Spelling HandbookQuick View

Spelling Handbook

The handbook includes background information for teachers about common spelling patterns, useful strategies, including mnemonics, and spelling and phonic games. Many of the ideas resources have been posted elsewhere - acknowledged at end.
Year 5 Re Verb Prefixes - Engaging Challenging Complete SPaG and VCOP LessonQuick View

Year 5 Re Verb Prefixes - Engaging Challenging Complete SPaG and VCOP Lesson

Fun yet challenging complete lesson created for Year 5 SPaG work and designed to meet the new 2014 curriculum. Comes with 2 levels of differentiated activities/worksheets plus a further extension activity for the more able students. Starter and engaging teaching input with questioning included on the PowerPoint and peer-assessment/marking plenary simply explained in the concise teachers' notes. Suitable for expanding vocabulary and openers for VCOP lessons too. Adaptable for individual or partner work and suitable for any upper KS2. This fantastic lesson contains loads of learning for all levels of ability and transforms a potentially dry and boring learning objective into a fun and engaging learning experience for all.
Causes WWI Spaced Learning ActivityQuick View

Causes WWI Spaced Learning Activity

PPT and follow up resources for a lesson using 'spaced learning' technique to explore the causes of WWI. Detailed notes about delivery for those who haven't used this technique before are provided in word doc. It's great fun and you might be surprised how good the students' memories are even a week later. http://www.tes.co.uk/article.aspx?storycode=6007881
Winter school activity pack - RSPCA fundraisingQuick View

Winter school activity pack - RSPCA fundraising

Be an Animal Hero! Your school could help us rescue thousands of animals this winter. Put the fun into fundraising. Get your paws on this great school activity pack. It’s completely free and contains quizzes and games to help you learn all about the animals that we rescue.
Ideas for planning a ‘Rhyme day’ for childrenQuick View

Ideas for planning a ‘Rhyme day’ for children

Planning a Rhyme Day can be great fun for children and adults, and to help parents appreciate why we spend so much of our time sharing rhyming books, singing rhyming songs, and teaching children nursery rhymes (even though a lot of them seem to be a load of nonsense!)
Beginning and End of the Year {BUNDLE}Quick View

Beginning and End of the Year {BUNDLE}

My beginning and end of the year resources include a variety of resources that will keep students engaged and reflecting on their year. There is an activity (or two) for each letter of the alphabet that gives teachers the creativity to decide how and when to use each activity. NOTE: This is a discounted, BUNDLED pack of resources! The activities included in this bundle are the same as the ones in the individual units listed below: {End of Year A to Z Activities: 34 Activities and Memory Book} There are so many activities to choose from. You can have students spell words and complete the activity for the word or create an end of the year countdown that uses one activity a day! {Beginning of the Year A to Z: Activities, Minibooks, and More!} This is an amazing beginning of the year resource pack that is LOADED with resources to kick off the school year and a strong class culture.
English Words That Come From Spanish PowerPoint  Quick View

English Words That Come From Spanish PowerPoint

English Words That Come From Spanish. Use word origins to build vocabulary. Notes about Spanish pronunciation makes this useful for an introduction to a Spanish class, too. Animated graphics and sounds will entertain students. It is fun to study word origins! 23 slide PowerPoint presentation will help students build their vocabulary and develop their understanding of where language comes from. These slides explain words like poncho, platinum, and embargo, with definitions and photographs, and an explanation of the etymology. The words can be used for spelling or vocabulary building. All of them come from Spanish or from indigenous languages of South America. Students will be surprised to know that alligator comes to us from Spanish! Slides can also be printed out onto cards for learning center activities. Leads into research...students can discover other words that come from Spanish, too. - HappyEdugator
Learning Along the LineQuick View
Nat Schools PshipNat Schools Pship

Learning Along the Line

This fun cross curricular activity pack has been created to allow you and your colleagues to plan and deliver fun and educational class trips to some top attractions.
Discover English - Level 1 (ESL) Lesson Plans & WorksheetsQuick View

