Monkey Puzzle story sack resourcesQuick View

Monkey Puzzle story sack resources

The pack includes: DISPLAY Display banner Display border Story words Large lettering- Large A-Z letters in lower and upper case with a leaf decoration- great for larger display titles or to create a different alphabet line Large pictures- Large coloured pictures of the animals in the story, leaves and plants and different bugs to help you create a great display Word and picture cards- cards with the name and picture of each of the animals in the story LITERACY Word mat- An A4 word mat with words and pictures relating to the story Speech bubble worksheets- various worksheets to write what the different animals are saying Writing paper- various writing sheets with themed borders to use for work about the story or to add to the writing area Alphabet line Acrostic poems Guess the animal cards- read the clues and match to the correct animal from the story Worksheets- Various worksheets about the story and animals including matching the animal to the clue, initial sounds, cut and stick animal names etc My jungle day Describe your mum- A worksheet to draw and describe your own mum Favourite part- draw and write about your favourite part of the story NUMERACY Number line Size ordering- order the caterpillars and snakes in length order Roll-a-die game- roll a die and collect the part of your animal Colour by numbers Symmetry Counting worksheets- Count the animals worksheets with numbers 1-3, 1-5 and 1-10 Addition- an alternative colour by numbers sheets where children find the answer and colour the part of the butterfly Missing numbers- fill in the missing numbers on the caterpillars ART AND CRAFT Animal puppets Animal masks Draw a jungle scene- draw your own jungle and the animals in it Colouring Jigsaw puzzle- design your own jigsaw puzzle and then cut out the pieces Poems and rhymes- a collection of decorated cards with rhymes and poems about jungle animals Tracing UNDERSTANDING THE WORLD Animal photos- lovely colour photos to print out and add to a display Jungle photos Animal fact cards Butterfly life cycle pictures Life cycle worksheets- various worksheets about the life cycle of a butterfly Power Point STORY TELLING Story sack tag Coloured puppets Coloured face masks Sequence cards Please note: The art work used in these resources has been produced by ourselves. It is not associated with, or endorsed by the authors or publishers of the story, or any related stories or products.
Monkey Puzzle ResourcesQuick View

Monkey Puzzle Resources

19 pages of resources, covering all 7 areas of development. Habitats Maze Silhouettes 8 feelings cards Animal babies Adjectives Height Counting Addition Jungle scene Retelling the story Expressions Life cycles Movement cards
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Monkey Puzzle (Literacy)

These resources support the delivery of teaching Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson through The Write Stuff literacy scheme. This planning is suitable for Reception and Year 1 and was used for my topic: Once Upon a Jungle.
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Monkey Puzzle Song Gapfill Makaton

A gapfill for the Monkey Puzzle Song by Julia Donaldson on YouTube. The missing words are available in a box with a picture prompt for differentiated support. There is also a worksheet for Makaton signs for animals from the story. This took my class a full hour. We listened to the song to enjoy it. Then we listened twice to do the gapfill. Then we read through the song lyrics in feedback to check our answers. Then we sang the song two times - trying with actions the second time! Then we discussed what Makaton was and made the signs and guessed which animals from the story they could be. Then the students drew their own pictures of the animals next to the signs.
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Year 1 English Planning Monkey Puzzle 4 Lessons

Year 1 English planning based around the story Monkey Puzzle. The children loved this book and enjoyed retelling different parts of the story per lesson. This was taught in Term 2 but could be adapted for the children to write more independently. Pack contains Planning inc, grabber, input, differentiated activities , reflections & plenary. Flipchart linking to each section of planning Differentiated activities for MA (more able), A (able) and LA (less able) Target grids to be stuck in the children’s books at the start of the lesson linking to the objectives they will cover. Very detailed resource pack.
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Home Learning EYFS Monkey Puzzle planning set

1 weeks worth of planning for home learning for the story ‘Monkey Puzzle’. Planning is easy to use and set up for parents to use at home, feauturing daily maths, literacy, phonics and topic activities. The pack also includes an ‘Additional Areas of Learning’ sheet which features extra activities. This pack also includes and example home learning timetable and a sheet signposting parents to online websites.
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Monkey Puzzle - Activity Pack - Learn through Stories, Games and Craft

