Rise of NazismQuick View

Rise of Nazism

A series of lessons, charting the rise of the Nazi Party up until 1934. All activities are built into the ppt.
A career's worth of History lessons - yr8Quick View

A career's worth of History lessons - yr8

There are 63 large files here. Each file is a FULL lesson and includes: Easy to follow lesson plan Printable resources Very engaging slides Audio and visual Using my degree-level computer skills, I have made these resources to be very slick and visually appealing. Lessons simply numbered 1-63. Follow them through with the scheme of work. Assessments, markschemes etc all included so you don't have to plan a year 8 lesson again. 13 key topics covered from the Tudor and Stuart ages and beyond. Covering the years 1500-1800. Enjoy! Please click on my profile to see more lessons for other year groups. I have had great feedback! Note: These are originally for the British National Curriculum, but can be used in international schools or for any other relevant purpose. Enjoy!
From Before Conception to After the GraveQuick View

From Before Conception to After the Grave

I am a teacher in a single person department in a Scottish School and would welcome feedback on the resources that I have produced. I have used resouces produced by other contributors to the TES website as well as some of my own.
Blog part ten from 7th June onQuick View

Blog part ten from 7th June on

Not been near internet for a few days, so here is a bit of the backlog In haste and best wishes for the second half of term. If you'd like me to come into school as a visiting speaker or to give any kind of support that might be helpful please send me a pm. I'm still giving my time free and just ask for travel expenses All the best DMC
Conversation between theist and atheist teachersQuick View

Conversation between theist and atheist teachers

This is copied from a thread on my messages. Tonight I answered the atheists statement in some detail and it occurred to me that this conversation would be useful when exploring the God question in school. I would love some feedback, especially questions that your own pupils may ask - so I could make my response more comprehensive and useful. the one I have just put up - (in progress) is probably the last in this series as I am now working with the atheist teacher to turn it into a book which will, hopefully, do justice to both our different viewpoints.
Blog part 12 starting on 8th AugustQuick View

Blog part 12 starting on 8th August

It's great to see the Olympics bring so many people together, uniting and inspiring so many in Britain. To be a great sports hero requires many &'divine&'; qualities such as patience, determination, endurance, courage and enthusiasm - and brings so much joy. On TV tonight, discussion on the 'exclusive&' nature of sports - equestrian / sailing. But everyone is getting so much joy in watching. The discussion itself should lead to improvements which bring more people into the different sports. I&';d love to see more games (such as Indian Kabadi) from around the world into the Olympics, too.