Bookshop LessonQuick View

Bookshop Lesson

Encourage students in Key Stage 3 English to read for pleasure. In these two 45-minute lessons, raise students' awareness of context in literature by considering the time and place of writing and the author's life and opinions. Show them how background pre-reading and trying to predict content makes reading more enjoyable, and helps them understand works which are distant from them in time and/or place. These lessons introduce students to the American author Christopher Morley and his short novel The Haunted Bookshop. Materials are provided for those who wish to follow the lesson by reading it.
War at Sea - World War OneQuick View

War at Sea - World War One

Resouces and activities for the War at Sea during WWI To know that the British Navy played a vital role during World War One. To understand that the Germans used submarine warfare to disrupt supplies to Britain.
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The Collective Spellings List

The complete spelling list collection from Year 1 to Year 5. Never before has there been such a complete guide like this. This has been designed by Surrey Home Education for use in School or Home School. This file is in PDF format.
P1 (Physics AQA) Mail merge feedback/ Assessment/ revision tool. (Adaptable for all subjects)Quick View

P1 (Physics AQA) Mail merge feedback/ Assessment/ revision tool. (Adaptable for all subjects)

Core AQA science unit feedback system designed to automate feedback in books for students. This can be used and adapted for any subject! I have just had a HMI/ Ofsted observed me using this for feedback and received really good feedback on it. 9/10/15. Message me if any problems. Feedback welcome- if you cant get it to work then i would rather you message me for help 1st. Students score themselves 1, 2 or 3 in terms of confidence/ ability on a subject/ lesson I teach. 1= low confidence/ needs easy questions and/or extra help. 3 is stretch and challenge questions and/or top end questions. 3 can be same question but with less support or can be a question that vaguely links to the topic and student are required to push them selves to find out answers. Once students have scored themselves, (I also have a discussion with students on their scores if I disagree) then the fun begins! Each number 1, 2 or 3 links to a varied comment, (other subjects can adapt and change the comment banks to suit their subject). This comment is transferred into a mail merged tab on the spreadsheet. The separate word document uses this mail merge tab on the spreadsheet to input the score linked comments into a printable sheet for each student. I then print this 2 pages on 1 sheet of A4 and on pink paper, so it stands out as teacher feedback in students books. Students proceed to answer their allocated questions in green pen. Students can then uses the answer booklets to self or peer mark their responses to their individual feedback. When students are completing their feedback I spend time whizzing through their books to highlight literacy based mistakes. The end result is all students get individual feedback on every lesson I teach in this unit. My comments are exam question linked. The spreadsheet scores are are Red, Amber and Green colour coded, so I can easily see where I need to focus revision efforts with the whole class or individuals. When it comes to revision, I revisit the scores with students, update these and hey presto- print another feedback sheet with different questions! I have spent a lot of time working on these and our SLT are happy for me to use this method of feedback in books, (along side checking for literacy). You can edit or alter the comment bank anytime and update and change the feedback depending on your group, skills or topics covered. My questions are sourced from exam papers and some answers etc were sourced from BBC bitesize e.g, a few of the tables and info for small summaries. When opening each word document for mail merge, 'find source' may eventually pop up after some errors tracing the data file source. The source you need to select will be the Excel spreadsheet with student scores on. You will then need to select the core mail merge option if this pops up after. Feedback would be greatly appreciated. Currently working on the Additional Physics version of this. Will
Exploring Meteorite MysteriesQuick View

Exploring Meteorite Mysteries

Teachers and scientists designed this book to engage students in inquiry science and to extend science with interdisciplinary connections. The study of meteorites provides a unifying theme that links most every aspect of Earth and Planetary Science with Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. The effects of meteorite impacts have serious implications for social science.
AQA GCSE Media Studies Music Press: Print & OnlineQuick View

AQA GCSE Media Studies Music Press: Print & Online

AQA GCSE Media Studies Exam Unit 1 Music Press: Print & Online The mock exam and prelim task is a bit different to the one I uploaded a few months ago. It's very possible the students will be asked to produce a contents page or a homepage.
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Space Weather Math Teacher Guide

Students explore the way in which the sun interacts with Earth to produce space weather and the ways in which astronomers study solar storms to predict when adverse conditions may pose a hazard for satellites and human operation in space. Space Weather Math supplements the Space Weather Action Center site as students track a solar storm from the sun until it impacts our Earth's magnetosphere. The variety of concepts in this 96-problem collection includes concepts such as sunspot cycles, solar flares, coronal mass ejections, graph analysis, unit conversions, linear equations and probability.
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Blog for July/August 2013

1 kittens, Joy Weekend 2 Ipswich weekend inc photos Indian Independence Day. Third = Facing History Seminar (re Holocaust) Blogs from 20th August to 4th September - the Spiritual Festival in New York. a bit unusual. 6th Sep - back home kittens celibacy and God Realisation. 7th (with pics) of my spiritual Teacher. 9th - reflections on wealth and oneness. 11th Birmingham Expedition and chocolate. 13th house-share tensions. Posters for the Concert 25th catch up on postering news and an interview 2nd Oct. Postering + people in Birmingham 11th Oct (from 4th) preparing for the concert