G&T Extension 'Big Questions'Quick View

G&T Extension 'Big Questions'

In line with the G&T policy of the school I work in, I have created a series of 'Big Questions&' which are topic specific to the religions the students study throughout KS3. The aim of the questions is for students to think deeply about the religions and how they fit into the wider world.
'G Squadron' Grammar WorkbookQuick View

'G Squadron' Grammar Workbook

The ‘G Squadron’ Workbook (124 pages) has been designed to support and develop pupils’ use and understanding of grammar, in accordance with the new Key Stage 2 and 3 UK National Curriculums. The workbook was initially part of a peer-tutoring writing programme I developed and is best used collaboratively, for example, the ‘Answers’ section contains extension questions, which are intended to prompt discussion between students and extend learning. I have uploaded a Word and PDF version of the workbook, together with the separate chapters (for previewing purposes), but essentially it is all one, single, 124 page workbook.
E.g. PE Gifted and Talented policy and action planQuick View

E.g. PE Gifted and Talented policy and action plan

Example action plan followed by departmental policy for use in developing your own G&T policy suitable for pupils and practices at your school. This is a great way to measure your progress with targets and has been valuable on a personal performance management perspective.
A range of policiesQuick View

A range of policies

19 Resources
Accessibility Policy Art policy Assessment Policy Collective Worship Policy Display Policy E Safety Policy Equal Opportunities Policy Exclusion Policy EYFS Policy Food Policy G and T Policy Governors Allowance Policy Handwriting Policy History Policy Homework Policy Lettings Policy Maths Policy Medical Need Policy Data Protection Policy
Handwriting PolicyQuick View

Handwriting Policy

Handwriting policy for Nursery/Infant School showing progression and expectations: Aims, Knowledge, skills & Understanding, T & L, joining style, inclusion, learning environment, ICT [advice for teachers on writing on IWBs] Appendices include excercises to develop gross motor control, fine motor control, Brain Gym, and relaxation/warm up exercises. I was quite proud of it! Hope it's useful to someone.
Don’t affect the share price: social media policyQuick View

Don’t affect the share price: social media policy

The last 5 years have seen a growing number of universities use social media services such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube to engage with past, present and prospective students. More recently still, a number of universities have published policy or guidance documents on the use of social media for a range of universityrelated purposes including learning, teaching and assessment. This study considers the social media policies of 14 universities in the United Kingdom (UK) that are currently in the public domain.
Fiscal PolicyQuick View

Fiscal Policy

PowerPoint Presentation for A-Level Economics, particularly OCR. Useful if teaching a lesson on fiscal policy. Includes the types of fiscal policy, criticisms of fiscal policy and a brief history of fiscal policy in the UK. Useful revision material if revising for A2 economics.
Maths Department Handbook proformaQuick View

Maths Department Handbook proforma

This is a comprehensive Maths Department Handbook proforma containing 66 pages that can be easily adapted for the needs of any secondary Maths department. It has been reviewed as part of my school's external inspection process and was cited as exemplary. I hope you find it useful. Obviously many sections, such as assessment, homework, behavioural policy, available resources, are specific to my school, and would need some amendment. Other sections, such as G&T policies, Calculation policy, Literacy policy, Use of ICT and Calculators, use of learning support etc should provide a good foundation for departments to personalise. It includes descriptors for the new GCSE specification 9 -1 grades.
Fiscal and supply side policiesQuick View

Fiscal and supply side policies

24 Fiscal And supply side policies - Economics task cards are perfect for your Economics lesson plans and topic. They are suitable for KS5 students. They feature different activities including knowledge retrieval practice, multiple choice and spot the sporting mistakes amongst other Economics related activities. Contents of Economics Revision Retrieval Topic Task Card bundle ✄ 1 x Set of 24 Different topic Task Cards with a range of activities and styles in editable and PDF versions (Q and A’s Included) ✄ 1 x Teacher Answer Sheet - All answers covered ✄ 2 x Student Fill in Activity Sheets that can be used with the cards (Optional) Each Topic Task card is matched to the theme of the set and includes numbering and answers designed by our Business Specialist . The cards can be printed in colour or black and white. How to use Economics Knowledge Retrieval Revision Topic Task Cards? These cards are perfect as an extension task, starter or plenary and as a means of testing knowledge upon completion of a unit. For a short task (extension/starter/plenary), you can simply give them one or two cards and differentiate which cards are given according to the students level or their areas needing improvement. For an end of unit, you could hand the cards out to different groups and have them switch the cards after a certain period of time (e.g. one group gets multiple choice, one group gets spot the mistakes, one group gets photocards, etc.). Benefits of using this new style of Economics T&L activity Set of retrieval activities Motivating for students Bitesize tasks Fun way to revise a topic Allow for differentiation Copy, cut and laminate – use over and over again Versatile and can be used in many different ways leave a nice review on TES and email us at thecre8tiveresources@gmail.com for a Business treat for your students. Product code C8/TS/216 ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰ Here are some of our other popular business and economics resources: A Level Business Revision Bundle GCSE Business Revision Bundle Business Studies Christmas Quiz The Role and Purpose of Marketing & Market Research Break Even Analysis , Cash Flow , Revenue and Profit Human Resources Revision Work Booklet
5 Foundation Stage PoliciesQuick View

5 Foundation Stage Policies

Detailed policies for Foundation Stage (Nursery to Reception) within a school setting. These can be edited to fit your own setting. Includes: Foundation Stage Policy Maths Policy Reading Policy Writing Policy Outdoor Provision Policy Save yourself hours and hours of time with these quality policies!
Pupil inserts - Marking PolicyQuick View

Pupil inserts - Marking Policy

Pupil inserts to go into exercise books. These outline the key elements of the marking policy. Despite Levels no longer being needed, as so many others, we will still be using Levels for the time being. I hope these help. I searched on the net and Tes and couldn't find anything, so thought I&'d share what I put together.
Marking Policy ExamplarQuick View

Marking Policy Examplar

This is a copy of the marking policy I created for my school. It uses a lot of 'common sense' markers, and was used across the school, in all departments and classes, to ensure consistency in marking.
Learning Walks PolicyQuick View

Learning Walks Policy

This is one of my teaching and learning documents that details the process for learning walks - good as a starting point for someone to work with.
Sanctions policy for students - presentationQuick View

Sanctions policy for students - presentation

Explanation of sanctions ladder; users will want to adapt terminology and procedures to their own institutions. Introduced in September 2008, the sanctions ladder has been instrumental in identifying problem students and recognising the need for support mechanisms at different stages.
Nazi Policy JewsQuick View

Nazi Policy Jews

Looks at the many law changes which persecuted Jews during the 1930's in Nazi Germany.
Regan, Bush and Clinton's Domestic PoliciesQuick View

Regan, Bush and Clinton's Domestic Policies

This lesson is for students studying the main political and economic developments in the USA after 1945 and is mainly aimed at the WJEC History GCSE course.It involves a mixture of information and assessment based tasks.