Discover English - Level 1 (ESL) Lesson Plans & Worksheets

This fantastic 6 Level English course for Early Learners of English. Each level consists of three units of 10 lessons each. Each lesson includes detailed lesson plan and worksheets. The lesson structure: Warm Up Main Activity Group Activity Technology Time Extra Activity Every lesson has links to awesome sites that will facilitate the lesson. The curriculum has a hands-on approach that involves, group work, arts & crafts, technology, individual work and more. I have tried to make the lessons as free of preparation as possible. Lesson resource requirements are included in each lesson plan. 30 Lesson Plans 30 + Worksheets This is great for home tutoring, class supplement, ESL department or for private tutors. Term1  Hello! What is your name?  Goodbye!/I can count to 10  Days of the week/How old are you?  A day with my friend  Review  My bag!  My Classroom  My School  My Family  Review Term 2  My Pet  let’s take spot out  Animals at the Zoo  My body parts  Look what I can do  Hop jump skip  Crossing the road  Picnic by the Riverbank  My Favorite treats  Review Term3  At the circus  Around town.  At the resturant  At the Candy store  Review  How tall am I?  I am feeling….  My Toys  Home sweet home  You’ve Made it
Scheme of work: Unit on leaflets and theme parks!Quick View

Scheme of work: Unit on leaflets and theme parks!

A whole scheme of work and DIFFERENTIATED resources to teach persuasive writing and presentational devices unit to students. A creative topic that allows students to have fun as well as learn! Although I use this with my year 7s, it would be suitable for Year 8 and 9. I would also use it with a bottom set GCSE group as it covers most aspects of Paper 1 for AQA Eng. I have uploaded new schemes on The Tempest, posters for assessment and a spelling booklet to engage students!
Ecosmart Water ConservationQuick View
Nat Schools PshipNat Schools Pship

Ecosmart Water Conservation

Developed by teachers and produced by National Schools Partnership in conjunction with Bristan, these teaching resources tackle the serious issue of water conservation in a fun and engaging way. The resources are designed to: Provide fun lessons and activities for Key Stage 2, but can also engage and inspire the whole school Deliver on the Geography and Science curriculum, but with plenty of ideas on cross-curricular activity
Letter Writing (Years 7 and 8)Quick View

Letter Writing (Years 7 and 8)

A fun unit of work that takes in 'Harry Potter' and 'The Three Little Pigs' as students work on a series of activities, developing their skills in writing in appropriate registers. Sentence starters are provided for support when appropriate, and the unit culminates in an assessment task accompanied by a peer assessment activity. The homework unit extends the classroom unit, students being presented with activities in which they have to decide the purposes of various texts: to inform, to review, to persuade, to entertain or to instruct. Contents: (5-7 lesson scheme of work, full resources and lesson plans) Classroom presentations 7 page workbook VLE homework presentation Letter extract grid Formal / Informal writing grid Peer assessment resource Full lesson plans Note: All images are free for use commercially.
Yr 3/4 NF Unit 3A1-2B Information: InventionsQuick View

Yr 3/4 NF Unit 3A1-2B Information: Inventions

Explore how to find and present information about inventors and inventions. Give a talk as part of a group. Watch and listen to inventors explaining their ideas online. Make notes and contribute to a creative class book about inventors.
Language Change UnitQuick View

Language Change Unit

My Y7 language change unit. I've taught this a few times and they really love it, especially performing some of the really old texts. A great unit to have a little bit of fun with!
Developing a radio stationQuick View

Developing a radio station

This activity explores the processes of developing a radio station and the effect this work can have on the literacy development of pupils with speech and language difficulties. Tasks such as voice recording, interview skills and using radio to promote pupil achievement are covered in this activity which aims to move beyond conventional methods of writing and encourage literacy and communcation skills.
Poetry TrainQuick View

Poetry Train

Poetry Train is a teachers pack of activities, poems and advice for teaching poetry in primary schools. David Harmer and Roger Stevens share proven approaches for use in the classroom, based on brilliant poems by top poets such as Carol Ann Duffy and Jackie Kay.
Trainee Teachers - NQTs - Aspiring Teachers - Effective Primary School Teaching Made Easy Quick View

Trainee Teachers - NQTs - Aspiring Teachers - Effective Primary School Teaching Made Easy

This unique and innovative pack from #1 bestselling authors in Primary Education TFTF, has been created to make effective teaching EASY. Designed to rapidly improve your teaching and easily show how all the pieces of modern primary teaching fit together to create outstanding teaching and learning. This package includes: 5 Easy-to-Read Full Colour eBooks: - Aspects of Effective Teaching - Components of an Effective Lesson - Effective Lesson Planning - Effective Lesson Templates - Introduction to Behaviour Management Report Plus How to Effectively Talk to Children examples in - Video (split into 2 parts due to the file size!) - MP3 Audio Information on: differentiation, marking and feedback, assessment, data, starters, teaching inputs, plenaries, self/peer reflection, questioning, discussion, learning objectives, success criteria, learning activities and so much more. All images copyright tftf
Creative tasks for MFL (4th Version)Quick View

