1917 (Movie) Review QuestionsQuick View

1917 (Movie) Review Questions

This product is designed to accompany a World History/U.S. History course that is using the film “1917” to teach students about World War I and trench warfare. The resource includes questions that guide student learning and assess knowledge of World War I, trench warfare, and the life of a soldier during The Great War. This product includes 5 extended response type questions. The questions are multi-part questions in which students are expected to provide thoughtful, thorough answers based on their viewing of the film. Some of the topics covered in the film and the questions include: World War I Trench Warfare Life in the trenches The life of a WWI soldier This product includes a Microsoft Word and PDF version of the resource. If you are interested in other Social Studies and History resources please check out my Project Education Shop.
War Horse (Movie) Review QuestionsQuick View

War Horse (Movie) Review Questions

This resource is a set of review questions that follow along with the film War Horse, directed by Steven Spielberg. It is the story of a horse and his journey from farm to the frontlines of World War I. The questions in this product include questions relating to the film itself and also critical thinking questions about WWI and the effects of war. This would be a great resource to use with students as they watch the film. The questions follow the film in order and are well connected to the history of WWI. There are 15 total questions on two pages. This product includes a Microsoft Word and PDF version of the resource. If you are interested in other Social Studies resources please check out my Project Education Shop.
Movie ReviewQuick View

Movie Review

A complete lesson beginning from the topic till the assessment will help an educator to teach Movie Review writing which is a tricky task needs an appropriate structure, layout, paragraphs in a word limit. This resource will help educator to teach movie review writing correctly and structurally and the ESL students will also love to learn this topic in a fun way method. The resource includes Speaking, Listening and Writing Objectives to understand and assess all the three skills required to fetch good marks in IGCSE examination.
Movie Review WorksheetQuick View

Movie Review Worksheet

This is a double-sided A4 worksheet for reviewing a movie. It prompts the student to identify the most important information, such as character, setting, and plot, and to provide opinions and ratings. It’s great preparation for writing a summary or review and for class discussions, conversation practice, and presentations. U.S. and U.K. English versions are included. This worksheet is part of the complete 28-Worksheet Writing Prompt Pack This download is a zip file containing printable pdfs. You will need a zip extraction program, a pdf reader, and a printer.
Write a Persuasive Movie Review FREEBIE!Quick View

Write a Persuasive Movie Review FREEBIE!

*Updated with new graphics Children study the similarities and differences between old and modern cinema, with a focus on special effects. Children then watch old and new versions of the same film (eg: King Kong) and write a movie review. They can either write a review of a new film for an old audience, or of an old film for a new audience. This resource links with two other Outcomes in the same Topic related to light and cinema: Writing a Report on special effects Planning and filming a silent horror movie trailer that uses light and shadow A digital copy for editing and sharing on Google Classroom and Seesaw is available by following the link provided with download.
Film Review WritingQuick View

Film Review Writing

A 10 slide PowerPoint exploring the ingredients of a solid and engaging film review. Includes an activity for students to analyse a model film review on Bond movie ‘SkyFall’ and a template/plan to begin creating their own! Suitable for primary and secondary age students of both English and Media Studies
MOVIE REVIEW for 'Instructions Not Included' in SPANISHQuick View

MOVIE REVIEW for 'Instructions Not Included' in SPANISH

This resource for Spanish students enables learners to explore an introduction to the movie Instructions Not Included (No se aceptan devoluciones). It allows students to learn cinematic vocabulary, in order to write a review after watching the movie. A review is included as scaffolding for weaker students.
Snowman Movie Review Writing ActivityQuick View

Snowman Movie Review Writing Activity

This activity has students create a movie to go with one of two provided character snowmen or a snowman of their own design. They fill in the movie title and write a short review that includes the characters and the plot - without giving away the ending! They must also convince the audience whether they should go see it or not by giving a specific example to support their opinion. Includes: 1 instruction Sheet 2 reproducible sheets with different snowmen characters 1 blank reproducible for the students to make their own themed movie review
Higher / National 5 RUAE - Own Words - 'Thor'  and 'Rise of Gru' movie reviewsQuick View

Higher / National 5 RUAE - Own Words - 'Thor' and 'Rise of Gru' movie reviews

A resource to introduce and consolidate understanding of ‘Own Words’ questions in Higher or National 5 English RUAE papers. I created these for a Higher class, but they would also be suitable for use with an able National 5 class. Contains - an 11 page powerpoint which explains how to do this question type, then gives three examples to work through as a class, with step by step colour coded breakdown and answers. All extracts taken from a review of the movie ‘Thor: Love and Thunder’, written by Ben Travis for Empire Online A PDF with four further questions for pupils to consolidate their learning. These are taken from a review of the movie ‘Minions: the Rise of Gru’, written by Olly Richards for Empire Online a PDF with the answers to these questions.
Movie Response Sheet: Video ReviewQuick View

Movie Response Sheet: Video Review

21 Movie/video Response MEGA Pack Printables Looking for a fun, open ended way to assess what a student learns during a movie? These movie response worksheets help your student respond to and interact about any video or movie! Literacy activity, literacy centers, homework, homeschooling Use these printables to help your student pull the core of the message from the movie. Choose your focus: Movie: free write/ response Movie: comprehension questions Movie: vocabulary development Movie: setting Movie: plot Movie: characters and more.
Film Studies Movie Review Worksheet MediaQuick View

