Design and Technology: Literacy MatQuick View

Design and Technology: Literacy Mat

Literacy mat with common tools and processes used in the subject. Can be useful for students from Year 7 to 11. Document available with - PDF and Powerpoint Reccomended that it is printed in A3
Literacy Mats for food TechnologyQuick View

Literacy Mats for food Technology

Literacy mats for use in KS3/4 Food lessons. Adjectives, Verbs, Punctuation…. etc. I tie together and have out on tables every lesson so that students get in the habit of using them. These have been shared wholeschool and departments such as ICT and science now have their own versions along with core D&T and textiles.
Business Studies Literacy 'Mats'Quick View

Business Studies Literacy 'Mats'

This resource includes 4 different ‘mats’ which can be printed and stuck to desks or kept in student folders. They are designed for students to refer to to help with spelling of key words, constructing sentences and developing extended responses to meet the requirements of the Business Studies assessment objectives. I usually laminate two mats together and my students keep them in their folders. They are encouraged to refer to them if they are struggling, but I also use them as a learning tool. Numeracy mats are also available.
AQA A-Level Psychology Literacy MatQuick View

AQA A-Level Psychology Literacy Mat

This is a resource to support literacy in Psychology. Print off and laminate a class set Students should use this to construct their exam responses during lesson These can be used to support essay writing and short-mark answers These could also be used during peer assessment as it includes exam skills
Literacy MatsQuick View

Literacy Mats

Four detailed mats targeting the skills of accuracy, vocabulary choice, sentence structures and literature analysis. Handy for both KS3 and KS4 and suitable for targeting English work or whole-school dissemination. Mats on: Grammar Accuracy Vocabulary Sentence Structures Literary Analysis
GCSE Music Literacy MatQuick View

GCSE Music Literacy Mat

Literacy Mat aimed at GCSE Music students. Two-sided. Useful for self and peer assessment activities, and technical literacy for DEAR sessions. Front side: • PEEL • Connectives • Command words • Punctuation • Musical contrasts Reverse side: • Bass and treble clef notation • Diatonic scale patterns • Circle of fifths • Chord builder for major and minor keys PDF file suitable for printing at A3 landscape.
Literacy MatQuick View

Literacy Mat

Literacy mat to support students in written work. Can be placed on desk or used as a wall display. Covers common punctuation and grammar errors and gives examples. Worked very successful with key stage 3 and 4 students.
Literacy Mat Quick View

Literacy Mat

This literacy mat can be printed off back to back in A3 colour and laminated to use with your students in lesson to help them structure their work using the correct sentence starters and connectives. The literacy mat also includes guidance on spelling, punctuation, structuring paragraphs using PEE and PEEL as well as the correct then, their and they're. This is a must have resource for any teacher. The idea of a 'mat' is UK idea where you stick or place a resource like this one on the desks of your students to help them structure their work and avoid common mistakes. Please note, it might be an idea to run this resource through your own US spell checker to avoid any common errors. E.g. we spell words like colour and neighbours slightly differently to you guys across the pond. I have posted this resource at a low price as I believe that it is a must have - give it and go and enjoy. It will impress your principle. In terms of PEE, I always get me students to structure their paragraphs using either PEE or PEEL which stands for Point - Examples - Explain - Link. If you would like to know more then get in touch. If you like this resource then why not check out my other resources on this topic in my TES shop. You can also follow 'The History Academy' on Twitter, Google Plus, YouTube and Facebook for the latest updates or even to get in touch and chat about how you have used this resource or to ask questions. We aim to produce cheap and affordable resources for either the price of a good cup of coffee or a happy meal so that you can spend more time doing the things that you want. Anyway, have fun and stay in touch via social media for the latest updates. Kind Regards Roy
Literacy matQuick View

Literacy mat

A literacy mat that can be printed and laminated. Pupils will benefit from the use of this and become independent learners and self-correctors. Can be used on tables or on a "help wall".
Literacy matQuick View

Literacy mat

This is a combination of some of my favourite ideas from different places made into a double sided mat for my literacy toolkits.
Geography Literacy MatQuick View

Geography Literacy Mat

A Geography writing frame to develop student vocabulary and written work. Most suitable for KS3 and some students at KS4. For more resources visit This is Geography. Full SoW for all new GCSE specifications - AQA, Edexcel, OCR, CIE IGCSE, Edexcel IGCSE and Eduqas. As well as over 200 lessons for KS3 and KS2. Want something bespoke designing? Email us for further details
Geography Literacy MatQuick View

Geography Literacy Mat

This literacy mat is a great resource which can be used across every geography lesson. Personally I have this mat stuck in every book both KS3 and KS4. It is an eye catching tool and is in black and white so will save your printing budget! It includes; Common SPaG errors The meanings off command words Translation of common geographical acronyms How to extend points (PEEL) How to describe graphs (increasing, decreasing, fluctuating, CLOCCCS) “To what extent” table
Geography Literacy MatQuick View

Geography Literacy Mat

A Literacy Mat that can be printed as a label for class books, used as a display or stuck to tables in the classroom for a reminder of Geography abbreviations, compass points, SPaG reminders, and helpful writing frames for exam questions such as HELP, DADAC and PEEL paragraphs.
Religious Studies Literacy MatQuick View

Religious Studies Literacy Mat

A double-sided, colourful literacy mat showing student key literacy rules and tips for written pieces of work. Photocopied or printed to A3 and laminated students can make use of these sheets when completing assessments and class work. There is also a space for students to work on spellings before adding them to work and a useful literacy checklist for students to peer or self assess their work before submitting it. For more resources like this one please visit my shop:
Laboratory Safety Literacy Mat Quick View

Laboratory Safety Literacy Mat

This resource is created to implement the safety rules and regulations that should be applied in any science lab. It is formatted as a literacy mat so that pupils can have these in their work place to constantly and consistently remind them, reinforcing the correct way to do things.
Year 1 Literacy MatQuick View
First School YearsFirst School Years

Year 1 Literacy Mat

UPDATE: Upper case letters moved so they in line with their lower case equivalent. Handwriting lines added over letters. Punctuation moved to its own box. Designed to be printed double-sided. One side contains: Year 1 Exception words grouped into those with similar spelling patterns where possible. Lower case and upper case letters on handwriting lines. ‘bed’ pictures to support children who reverse b’s and d’s. Examples of common -s and -es plurals. Examples of common -ed and -ing verbs. Examples of common -er nouns. Examples of common -er and -est adjectives. Examples of common un- words. Examples of some common compound words. The other side contains graphemes grouped according to their phoneme. We may produce a Year 2 version depending on popularity.