Creative tasks for MFL (4th Version)

These are personal notes with a selection of creative activities covering the whole cycle of learning MFL, plus some assessment for learning and citizenship. Coulour coded. This is a work in progress and I do apologize for a format rather messy-I will consider to arrange the ideas better in the future. Ideas gathered from University lectures, conferences, etc. Special attention needs to be put into Modelling (both task and behaviour, movements, etc), to timing (essential) and to introduce them when there is an appropriate group dynamic.


ICT Curriculum We have produced a fun Technology Curriculum for Primary & Elementary Students. The complete program consists of 90 Lessons spread over 3 Levels (3 units per level). Level 1 Term 1 Introduction to Future TV Advertising Creating a Newsletter Introduction to 2D Animation Creating a News Flash Animation Creating a Short Film - Storyboarding Creating a Short Film - Pics and Vids Creating a Short Film - Windows Movie Maker Creating a Short Film - Finalizing and Presentation My PowerPoint Presentation Term 2 Elements of a Multimedia Presentation and Virtual Cities My Dream Bedroom The Recording Studio Downloading Movie Clips Digital Cameras Introduction to Photo Editing Microsoft Excel - Big Mac Prices Microsoft Excel - BBQ Party Robot Control and Programming My City PowerPoint Presentation Term 3 Fantasy World An Introduction to 3D - My 3D Head A Home for My 3D Head Introduction to 3D Animation 3D Animation II - Creating a Scene My 3D Animation in a Website 3D Virtual Worlds Fantasy Characters Database My Fantasy World Avatar The Great Alice Challenge Level 2 Term 1 The Art Gallery Project Abstract Art Self Portraits - Lesson 1 Self Portraits - Lesson 2 Digital Sculpture - Lesson 1 Digital Sculpture - Lesson 2 Poems and Calligrams My Art Gallery Video - Part 1 My Art Gallery Video - Part 2 My Public Art Gallery Term 2 Medieval Adventure Castle Features and Folks Medieval Sports Heroes & Villains - Part 1 Heroes & Villains - Part 2 Arms & Armor Quest for Magical Powers - Part 1 Quest for Magical Powers - Part 2 The Final Showdown - Part 1 The Final Showdown - Part 2 Term 3 Online Shopping Planning My Online Toy Shop Designing My Online Toy Shop Products Database Customize My Website Designing Your Own Toys Marketing My Website Checking Out the Competition Website Success Criteria Launching Our Websites Level 3 Term 1 Crime Scene Investigators Forensic Workers Database Hunting for Evidence Solving Crimes Catching the Criminal Clear Evidence Breaking News! (Blogs) Recording My Audio Newscast My Video Newscast Wrapping Up My CSI Detective Project Term 2 Creatures and Zoos Hybrid Animals Animal Sounds Animals of the Future Hybrid Animals Show Planning My Zoo Game Making - Part 1 Game Making - Part 2 Game Making - Part 3 Wrapping Up My Zoo Project Plus much more…
GCSE Business Studies Resources BUNDLE covering most topics including 4Ps, Finance etcQuick View

GCSE Business Studies Resources BUNDLE covering most topics including 4Ps, Finance etc

Resources in this bundle are suitable for teaching GCSE Business Studies. It includes presentations, activities and worksheets. Included are: Rewards in Business: Profit and Loss Card Ethics, sustainability, employers/ees, economics, ICT and risks and uncertainty on business GCSE The Marketing Mix- including the 4P's Price, Product, Place, Promotion Marketing: Market research, segmentation, customer needs, power and satisfaction,staying competitive Business ownership: Franchises and Stakeholders Business Ownership: Partnership, Lts and Plcs Business Ownership: Sole traders Business organisation / departments Business Aims, objectives and mission statements Why Businesses succeed and or fail? (including the External Environment) GCSE course introduction/ discussion: Why set up a business? Who sets up a business? Business Studies Exam techniques GCSE Business Studies: What makes a Business? How do Businesses meet customer demands. Business Studies Finance worksheets