Designed to complement the story Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler, this exciting activity pack can be used to support children’s learning in a variety of ways. Use with or without the story to support learning about animals, body parts and physical appearance, whilst also building on literacy and vocabulary skills. For videos of the story and other related songs and resources see: Following activities in the pack, children will also develop fine motor skills through colouring, tracing, cutting and sticking to create the various crafts whilst being encouraged to listen, follow instructions and develop social skills. Activities are specifically designed to allow for differentiation of ability and context and come complete with COMPREHENSIVE ACTIVITY SUGGESTIONS. This pack includes ALL of the following: Storytelling cards Find and stick crafts Jigsaws Butterfly crafts Monkey marionette craft Jigsaw display mural Cut and paste mural Roleplay masks / puppets Board games Mazes Matching cards Mini-cards Flashcards


Resources include: Literacy Story powerpoint – illustrated presentation of the story for pupils to read Adjectives cards, alphabet cards, discussion cards, character flashcards, writing sheets, alphabetical order cards, antonym worksheet, several writing tasks Character name cards, description cards, action cards, phonics cards, bookmarks, fact cards, poems and hand puppets, story board, card matching game Numeracy Number flashcards 1-20, counting cards, shapes posters, number bonds to 10, 50 and 100 Size order cards – different size snakes to put in order and measure Snap cards, Count monkeys task 5 nets of 3D shapes to draw animals on and colour. 3 butterfly drawing symmetry tasks for various levels of difficulty Science Animal flashcards, facts posters, species flashcards 3 posters of omnivore, herbivore, carnivore 5 animal types posters – reptile, mammals, amphibians, birds and fish – for pupils to put the characters into the right category Habitats posters Maps Butterfly life cycle poster, metamorphosis poster, cut and colour lifecycle Art Activities Colouring pages and activities 9 change a characters features tasks Draw your favourite part of the story Finish the drawings tasks – some of each character is missing for pupils to complete and colour Make a mobile – includes 40 different images of characters from the story Draw a scene through the binoculars task, door hanger, colour and count Role Play and Other Activities Bingo games Face masks in colour and black / white Reward charts Word search Treasure hunt game Poems for pupils to read Classroom and Display Large lettering, book cover, character faces, images from story, display borders, drawer labels, colour flashcards, animal name flashcards
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Julia Donaldson Literacy worksheets

14 Worksheets - suitable for pre-writing, Kindergarten , 1st Grade and 2nd grade Included: The Gruffalo The Gruffalo’s Child Room on the Broom The Smartest Giant in Town A Squash and a Squeeze Superworm Stickman Cave Baby Zog What the Ladybird Heard Spinderella The Highway Rat Snail and the Whale Monkey Puzzle
Animals planning for Early YearsQuick View

Animals planning for Early Years

This includes 11 weeks planning for the topic animals. There is Literacy/Numeracy planning - 2 lessons per week, skills planning for the other areas of the classroom and several worksheets. The stories included are I wish I was a..., Funnybones the pet shop, walking through the jungle, we're going on a bear hunt, monkey puzzle, jen the hen, rumble in the jungle, farmyard hullabaloo, the great pet sale, the rainbow fish and Elmer
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Maths Relay Races (Problem-solving Puzzles)

My classes love these: -I get relays printed in sets+laminated. -Pupils work in pairs,run out to my desk,get Q1,attempt to solve it+use a whiteboard pen to write the answer on the card. -They bring the answer to me.If it’s right, they get Q2. If not I might give them another shot. -repeat! They’re mainly number puzzles.Seasonal ones are perfect for keeping kids busy at the end of term. If you’d like to use a Google Form version, or OneNote version, or Peardeck/PowerPoint version, or Desmos version of these relays then they’re kindly provided by @mrcraigmaths, @mrallanmaths, @misscarrollmath and @conyersmaths. Links to all of these are found in this document: Oh, I write a weekly Maths newsletter with other lesson ideas,useful websites,interesting Maths trivia-if you’d like a sample or to subscribe to get them for free by email contact
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QR Code Digital Library- Julia Donaldson Collection

