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French Comprehension Daily Routine

Reading Comprehension for the topic of Daily Routine. This resource comes with three levels of diffculty, each level comes with a French version and an English version. PDF version and PowerPoint included, The PowerPoint has editable text so you can tailor it to your student’s needs if needed.
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Spanish Daily Routine Reading

Reading comprehension based on three characters from the Inbetweeners, with extension writing activity at the bottom. Aimed at KS3 but could be used for lower sets in Y10.
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Daily routine

Introduces daily routine - using pictures of cats (silly - but kids liked it!). Meant for GCSE but could be adapted. Designed to go with Voila 4 higher originally. (LY)
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Daily Routine KS3 Spanish

Three standalone worksheets to introduce the topic of ‘mi rutina diaria’ to a KS3 group. The first resource introduces and provides practice with some key ‘daily routine’ verbs and recaps adverbs of time. The second resource introduces further vocabulary and verbs with more practice. The third resource introduces other verb forms including he, she and they Format: Word document and PDF with answers.
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Daily routine - Early Years

Daily routine - Early Years 3 differentiated worksheets - I’ve attached both a PDF and an editable version. Higher ability - draw what happens throughout the day (morning, afternoon, evening & night) Middle ability - cut and stick pictures Lower ability - draw a line to match events to the time of day that they take place.
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Daily routine

Une journée typique. Simple presentation to practise and revise reflexive verbs, school day routine, sports and activities. Revision of -er verbs. La routine journalière, quotidienne, verbes pronominaux.
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Daily Routine Spanish Revision

A step-by-step Guide to describe your daily Routine in Spanish. It can be used for Writing and/or Speaking activities, Exams Skills and Revision.
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Spanish Home & Daily Routine

This is a printable Worksheet handout for students to work on independently. I've created it as cover work. It contains revision exercises on Chores and Daily routine. It introduces the topic of Home with drilling exercises to practise.
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Spanish Daily Routine / La rutina diaria (6 Worksheets) GCSE

6 worksheets on the topic of daily routine including vocabulary building, sentence builders, reflexive verbs, reading activities and translation. Answers included. Resource 1: An introduction to the topic of daily routine: key vocabulary, reading, translation and a sentence builder. Resource 2: A comprehensive sentence builder on this topic. Resource 3: A resource to practise using the sentence builder - gap fill, translation, language activities and dictation. Resource 4: Reflexive verbs - how they work and grammar drills Resource 5: A GCSE reading task Resource 6: A scaffolded GCSE writing task on this topic & model answer.
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French - Daily routine presentation

Use this PPT to introduce daily routine vocab to pupils. It starts by introducing the vocab, then pupils have to choose between the two options in French. Then, they must identify the phrases with the vowels missing. Finally, play a game of Blockbusters with the class to practise the new vocab.


97 slides on one of our best presentations. Ideal to introduce daily routine for the first time, featuring Sponge Bob Square Pants. Plenty of HD visuals, GIFs and worksheets embedded into the presentation. New GCSE style activities, including THE TIME, frequency words and paragraph structure. This ppt will last a whole half term and wow your students and observers.
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daily routine

year 10 Spanish Perfect for cover work covers daily routine
French Reflexive Verbs Reading: Daily Routines: Lecture en FrançaisQuick View

French Reflexive Verbs Reading: Daily Routines: Lecture en Français

This 6-page file includes: ~A French reading with the descriptions of 4 people’s morning routines including preparing for work or school. The reading includes many reflexive verbs for students to see in context. ~The same reading but with the reflexive verbs highlighted. ~A worksheet based on the reading with 12 reading comprehension questions and a writing assignment. ~Answer key. NOTE: This file includes two versions of the worksheet in French and in English. Includes: je m’appelle je me lève s’habillent se brossent se préparent me lève me rase m’habille me réveille me souviens se réveille
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Daily routine

This resource practices understanding vocabulary in German to describe daily routine.
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Daily routine.

There is a pack of activities about the daily routine including grammar exerciceson Present Simple Tense.
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Daily routine and reflexive verbs

Main verbs to talk about your daily routine. Grammar and exercises on reflexive verbs to master the use of these verbs. QR codes that link to on line interactive activities in the website Spanishunicorn. Perfect to revise reflexive verbs with year 10 or practise them with year 9 after a previous introduction. Exercises for all abilities. First one easy and last one (el reto-the challenge) more challenging. I have used this resource in conjunction with New IGCSE Eexcel book (pages 68 and 69 Mi rutina de todos los dias).
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Daily routine

3 Resources
Talking about your daily routine including sport (boys school!) and conditional for what you would like. They can also be used to teach individually.