Getting to know you icebreaker activitiesQuick View

Getting to know you icebreaker activities

Limited time offer - if you enjoyed this resource please review with your email address & I will send you a free Back to School dingbats resource! A highly presented and detailed getting to know you/ meet your class pack of icebreaker activities. This resource is perfect to back to school and/or getting to know your new class or tutor group and helping them bond with one another. Included in the PPT are a total of 9 different activities designed for paired/group/whole class icebreaker and getting to know you activity. There is one ‘all about me’ activity included ideal as an independent learning activity or homework piece. Other activities include ‘getting to know you bingo’, ‘the island’, ‘it’s up for debate’. ‘guess who’s coming for dinner?’ and more. Within this resource you will receive both teacher facing and student facing instructional PPT presentations detailing each activity and offering suggested delivery/equipment/ challenge ideas where required. All supporting pdf worksheets are included both as additional files and embedded as hidden files within the PPT. This resource is not designed to be used as a whole lesson, however the activities have been designed to be used in a ‘grab and go’ fashion.
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Lesson plan_Getting to know you

This a good lesson plan for a topic on "Introduction" in the beginning of school year. Students are going to ask questions to know more about someone, answer questions to introduce themselves and write and speak about personal information of their friends. In this lesson, students use Yes/No questions. They will be challenged to ask, for every question answerable by YES corresponds a point for them. This lesson is fun.
Getting to Know You Coat of Arms project.Quick View

Getting to Know You Coat of Arms project.

As an ICT teacher I needed a 'getting to know you&' first lesson with my classes. I used this with years 5, 6 and 7. Here is the instruction page and the blank template. I wanted to use this to observe pupils&'; skills. I plan to use it with younger groups this year, but will read out their options..
New Class 'Getting To Know You' Alien Lesson PackQuick View

New Class 'Getting To Know You' Alien Lesson Pack

Complete lesson with extension activities and follow on work suggestions. Highly creative and engaging 'getting to know you' type lesson but with a fun twist your class will love. Enables assessment of writing, creativity and artistic ability whilst also finding out about your class in a way that is enjoyable and accessible for all. Suitable for all ages as long as they can write!
Careers - Getting to know peopleQuick View

Careers - Getting to know people

KS3 Careers - Getting to know people and my own strengths and weaknesses. - PSHE . Careers Lesson Pack. Editable PowerPoint, Lesson Assessment, Student Resources, Signposting to extra support services. Bonus Mindfulness Activity and much more. ✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰✰ Learning Outcomes: I understand the concept of trust I can explain what I have in common with others across my class. To evaluate what it would take for society to truly flourish Some Key Terms Covered Trust, Honesty, Integrity, Self Esteem, Politicians, Society, Character traits Each Lesson Pack Contains: ☞ 1 Fully Editable PowerPoint (Learning Outcomes, Confidence Checkers, Assessment of Learning, Variety of Tasks, Video Embedded URL Clips, Engaging Premium Quality Slides, Extra Support Websites, Challenging & Thoughtful Questioning) ☞ Student Worksheet(s) ☞ Mindfulness Extension Activities ☞ Assessment Opportunity (Confidence Checker) ☞ Teacher Notes (On some slides) ☞ Mapped against Latest DfE Guidance, Gatsby Benchmarks in Careers Education, Character Education Guidance from DfE. ⟴ Be Ofsted and DfE PSHE ready with our resources! Product Code: RSE/C8/LS/164 We offer a full teaching Curriculum for the following subjects; PSHE, Citizenship, Careers, Humanities on our Cre8tive Resources website here: Why not check out some of our latest PSHE super bundles below: Personal Finance as a young adult Online Safety + Staying Safe Y12 Survival Kit - Personal Safety Y11 Survival Kit - Revision + Exam Stress British Values Explored Bundle PSHE - Debating Topical Issues Society, Body Image + Peer Pressure Finance Risk + Online Safety Join our friendly Citizenship, Careers and PSHE teachers Facebook group, with 4000+ other teachers, for support, top tips and resource sharing. **Leave a positive review and we will send you a free lesson on any PSHE Topic. Just email Mike at **
Letter to my teacher (Year 7 intro lesson/Getting to know you)Quick View