Are you looking to introduce your pupils to a new author? Do you have a focus author for each week or half term? If so, this download is perfect for you. This download contains 21 linked audio books by Julia Donaldson. Expose your pupils to a wide range of beautiful stories. Books include- The Gruffalo, Superworm, Monkey Puzzle and others. Please do rate and review below. AM x
Guided Reading Strategies MEGA BundleQuick View

Guided Reading Strategies MEGA Bundle

This bundle includes everything you need to teach guided reading strategies. This bundle is based on the reading strategy animals:- Eagle Eye, Lips the Fish, Stretchy Snake, Trying' Lion, Chunky Monkey, Flippy Dolphin, Skippy Frog and Helpful Kangaroo. These engaging strategies will help your students learn how to decode tricky words with games, fiction and non-fiction texts, comprehensions, printable activities and more! This pack includes differentiated beginner activities. This bundle includes:- Reading bundle activities Reading record sheet Reading strategies overview mat x8 reading strategy posters bookmark reading strategies Alphabet letters, bends, digraph letters, vowel sounds for word mats Eagle Eye Guide Stickers/Cards for jotters Fiction texts (x2 stories) Printable activities x5 Comprehension Activity CVC mats Lips the fish Guide Stickers/Cards for jotters/homework books Ollie goes to school story x5 printable activities CVC and ccvc word mats CVC/CCVC blank mats Matching Beginning sound with Picture game Beginning sounds puzzles Skippy frog guide stickers/cards for jotters/homework books Guess the missing word cards Missing word printable Frog + eagle Non-fiction facts printable activities x 4 Flipp Dolphin guide Stickers/Cards for jotters/Homework books vowels poster short vowel/long vowel poster short vowel/long vowel matching game x6 printable activities Differentiated fictional reading- A boat trip x2 printable activities Chunky monkey guide stickers/cards for jotter/homework books chunky monkey cards or printable activities- teacher choice Chunky monkey word equations colour chunky words reading printable with chunky monkey bongo story printable bongo story chunky monkey rhyming words x 2 printables Stretchy Snake guide stickers/cards for jotter/homework books stretchy cvc word mat stretchy ccvc word mat Puzzle games x 2 puzzle blank printable stretch it out printable x2 Stretch it and match it game Stretch it match it printable cvc word mat printables ccvc word mat printables blank printable mat sheets Using stretchy in my reading- record Tryin’ lion guide Stickers/cards for jotter/homework books Does it make sense cards? x2 (Matching game/which one is correct) Printable blank paper for trying’ lion class activities Non-Fiction lion facts x 2 (differentiated) Colour the sticky word printable x2 lion comprehensions x 2 Full of activities, they are sure to engage your pupils in the reading process.
3rd Grade Math Centers - Math GamesQuick View

3rd Grade Math Centers - Math Games

3rd Grade Math Centers - Math Games. Tons of highly ENGAGING story-problem mats, puzzles, and board and card games. Independent practice for individuals, partners, and small groups. This 3rd Grade Math Centers - Math Games include: -Introduction Multiplication Centers: -Story Problem Cards and Mats -Multiplication Puzzles -Times Track Board Game -Monkey Multiplication Board Game -Multiplication Concentration Card Game -Fact Family Rummy Card Game Division Centers: -Story Problem Cards and Mats -Dinosaur Division Board Game Who’s Missing? -Board Game Division Swat! Card Game Divide and Go Fish Card Game -Division Puzzles -Division Triominoes Fraction Centers: -Take the Cake Board Game -Super Shopper Board Game -Measuring Concentration Card Game -Fraction War Card Game -Fraction Boxes Card -Fraction Bingo Game -Pizza Party Card Game -Fraction Pie Board Game ***Please see the thumbnails and preview for this resource before purchasing this product.*** @Little Tots Learning This is intended for use by one teacher in one classroom. It is not to be redistributed to an entire school or district. It may not be redistributed or sold online. Enjoy! Thanks for taking the time to stop by my store! Ms. Blajic Follow Little Tots Learning