCSE, OCR, Edexcel, Cambridge). Maps, PPT, question sheets and answers. A perfect lesson for revision or to supplement an existing Coasts SoW. The lesson is a fun and engaging map skills and coasts revision lesson. Contains well planned material for two lessons or even more depending on ability. Answers on the PPT for all tasks. Suitable for KS4 groups as well as more able KS3 groups. Activities Includes: Map reading Co-ordinates Measuring distance and direction Photo analysis Evaluation Maths skills Knowledge on coasts. Resources PPT A map sheet (two different maps) Task sheet Teacher notes sheet