Christmas Quiz 2014 Higher GCSEQuick View

Christmas Quiz 2014 Higher GCSE

Xmas quiz for my higher GCSE groups. Get students to select numbers from the advent calendar at random. Questions are aimed at helping them to revise for Edexcel Higher Calculator paper, but with some festive/end of year rounds thrown in for good measure. Feel free to adapt for your own classes.
Lunar Math Teacher GuideQuick View

Lunar Math Teacher Guide

Apply mathematics to understand Earth's natural satellite and future missions to the moon. Problems in Lunar Math use mathematical applications to explain concepts such as the physical features of the moon; the probability of a meteorite impact on the lunar surface; and how oxygen might be extracted from moon rocks. The problems in this guide include basic mathematics, algebra, geometry and some trigonometric functions. The one-page assignments are accompanied by one-page answer keys.
Space Math V Teacher GuideQuick View

Space Math V Teacher Guide

These activities comprise a series of 87 practical mathematics applications in space science. This collection of activities is based on a weekly series of problems distributed to teachers during the 2008-2009 school year. The problems in this booklet investigate space phenomena, space travel and mathematics applications such as planetary nebulae, collapsing gas clouds, space shuttle launch trajectory, evaluating functions, and differentiation. The problems are authentic glimpses of modern science and engineering issues, often involving actual research data.
Space Weather Math Teacher GuideQuick View

Space Weather Math Teacher Guide

Students explore the way in which the sun interacts with Earth to produce space weather and the ways in which astronomers study solar storms to predict when adverse conditions may pose a hazard for satellites and human operation in space. Space Weather Math supplements the Space Weather Action Center site as students track a solar storm from the sun until it impacts our Earth's magnetosphere. The variety of concepts in this 96-problem collection includes concepts such as sunspot cycles, solar flares, coronal mass ejections, graph analysis, unit conversions, linear equations and probability.