Film Studies Movie Review Worksheet Media

This is a film review worksheet for students completing Film or Media Studies. It is a 4 page document. Students have to answer questions about the plot, the characters, the graphics and sound.
History Movie SheetsQuick View

History Movie Sheets

An assortment of crib sheets to accompany popular documentaries/ dramatisations for Key Stage Three: Gunpowder Plot Documentary - Nick Knowles (on YouTube) Regeneration - BBC Film based on Pat Barker's Trilogy (WW1) crib sheet + film review sheet. Days that Shook the World DVD Sheet - Franz Ferdinand's Assassination Blackadder Goes Forth - How historically reliable is the episode Captain Cook?
Functional Skills - English - Film/TV Review & ShowcaseQuick View

Functional Skills - English - Film/TV Review & Showcase

These worksheets have been designed and proven to educate learners on a variety of subjects that will enhance knowledge, creativity, individuality and embed valuable functional skills. The resource can be used effectively in English/Tutorials sessions and also includes an ICT task. It is suitable for Entry Level 3/Level 1 (although lots of scopes to differentiate within the tasks and an Editable Word Doc is Available). The resource allows the learner to review a Film/TV Show and then showcase their favourite to their group/peers It requires learners to demonstrate various skills and subtly embeds many of the Functional skills as are necessary for assessment and is broken down into the following tasks: Task 1 - Various Warm-up activities, including becoming familiar with the work Genre and identifying descriptive words used by critics. Using a process of elimination, learners will select a film or TV Show that they will use for the next task. Task 2 - Take notes, plan and create a draft review for their chosen Film/ TV Show. Follow the guidance and include all the elements found in a typical review. Task 3 - Learners can now choose between writing their final review using the template provided or upload to the IMDB (Internet Movie Database) and screenprint as evidence. Clear instructions are given for the latter. Task 4 - Learners to produce a PPT and deliver their presentation to their group/peers. Examples have been given along with a checklist to ensure all required detail is included. Extension Activity - Learners can complete a tick list of their favourite ‘Must See’ Films/TV shows and recommend them to friends/family to watch and then individually review. Feedback is Key; we value your positive comments and constructive criticism. Post a review and we will send you another singular resource at the same value of your choice for FREE! This resource is available to download as a PDF file. Word versions are available; feel free to message me directly for these formats at SmartbooksED@outlook.com
Oliver Twist Movie Viewing Guide & Worksheets (The Industrial Age)Quick View

Oliver Twist Movie Viewing Guide & Worksheets (The Industrial Age)

Add another interesting element to your Industrial Age and Industrial Revolution Unit with this “Oliver Twist” Movie Viewing Guide and Worksheet! This movie can be used as an introduction or review for your Industrial Age unit and the viewing guide is designed to help insure that students are paying attention and thinking about the information presented in the film. The Pre-Screening Guide should be completed before viewing the film and includes basic questions relating to the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain. The Viewing Guide is two pages and splits the movie into four parts. (The parts are labeled for you on the Viewing Guide.) Once your students have completed the Movie Viewing Guide, they can move on to the Research Worksheet. On the post-screening worksheet, your students will analyze the content of the movie in regards to life during the time and the movie’s representation of the topic. These worksheets are also included in Google Form format to be submitted digitally. How the Lesson Works: ★ The Pre-Screening Worksheet is designed to serve as an introduction or review of the Industrial Age. ★ The Viewing Guide is split into four sections with short answer, true/false, and multiple choice questions from the movie. ★ The Post-Screening Worksheet is designed to be completed after students have viewed the movie in its entirety. Movie Synopsis: In the Nineteenth Century, orphan Oliver Twist is sent from the orphanage to a workhouse, where the children are mistreated and barely fed. He moves to the house of an undertaker, but after an unfair severe spank, he starts a seven day runaway to London. He arrives exhausted and starving, and is soon welcomed in a gang of pickpockets lead by the old crook Fagin. When he is mistakenly taken as a thief, the wealthy victim Mr. Brownlow brings Oliver to his home and shelters him. But Fagin and the dangerous Bill Sykes decide to kidnap Oliver to burglarize Mr. Brownlow’s fancy house. Required Materials: ★ Oliver Twist (2005) DVD or Streaming Capabilities
Movie ReportQuick View

Movie Report

Movie Report Assignment - Students will be creating a movie report and review.
1917 (Movie) - Movie GuideQuick View

1917 (Movie) - Movie Guide

This product includes resources to be used with the film, 1917. This film was released in 2019 and is a great resource to use when teaching a unit on World War I. In the film, two soldiers are tasked with a seemingly impossible mission to cross nine miles of war torn France to deliver an important message. The Movie Guide includes numerous resource, some of which are available individually in my store and can be found by clicking the links below. The resources include: Teacher Guide: This guide provides teachers with movie details, a film review, summary of the film, how to use in the classroom, and content warnings about the movie. Review Questions: This two page resource includes 5 response questions about the film that students will answer as they watch the movie. Movie Visual Project: This one page project tasks students with creating a movie poster for the film based on the theme, purpose, or personal opinion of the movie. Quick Quiz: This ten question multiple choice quiz is a single pages document with an answer key also included. This product includes a Microsoft Word and PDF version of the resource. If you are interested in other Social Studies and educational resources please check out my Project Education Shop.