Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar activities, SPaG: beginner, intermediate and mastery (5levels)Quick View

Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar activities, SPaG: beginner, intermediate and mastery (5levels)

SPaG and Writing skill activities. a selection of 100 vocabulary, grammar and punctuation activities in each level/grade. Suitable for lower key stage 2 to upper key stage 2 and G&T key stage 1. Covers the new curriculum and assessment. This resource can be used 1 to 1 or implemented by an adult for a small focus group and even used as whole class recap work. Each activity has a TIP so can be used in a 'quiz' style format and extended using the discussion and talk points for consolidation, reinforcement and clarification. Available in 6 different levels to suit all children.
Red Planet: Read, Write, Explore!Quick View

Red Planet: Read, Write, Explore!

Red Planet: Read, Write, Explore! incorporates science into school literacy activities. The project’s flexible, standards-based curriculum uses literacy, art, and creative expression as a vehicle for the topic of Mars exploration. This project offers teacher professional development nationally beginning in 2013. The project has a special focus on Spanish-language communities and will be translated for use by Spanish language teachers, English as a Second Language teachers, and others.
Conversation between theist and atheist teachersQuick View

Conversation between theist and atheist teachers

This is copied from a thread on my messages. Tonight I answered the atheists statement in some detail and it occurred to me that this conversation would be useful when exploring the God question in school. I would love some feedback, especially questions that your own pupils may ask - so I could make my response more comprehensive and useful. the one I have just put up - (in progress) is probably the last in this series as I am now working with the atheist teacher to turn it into a book which will, hopefully, do justice to both our different viewpoints.
NESTA reportQuick View

NESTA report

The Hope-Livingstone review is compelling reading for all who are involved in leading ICT in schools. Check out the full report here.