Letter to my teacher (Year 7 intro lesson/Getting to know you)

This PowerPoint is a series of 2 lessons that helps students write a formal letter to their new English teacher. Lesson 1 - Discussing the difference between formal and informal writing, planning the letter using a mindmap (helpsheet with prompt questions on to support this) Lesson 2 - Writing the letter. I use this lesson with new Year 7 classes, although it could easily be adapted for any new class you teach. I find it a useful introductory activity so I can get a quick idea of abilities, handwriting, pace of working, etc. Did you find this resource helpful? Please consider leaving the resource a quick review to help others decide whether they should download it too. Thanks in advance :)
Getting to know you: form/tutor groups/new classesQuick View

Getting to know you: form/tutor groups/new classes

Engages pupils straight away; useful at the start of the academic year. Allows staff to see straight away their pupil's interests and obstacles and also provides talking points for future lessons/tutorials and planning considerations.
'Getting to know you' class ice-breaker KS2.Quick View

'Getting to know you' class ice-breaker KS2.

This resource can be used as a first day ‘ice-breaker’ in a KS2 class. The information used can then be used to help you shape your planning to support your learners. I.e. Utilising their favourite actor/TV show in an engaging lesson starter!
Getting to Know Houston's EcosystemsQuick View

Getting to Know Houston's Ecosystems

EcoStation is an active, outdoor/indoor environmental exhibit where visitors engage in ecological studies and explore environmental issues by visiting a native plant garden, a woodland area, the bayou table, the pond and a research pavilion. Through these and several other exhibit areas, visitors can participate in diverse hands-on activities such as stream bed creation, insect collecting, tree rubbings, footprint identification, and more!
COVID-19; What do you know?Quick View

COVID-19; What do you know?

Fair Earth - The Gateway to Global Citizenship ‘COVID-19; What do you know?’ is an interactive lesson aimed to engage young minds and get them thinking outside the box. It will clear up any false information circulating on social media and give them a clear understanding of how and why the outbreak started, and how to stay safe. The lesson also looks at viruses and pandemics in general, showing governments responses to previous outbreaks and how we can respond better in the future. As always the lesson also suggests the idea of fundraising for a worthy cause and the option to get involved at home to keep themselves and their local communities safe. Suitable for in-class and online learning. Lesson plan by Eve Pilmore. Your £1.00 fee goes towards the vital aid & conservation work carried out by the Fair Earth Foundation
Reading Lesson Plan - ChinaQuick View

Reading Lesson Plan - China

This lesson plan is suitable for upper-intermediate, advanced and proficiency level English (B2, C1 and C2): Do you know how much a car costs in China? Do you know what the average annual income is in Beijing? You would be amazed at how these two figures correlate (or don't as the case may be), and yet why the Chinese still want to spend their hard earned salaries on a vehicle. This lesson is based on an article published in the Guardian newspaper, which looks at the staggering increase in traffic in China, and the reasons for this exponential growth.
Business English lessons - Getting to know you (Activity Set: 3 lessons)Quick View

Business English lessons - Getting to know you (Activity Set: 3 lessons)

Business English lesson: Getting to know you. Set of 3 different fun, communicative lesson plans with digital or printable activities. Ideal for the beginning of a new Business English course. It includes 3 different lesson plans with communicative activities: Getting to know each other: Adjectives to describe personality. Getting to know each other by describing personalities and the personality traits needed for their jobs. Question tags: Getting to know each other and finding out more about classmates or checking information students may have. At the International Conference: Phrases to interrupt politely, greet and join a conversation. Introducing yourself and others. Exchanging personal information and interacting with colleagues. NO PREP lessons for Business English students. Each lesson includes teacher’s notes with warm-up and lesson progression.
060 - Getting to know your new classQuick View

060 - Getting to know your new class

#ukedchat summary & archive 'Getting to know your new class' from Thursday 25th August 2011 hosted by @CreativeEdu. Join #ukedchat each Thursday evening between 8-9pm to discuss the latest educational issues via twitter. See live at Information and details at


A Complete ART lesson, which includes a detailed PPT, resources and planning. UPDATED FOR 2019 The lesson is designed to help you get to know your class, whilst creating a fantastic display for the wall (ideal for the start of the year) Ideal for KS2/3 Please leave feedback.
How to get a Job Assembly/LessonQuick View

How to get a Job Assembly/Lesson

This 18 slide assembly looks into the processes of getting a job from research to being hired. It gives information on each step of the finding a job process and follows these up with advice. This resource also comes with an engaging tutor time follow up activity. This assembly covers: Steps to finding the right job (including: identify skills and interests, writing your CV, checking social media, talk to people you know, research, tailor documents and apply) Preparing for interview Informative video The interview and feedback Personal Reflection questions Follow up Tutor Time Task. Please also visit my TES Assembly Store where over 100 assemblies are available on a huge range of topics. LIMITED TIME OFFER If you purchase this resource and leave a 5-star review, you receive any £3 assembly from my store FREE!! Leave a review and email with your review confirmation and choice of assembly.
Primary Resources to ‘get you going’ with ESDGCQuick View

Primary Resources to ‘get you going’ with ESDGC

These resources have been compiled from those freely available on the internet to help Primary teachers find and introduce ways of incorporating ESDGC themes into their teaching and learning. The authors would like to thank all the organisations who have readily given their permission to use their resources for the pack. Comic relief Oxfam Unicef Natural England DirectgovKids
The Way, the Truth and the Life, Rec Spring 1 Getting to Know Jesus Plans, Whiteboards and ResourcesQuick View

The Way, the Truth and the Life, Rec Spring 1 Getting to Know Jesus Plans, Whiteboards and Resources

The Way, the Truth and the Life inspired Reception Spring 1 Getting to know Jesus planning, resources and IWB. Week 1 - Jesus gets lost at the Temple Week 2 - The Miraculous catch of fish Week 3 - Jesus welcomes little children Week 4 - Jesus heals the man at the pool of Bethesda There are whiteboards to go with each lesson, worksheets, all the bits you need for your big book and resources to make a display. Each lesson has a challenge question to extend their thinking.
First lesson of the year - Everything you need! - FrenchQuick View

First lesson of the year - Everything you need! - French

Excellent first lesson of the year, comprehensively covering slide-by-slide all that you need your new class to know in an accessible and fun way. Helps you to get to know your students, their learning preferences and personalities, and helps them to get to know each-other too, setting them up for some great learning. Also gets you off to a brilliant start with your expectations through a whole-class ‘Partnership Agreement’ that they create and sign. I use this template every year with every class that I teach and it always works brilliantly. They have a lot of fun, as do you, and you also get all of the bits sorted that you need to without missing anything out (an overview of the year, books, seating plan etc.), which is easily done at the start of a busy term. Recommended especially for new teachers. Clear instructions on each slide and places for you to insert your own information. 15 slides in total: 1. Resources you need for the lesson. 2. Space to insert your seating plan. 3. Date, title, LO, starter slide. 4. Our Partnership Agreement slide. 5. Expectations / building on slide before. 6. ‘Mon cahier d’exercice’ slide. 7. Getting to know each other - The two truths game. 8. As above - teacher’s answers. 9. My promise to you (what you will do as a teacher to help their learning). 10. Raffle tickets and how they work, if you decide to use to reinforce positive behaviour. 11. Our lessons - overview of the number of lessons each week, report and Parents’ Evening dates and topics. 12. Help me to understand your learning activity. 13. Examples of feedback from activity above. 14. As before. 15. Lotto game!
Free Lesson Planning TemplatesQuick View

Free Lesson Planning Templates

Are you ready to smash out your planning? Grab these free lesson planning templates so you can get back to what’s really important: Creating your next inspiring lesson for your students! This resource comes as 24-page PDF document with a link to Google Docs for the editable version. Inside you’ll find the following editable lesson plan templates: Stand-alone lesson plan Weekly plan (one subject) Tumble Weekly timetable (all subjects) Unit plan Term overview BONUS: Drag ‘n’ drop timetable builder! If you found this resource helpful, leave a review below! :) About to jump into your planning? Have a skim of my article to find some quick tips to speed up your planning! Enjoy! Be purposeful teachers Who are in control Feel inspired And knows they’ve done enough. ☆ If you found this product helpful, please leave a review below! ☆Stay up to date on my latest resources and freebies! @attheminute.teaching