Reception Fiction (Buildings): Stories about homes and houses (weeks 1-3)Quick View

Reception Fiction (Buildings): Stories about homes and houses (weeks 1-3)

Listen to stories about different homes for people and creatures and decide where they would like to live, Home by Alex T Smith, The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse by Helen Ward, and Diary of a Wombat by Jackie French and Bruce Whatley. Children write their own version of The Town and Country Mouse and use The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch by Ronda and David Armitage to plan best lunches. Keep diaries, make lighthouses and stormy music.
Out of the Blue  - a whole term of planning for a Year 1 topic on fish/ under the sea! Quick View

Out of the Blue - a whole term of planning for a Year 1 topic on fish/ under the sea!

Here is a whole term (13 weeks' worth) of planning for a topic entitled 'Out of the Blue'. This topic as focused on life under the sea including texts such as Hooray for Fish by Lucy Cousins, Commotion in the Ocean by Giles Andreae and The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch by Ronda and David Armitage. The 27 files in this download include: - A Topic Web outlining curriculum objectives - English weekly plans - Maths weekly plans - Medium-term plans Please note that the first 7 weeks of planning for Maths and English involve continuous provision. We established a set of 'busy learning jobs' in Maths and English for the first half term so that the children could settle into Year 1. This worked brilliantly! Enjoy!
NEW TERM Primary classroom teaching resources display ks1 eyfs sen nqtQuick View

NEW TERM Primary classroom teaching resources display ks1 eyfs sen nqt

LITERACY Range of alphabet cards, phonics flashcards, Alphabet bingo, fans, mini letter cards, frieze posters and alphabet train. Noun, verb and adjectives cards Alternative words for ‘said’ cards Cvc and cvcc loop cards Punctuation posters Story characters and settings flashcards Blank story board and blank postcards English poster – showing the areas of learning – speaking, listening, reading, writing Door hanger template 100 sight words IWB presentation, flashcards, mat, game Several rhymes with animal face masks and hand puppets to match. Illustrated stories as IWB presentations: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch, Commotion in the Ocean MATHS Range of number flashcards and odd and even flashcards Range of Counting cards, several sets of ordinal number flashcards, snap cards with different sets of pictures, spelling board game, timers. Shapes board game, nets, posters and snap game Man made of shapes – for display (11 pages in size) Times tables posters, number square, times tables square, prime number poster, bingo games, mats etc. Number bonds activities to 10 and 20 UNDERSTANDING OF THE WORLD / SCIENCE Animal, insect and birds flashcards Hibernating, nocturnal and farm animal posters 100 world flags and activities House types posters in the UK and the world Weather chart with symbols CLASSROOM Long banner 7 areas of learning posters ‘Check your work’ posters Classroom areas signs and other signs Drawer labels etc Multicultural and diversity posters Feelings worksheets Days and months flashcards Happy birthday display materials Colour flashcards and posters, colour wheel, coloured crayons, hand prints. Art posters, reward charts, display borders, clothes jigsaws and other display resources.
A boy is bullied + spirituality at work in schoolQuick View

A boy is bullied + spirituality at work in school

This is my account of what happened when we moved to London and my son (then aged 9) suffered some bullying. (He is now 31 and a professional actor. You may have seen him in the photos and video referred to on Siddhartha becomes the Buddha.) I wrote this years ago and found it when doing a computer search for Krishna - in relation to my recent Hinduism Day. I think it could encourage some good discussion on many aspects of RE, PSHE and Citizenship. I have now also uploaded the 'parent' file - Sunlight and Shadow parts 2 and 3
QCA Science SOW & Objectives KS1,2,3Quick View

QCA Science SOW & Objectives KS1,2,3

I found this document after a long search on the internet. It dates back to early 2000 and has the complete breakdown of topics, learning objectives, outcomes, possible activities and teaching notes. Published by the QCA.