Romans on the Rampage - guided reading planningQuick View

Romans on the Rampage - guided reading planning

Whole class guided reading planning for Romans on the Rampage by Jeremy Strong. There are 6 weeks worths of planning. All lessons have 1 PowerPoint and 1 worksheet. This guided reading planning uses ‘Reading Vipers’ for each lesson. Each week focuses on 1 reading viper. This was taught in Year 3 but could easily be adapted for Year 4. Each lesson’s structure is as follows: A think about it question Vocab with word classes Teacher reads Speed retrieval Independent reading Main task (linked to reading viper)
Guided Reading Activities Year 1Quick View

Guided Reading Activities Year 1

Independent reading activities. Over 120 pages of guided reading activities to save you time and stress! Suitable for children aged 5-6 years old. Year 1 UK. These updated reading activities are designed for children to be able to complete independently, as part of a guided reading carousel or even as homework. I have put together over 120 pages of activities that children can do independently whilst still improving their reading skills and their understanding of books and stories. There is a variety of activities starting with very simple phonics activities for lower abilities. The activities get more advanced for use throughout the school year. Some of the activities are also linked to the year 1 curriculum eg the lifecycle of a sunflower, seasons and keeping healthy. All aspects of the year 1 reading National Curriculum covered.Also perfect for lower ability children in year 2 and up. Included in this product: reading journal book cover year 1 national curriculum statements for assessment guided reading timetable 35 reading comprehensions initial sounds cut and stick b or d cut and stick m or n cut and stick c or k cut and stick missing letters draw the word x 3 2 syllable words draw the caption x 3 mixed up sentences x 6 draw the book cover x 2 draw the characters x 2 draw your favourite part x 2 draw the ending x 2 write the tricky words x 2 find the digraph x 2 write the noun x 2 design a new front cover find the nouns/weather words/plant words reading questions all about the book book review x 2 read and colour x 3 read and draw x 3 describe the setting x 2 draw and describe the character x 2 draw the character x 4 draw the setting x 4 where is cat? inference questions x 4 sunflower life cycle make a foldable book label a snail make a wanted poster decode words x 4 word endings x 2 missing words syllables x 2 sequence story x 2 contractions what happens next?
Guided Reading Independent ActivitiesQuick View

Guided Reading Independent Activities

A rota and resources for what I use every guided reading time. Split the children into small groups (identified by colour). Activities included: -Noughts and Crosses- pinched off somebody on here- thank you. Children have these printed off and they select their own activity. -Listening Station- Audio cds. -Non-Fiction Text- children select their own non-fiction text and complete the booklet (again needs to be printed off for them each) -Activity Cards- Children pick one of these out of a feely bag at the beginning of each session and complete. -Book Review- Complete sheet provided ( I print off a pack and leave them in a tray for them to help themselves) -Free Reading- children can pick any of the previous activities or just read quietly. They somehow think this is a real treat! Hope this saves somebody their weekend!
Yr2 Independent Reading QuestionsQuick View

Yr2 Independent Reading Questions

A set of reading detective questions used for independent reading sessions. The questions focus on the 5 areas discussed by Bloom’s Taxonomy: Analysis Understanding Applying Creating Evaluating PDF document and an editable word document attached. Please leave a review :)
Guided reading question cardQuick View

Guided reading question card

Guided reading question card - ideal for guided reading to use as a prompt sheet or for the children to write up as guided reading questions - this would suit 7-11 age group and just laminate them and you can use them time and again Great resource particularly for independent learning also
Guided Reading Question CardsQuick View

Guided Reading Question Cards

This set of 48 guided reading task cards is perfect for guided reading or pupils' independent reading activities. Included are 12 cards in each of the following areas: -Character -Plot -Setting -Language The cards are four to a page. Simply print out and laminate for question cards that can be used again and again for any fiction reading book. *************NOTE: If you have already purchased my Guided Reading Resource Pack, please do not purchase these cards as they are included in the pack.*****************
Guided Reading comprehension questionsQuick View

Guided Reading comprehension questions

Guided Reading independent comprehension activities for Charlie and the Great Glass Elevator, Harriet's Hare, The Iron Man, and Tom&'s Midnight Garden. Created from my own ideas and from a selection of other questions I found for free online. Divided into chapters for each book. Please note that there are no page numbers, as there are often different editions of the books. You may wish to add page numbers to help your children locate the information.
Guided Reading QuestioningQuick View

Guided Reading Questioning

This download contains over 40 comprehension questions to encourage criticality and reading for pleasure. These questions, which can be tailored and applied to the story or piece of text your class is reading, develop a child’s comprehension skills by developing their ability to predict, explain and pick out key vocabulary. Top Tip #1- Cut these stars out and stick them to lollipop sticks to use as a plenary to guided reading sessions or to act as extension questions, which can independently be selected by pupils. Please do review and rate below! AM x
Treason (Berlie Doherty) Whole Class Guided Reading planning and resourcesQuick View

Treason (Berlie Doherty) Whole Class Guided Reading planning and resources

Planning for thirty 30 minute whole class reading sessions for Berlie Doherty’s Treason. Used with Y6 but would work with Year 5 or lower attaining year 7s. Planning for each session includes vocabulary to discuss, a section to read, discussion questions and an independent response task. Activ Inspire whiteboard file for each session.
The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark Guided ReadingQuick View

The Owl who was Afraid of the Dark Guided Reading

3 weeks worth of differentiated guided reading questions on the whole book. Questions cover prediction, retrieval, sequencing, inference and vocabulary. A mix of whole class guided questions and then independent. LA - red MA - blue HA - gold I split the book up into chapters when I taught it so the questions correspond with certain parts of the book.
Firework Maker's Daughter - Guided Reading - Independent Activity Pack - Comprehension QuestionsQuick View

Firework Maker's Daughter - Guided Reading - Independent Activity Pack - Comprehension Questions

This excellent resource includes independent follow up activities for each chapter of The Firework Maker’s Daughter. Each chapter includes at least 3 activities, including opportunities to research, book reviews, and consolidation activities. This resource also includes differentiated reading comprehensions for each chapter. This resource is perfect to use as homework for follow up activities to a class book, as independent reading packs to accompany power of reading, a class reader or group guided reading. The comprehension questions and activities could also be used to inform planning and to support teacher / teaching assistant led group guided reading sessions.
Bad Dad - Guided Reading Comprehension Questions and Book StudyQuick View

Bad Dad - Guided Reading Comprehension Questions and Book Study

An extensive chapter-by-chapter collection of questions to use with a guided reading group. Number of questions per chapter varies throughout, but includes over 100 questions up to and including chapter 47 (about three quarters of the way through), at which point I usually let the children read to the end independently. To be used for guided reading or as part of a book study or unit of work. I have also written sets of questions for Awful Auntie and many other books. If you enjoy using my guided reading questions, I have other similar sets of questions for the following books: Awful Auntie by David Walliams Bad Dad by David Walliams The Midnight Gang by David Walliams The Lie Tree by Frances Hardinge Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz Goblins vs Dwarves by Phillip Reeve You’re a Bad Man Mr Gum by Andy Stanton Jolley Rogers and the Cave of Doom by Jonny Duddle Captain Underpants and the Invasion Of The Incredibly Naughty Cafeteria Ladies by Dav Pikey Evolve or Die (Horrible Science) - Evolution An Eagle in the Snow by Michael Morpurgo Any comment or suggestions, please email me:
Literacy starter or independant guided reading activityQuick View

Literacy starter or independant guided reading activity

Autumn 1 - A collection of images with questions to prompt open discussion/use of imagination at the start of a literacy session OR An image per week, over an 8 week term, with an open question linked to a GR focus (noted at the bottom). Autumn 2 - Based on Ruth Leask Domain Games A. Read the section of story and decide what the missing words are - literacy starter/GR session. These have been designed with year 1 guided reading in mind - I will add more as they are made for other terms - feel free to share any ideas for these!
Year 6 SATS Reading  3 Mark Question LessonQuick View

Year 6 SATS Reading 3 Mark Question Lesson

SATS Reading Year 6 3 Mark Question Lesson This download is a 3 mark question Year 6 SATS practice PowerPoint. It has been designed to be used by Year 6 teachers to help prepare for the reading SATS test by giving the pupils the opportunity to practise answering three mark questions. There are three sample texts in this 28-slide resource. For each text, there is a walk-through, step-by-step guide to answering a three mark question. There is then a new question for pupils to try independently. The answer is then given for the teacher to reveal so that pupils can check against this. Covered in this resource is: *Finding two completely separate points *Finding the supporting evidence *Structuring your answer *Explaining your answer
The Nowhere Emporium - Guided Reading (Year 5)Quick View

The Nowhere Emporium - Guided Reading (Year 5)

This resource is a Guided Reading unit of work based on The Nowhere Emporium by Ross Mackenzie. It is suitable for Year 5 classes. Within the pack are two highly detailed resources that are 30 lessons worth: The Nowhere Emporium teacher pack - a series of key questions for each lesson based on a chronological breakdown of the novel. Each question is based on a criteria to test different aspects of children’s reading abilities. Answers are given for the key questions in the notes and space is left for notes taken on children’s feedback. Questions can be added or altered based on class needs. The Nowhere Emporium Activity Booklet - 10 separate comprehension activities designed for independent reading and completion. These occur every third lesson and contain a key as to what type of question is being asked of the children. This is taught through a three lesson framework per week but can be taught continuously. Lesson 1 of three is a shared reading lesson where teachers and children read the given chapter together with the teacher stopping for questioning and prompting. Lesson 2 of the three is a discussion lesson where children re-read the previous days lesson and then apply their growing comprehension skills to retrieve, infer, summarise and predict. Teacher and class feedback then allows formation of answers to the given questions. Lesson 3 is an independent activity lesson where children read the next section of the novel and complete the activity page based on their reading.
Pebble in my pocket guided readingQuick View

Pebble in my pocket guided reading

This is 2 weeks worth of guided reading planning (PowerPoints and worksheets) for Pebble in my Pocket. We used this as part of our natural disasters topic. It is designed for Whole class guided reading and used ‘VIPERS’ for the objectives. Each lesson’s structure is as follows: A think about it question Vocab with word classes Teacher reads Speed retrieval Independent reading Main task (linked to reading viper)
Charlie and the chocolate factory - guided readingQuick View

Charlie and the chocolate factory - guided reading

Whole class guided reading planning for the whole book. Aimed at Year 3 but easy to adapt for other year groups. Each week contains 4 days worth of lessons (1 powerpoint and 1 sheet for each day). Reading vipers used for this scheme of work. 12 weeks worth of lessons. Each lesson’s structure is as follows: A think about it question Vocab with word classes Teacher reads Speed retrieval Independent reading Main task (linked to reading viper)
Trash guided reading bookletQuick View

Trash guided reading booklet

‘Trash’ guided reading booklet with glossaries of key words, comprehension questions for understanding and guided thinking tasks. Can be used to encourage independent or guided reading of the book.
Guide to Adobe Dreamweaver 2021Quick View

Guide to Adobe Dreamweaver 2021

A stylish, easy to read, guide to the latest Adobe Dreamweaver software that can be taught either by a teacher, or independently studied by students. The download includes a file containing a Powerpoint version, and a PDF version of the 75 slides that teach students all the aspects of Dreamweaver such as: site folders, navigation bars, typography, and more! This guide was created for the Creative Imedia course, but will also aid any other courses that use the Dreamweaver software. Whether you’re a student, teacher, or someone looking to figure out this tricky software, this guide will 100% help you out! If you were interested, I also have another resource linked to this one, the site folder for this set of slides can be found here for just £1! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me: Thanks
Guided Reading Discussion CardsQuick View

Guided Reading Discussion Cards

This resource supports pupils to develop their reading comprehension skills through independency, metacognition and provision of language frames to support EAL learners. It enables a group of learners to lead a discussion and justify opinions about a text through agreement, courteous disagreement and a final concensus that is based on evidence. As part of a reciprocal process of: prediction, clarifying, summarising and questioning, the discussion cards support the questioning element of the process. Furthermore enabling pupils to develop all aspects of speaking and listening and wider understanding of language.