British Science Week Connected to the OceanQuick View

British Science Week Connected to the Ocean

This PP is prepared with the 2023 British Science week theme Connections in mind. This is a 20 slides PP looking at the connections that we have with the ocean. Each slide is packed with tasks and there are additional GCSE type questions included as well. The last slide is a project based learning that students could conplete in teh form of a storyboard, poster, blog, newsletter etc.
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Just a worksheet I used with my lower ability GCSE class in order to help them think of different connectives that they could use in their writing.
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Making Connections - Year 2 Greater Depth Reading

This resource is perfect for YR2 teachers, it is a set of activity cards which can be used in any KS1 classroom. The cards have the opportunity for children to make links between books (this could be; characters, settings, events in the story, author, writing style and more). The resource encourages children to be independent and chose their own links between the texts - it may be different to peers or the adults. FOR EXAMPLE: Gruffalo and Little Red Riding Hood link because: Both are set in the forest Both have scary hairy creatures in them Both include someone trying to play a trick/joke Both include a character walking through the woods - the list could go on… This activity is open ended and suitable for all learners, the link will always be correct as long as the children are able to explain and give suitable reasons. The books in these sheets are all KS1 suitable books and some which KS1 children will be familiar with. This includes an example card and a guidance for teacher cards. The activity cards would be excellent evidence for the TAF check in Year 2 as well. SEE LINK TO TAF 2018/19: • make links between the book they are reading and other books they have read.
The Ultimate British Science Week 2023 Quiz- ConnectionsQuick View

The Ultimate British Science Week 2023 Quiz- Connections

5 rounds with 30+ quiz questions combined! Great for those end of term filler lessons and to have a bit of fun with the pupils! Let’s Celebrate British Science Week 2023! To be honest, this resource has taken many more hours than I would have liked as it has taken a lot of brain power and creativity to come up with interesting rounds! ‘Connections’ has been a challenging one! I’ve aimed this for Year 8 but could be used from Year 7-13. • Rounds include: What’s the connection? Each question has 3 mini-questions to answer. The answer to these questions are all around a similar theme. What is the connection between them? • Connect the dots. Points show the outline of some common laboratory equipment. Pupils need to solve the dot-to-dots to find the equipment. • Connections to things. An invention or famous thing is shown but who is connected to it? Pupils need to select a name from the four choices given. • Connections to experiments. Some equipment is shown but what experiment could use all of these pieces? What is the topic connection? • Who’s connected? Famous landmarks/ buildings/ places are shown and pupils need to select who would have worked/ lived here from the four faces shown. Currently in PowerPoint. Should transfer to Google Slides with relative ease. I’ve put a PDF of the team sheet as this tends to give the most hassle during conversations. This resource includes: • PowerPoint with questions and answers • Team answer sheet Any issues or errors please let me know and I’ll rectify ASAP. I don’t own any images or animations in this resource.
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Simple PP to address the idea of using connectives to aid extended writing. Cross-curricular appeal. Activity for mixed abaility as a varied response will be seen to the activity. Addresses the idea of historical skills.
Time connectivesQuick View

Time connectives

Colourful slides introducing range of time connectives. Includes a 'Spot the time connective&' challenge which can be done as a class or printed for paired work. There is also a group challenge and idea for individual recording.
Connectives in FrenchQuick View

Connectives in French

a laminatable writing mat on connectives. Might be useful for writing or speaking assignments at GCSE & AS
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A collection of words and phrases that will help students to achieve greater coherence when writing paragraphs. Each connective comes with an example of how to use it, along with grammatical information on its form (i.e. word class/ part of speech) and function (i.e. whether it’s an adverbial or if it begins a clause). There is also additional guidance on the difference between ‘movable’ connectives (adverbials such as furthermore) and ‘immovable’ connectives (such as although). The connectives are divided into the following categories: addition: to add information to a previous point comparison: to introduce a point that is similar to the previous one contrast: to introduce a point that is mostly different from the previous point despite one or two similarities concession: to make a counter-argument refutation: to continue with your main argument after making a counter-argument restatement: to make an argument clearer by phrasing it in a different way exemplification: to make an argument clearer by providing an example summary: to simplify information down to the main details frequency: to show how often something happens causality: to imply cause and effect between two pieces of information sequence: to structure information in a sequence
British Science Week Climate Change ConnectionsQuick View

British Science Week Climate Change Connections

This is a 38 slides PowerPoint that covers the cause and effect connections to our climate changing. This engaging presentation consists of the following: Cause and Effects of Climate Change Reducing our Carbon Footprint Exam style Questions related to each aspect 3 British Science Week Activity related to the Connections theme for 2023- these activities are related to sustainable development
British Science Week Ecosystem ConnectionQuick View

British Science Week Ecosystem Connection

This lesson looks at ecosystems connections. There is an activity for students to complete(from British Science week Pack), discussion on the impacts of human activities on the sustainability of an ecosystem. Throughout the lesson, opportunities are provided for GCSE type assessment.
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A great display poster that shows a range of connectives and their purpose. Will encourage and expand learners writing.
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A fun skills lessons based on connectives - ideal for lower school. Connective sheet provided, Whiteboard activity with stretch and challenge alongside help for LA Written task based on a toy story short - differentiated.
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Designed to help students connect and extend sentences, this eighteen slide Powerpoint contains a variety of exercises, with answers. It would take one hour to deliver all the exercises or two lessons of thirty minutes, as the exercises increase in difficulty. Fully adaptable for you and your students.
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Connected ratios

A complete lesson on connected ratios, with the 9-1 GCSE in mind. The lesson is focused on problems where, for example, the ratios a:b and b:c are given, and pupils have to find the ratio a:b:c in its simplest form. Assumes pupils have already learned how to generate equivalent ratios and share in a ratio- see my other resources for lessons on these topics. Activities included: Starter: A set of questions to recap equivalent ratios. Main: A brief look at ratios in baking, to give context to the topic. Examples and quick questions for pupils to try. Questions are in the style shown in the cover image. A set of questions for pupils to consolidate. A challenging extension task where pupils combine the techniques learned with sharing in a ratio to solve more complex word problems in context. Plenary: A final puzzle in a different context (area), that could be solved using connected ratios and should stimulate some discussion. Printable worksheets and answers included. Please review if you buy as any feedback is appreciated!
Connected and BelongingQuick View

Connected and Belonging

Powerpoint presentation wiht link to TED talk video. Suited to KS3 PSHE, worksheets to enable students to look at being connected and belonging. 2 lesson worksheets. Printable worksheet. Activities. mental health/resiliency.


This is a short workshop to introduce or re-introduce students to transition words (connectives) as a writing tool. The worksheet contains definitions, usage, and examples. There is also a cloze (fill in the blanks) exercise for students to apply their knowledge immediately. Students can keep the worksheet for use as a reference tool when writing. ***The presentation is saved as .ppt, and pptx AND pdf.*** SAMPLE PROCEDURE 1. Show Ss the presentation and elicit their ideas for the function of the transitions shown on screen (e.g. "comparing"). The function (heading) will fly in after prompting. 2. Repeat this for each function. 3. Have students fill in the blanks of their cloze exercise. 4. Reveal sample answers on screen, and discuss possible alternatives. *****PLEASE NOTE! THIS LESSON IS AVAILABLE AS PART OF THIS RESOURCE: