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Letters and Sounds Phonic Assessment

This is a chart in-keeping with letters and sounds and also variants from Ruth Miskin. It charts all the letters and sounds phonemes in order of phase and includes the variants eg long vowel phonemes and the different ways of spelling the same sound.
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Letters and Sounds

Powerpoint with pictures and words from Phase 3 plus some sentences to read at the end, using high frequency and tricky words from the same Phase. Went down well with my children!
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The learner moves pictures to their corresponding letter. In this version letters are in alphabetical order. The images are black and white. The learner wishing to practice the letter sounds must click and drag an image to the letter that matches the initial sound in each word. (Exceptions are boX and foX, that must go on the X.)
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Letter sounds

The children choose a colour for each letter and then colours the items which initial sound in the same colour. This covers most letters in the alphabet with a food theme.
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Letters and Sounds Phonics Planning

The complete package compatible with Letters and Sounds. Phase 2, Phase , Phase 4 and Phase 5 weekly planning. This planning follows the 4 part session and is easy to follow and teach. This planning provides you with activites and ideas for each part of the lesson allowing for great progress.
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Phonics game (Letters and sounds)

Phonics initial sound game. Comes with 16 different sheets. A game for 4 players. A quick, fun game and assessment tool for phonics/eyfs teachers. Colourful boards with lots of pictures. The aim of the game is for each child to place counters on the matching initial sound.
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Sound Button Fonts for Phonics

This pair of fonts (Soundbuttondots & Soundbuttondashes) allow you to add dots or dashes to your writing to represent sound buttons underneath single sounds, digraphs and trigraphs. There are even special characters included to replicate the sound buttons needed to show the connection between split digraphs. Full disclosure - this is not a perfect ‘does the job for you without you having to think’ kind of font. I don’t have the technology to make the fonts do ligatures and automatically underline digraphs and trigraphs, but I have tried to make it as seamless and easy as I can. By switching between the two fonts, you can choose which letters have dots underneath and which have dashes (the spacing on the dashed letters is already condensed so the dashes form a continuous line), and you can insert special characters (or use the corresponding symbols) to add arrows for split digraphs. WATCH THE VIDEO TO SEE HOW, plus full written instructions included in the pack. To my mind, this font certainly beats printing out a regular copy of work and manually adding all the sound buttons in a black pen, or trying to add dot and dash clipart underneath! We’ve all been there!
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Letters and Sounds. Teaching ch

This is a Smart Notebook File and contains a series of slides for teaching 'ch'. (about 20 minutes) It is one in a series of Smart Notebook Files made to teach Phase 3 Phonics. It uses Revisit/Review, Teach, Practise, Apply. It follows planning/ ideas and information from The National Strategy's Letters and Sounds book.
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Letters and Sounds Phase 5

3 Resources
Letters and Sounds - Phase 5 - Pack 1/3 (Days 1-6) all the new sounds from phase 5. This pack will allow you to teach each sound in an interactive and fun way. The presentations are to be used alongside the worksheets - first you practise then apply (reading and writing the sound in words and sentences). Worksheets and a powerpoint for each sound specifically designed for phase 5. The all you need pack for teaching phase 5 sounds. Days 1-19 NEW - extra using and applying resources.
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Letters and Sounds Workbook

Workbook for students to learn and practice their letters and sounds. * 2 pages per letter * tracing and writing practice * prewriting skills and hand-eye coordination * letter recognition and matching letters to sounds
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Letters and Sounds Alphabet Domino

Children love playing dominoes. This Letters and Sounds Alphabet domino is created for children at different stages of learning letters and letter sounds. It is perfect for individual, pairs or small groups, morning work, assessments, literacy centres and for fast finishers. It is a fun and engaging way to: reinforce letter recognition and sounds with your students enhance lowercase and uppercase letter association increase automaticity in identifying letters and letter sounds improve game-playing skills such as taking turns The product contains 3 versions of the domino cards along with the correct ABC-ordered versions and mixed letter versions for differentiated learning. Five domino games in one resource! ( 27 cards each). Your students will love it! (Picture-to-letter versions are also available in black and white) Prep Print on cardstock for added durability and longevity, laminate and cut out pieces. Direction: Have students select cards or share cards among students. The student with the start card will place it face-up on the table to start the game. Students will take turns identifying the letters, pictures and or letter sounds on their dominoes and aligning either side with its uppercase /lowercase letter or picture. Thanks a million for visiting my store! Questions, suggestions, and feedback are always welcome. Enjoy! Julia
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Letters and Sounds Assessment Sheets

5 assessment sheets linked to Letters and Sounds, where children say the sound, write a word beginning with the sound and then over or under write the letters. The final sheet includes the sounds ck, ff and ss. Children write a word that ends in each of these sounds. A useful resource at the beginning of the school year and as an ongoing assessment.
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Letter Sounds PowerPoint

Letter Sounds PowerPoint. Consonant sounds and vowel sounds - long and short. This can be projected on a whiteboard or you can print these out on index cards and laminate. . Beyond just letter recognition of the alphabet, saying consonant sounds is the first step in learning to read and the first evidence of phonemic awareness. Carefully go through each letter, and assess how well each student knows the consonant sounds. Explain to them that if they have difficulty remembering any of the consonant sounds, they should remember the key word pictured with each letter. The key word for b, for example, is bus. Avoid as much as possible adding the uh sound after the consonant sounds, so that students will have less difficulty blending words when they start putting letters together. Useful for Letter of the Week activities. You can project this PowerPoint on a Smartboard, Whiteboard, make transparencies, or print out the slides on cardstock for flashcards and laminate for use in centers. Supports common core standards. Includes sound cards for all the consonants, and sound cards for the vowels a, e, i, o and u.
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Letter Sound Flashcards

Flashcards created for use during one to one and small group intervention. Phonic focus on letter sounds and which to use. Laminate and cut out and they're ready to go.
Letter Sound Recognition PracticeQuick View

Letter Sound Recognition Practice

200 Pages This Dab-A-Dot set contains two reproducible worksheet pages for each letter of the alphabet. One worksheet is in color and the matching worksheet is in black and white to save ink. Students use the "Dab-a-Dot" paint markers or crayons to mark all the circles containing the uppercase and lowercase letters for the letter featured on the page. The next worksheet contains pictures and students circle the pictures that start with the specified letter. There are also two coloring pages for each letter sound. An answer key is provided for each worksheet. Great for Pre-school review or the beginning of Kindergarten letter and sound review. Common Core Standards RF.K.1d, RF.K.2d, RF.K.3a
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Letter Sound Worksheets

Using the RWI sound card - this resource can be used to help children to recognise initial sounds, write the letters and say the sounds. There are 26 different worksheets for every letter of the alphabet. Focussing on the lower case letter.
Initial letter sound bookletsQuick View

Initial letter sound booklets

A4 booklets for each letter of the alphabet to practice letter formation and learn some initial sound words. Each letter has an A4 size sheet to fold in quarters and use as a booklet.