Unit 4: Homoeostasis and Response & Bio energetics - COMPLETE TOPIC & RESOURCESQuick View

Unit 4: Homoeostasis and Response & Bio energetics - COMPLETE TOPIC & RESOURCES

SPECIAL OFFER - New Academic Year: Previous price £10. Unit 4: Homoeostasis and Response & Bio energetics Topics - Lesson Plans & Resources - Combined Science AQA - Version 1 Covering: - Photosynthesis - Respiration - Controlling Conditions - Homoeostasis - Structure and Function - Water Control - Menstrual Cycle - IVF This is based around the draft specification from AQA to support the teaching from Sept 2015 for Biology. Updates will be available as they are produced throughout the year. Unit of work to support the topic with: - Lesson Plan style Scheme of Work - Accompanying PowerPoints - Activities A full scheme of work is available with all the accompanying resources for Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
AQA-B1-4- Adaptation for survival - Part 2Quick View

AQA-B1-4- Adaptation for survival - Part 2

This is the next 3 lessons for AQA-B1-4-Adaptation for survival. Includes slides, lesson plans, video links, homework and revision sheet. These are for 4.5 Competition in plants, 4.7-Measuring environmental change and 4.8-The impact of change.
AQA Core B1 Workbook Part 5 EnergyQuick View

AQA Core B1 Workbook Part 5 Energy

A workbook to be used alongside the Longman AQA GCSE Biology textbook by Nigel English [9781408253748]. The workbook is designed to cover a series of 4 lessons covering pages 62-69 of the textbook. This will cover the fifth unit - Energy. Typical lesson structure is: - Mini quiz to recap previous lesson knowledge with peer/self assessment. - Introduction to the lesson topic - Students to read pages of the textbook and complete the corresponding page of their workbook. - Students to self/peer assess workbook questions. - Students to answer extension questions from textbook in space provided in workbook. - Extension question mark scheme can be provided for students to self assess if they finish early (in development). - Students to complete a Learning Journal of what they have learned.
Overview CORE Science AQAQuick View

Overview CORE Science AQA

These PowerPoint's are an overview of the complete course. I will be delivering these lessons up to the exam and linking each section to exam questions from the AQA past paper June 2013 and 2014.
AQA C1-7-Our Changing planetQuick View

AQA C1-7-Our Changing planet

These are lesson plans, slides and worksheets for AQA C1-7-Our Changing planet. It includes the structure of the Earth, The Restless Earth, The Earth's atmosphere in the past and Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. It does not include Life on Earth or the fractional distillation of air as it was taught to a foundation group.
AQA ELC Science resources - Chemistry Part 2Quick View

AQA ELC Science resources - Chemistry Part 2

This resource pack contains a mapping document of the new AQA ELC content to the 2011 Nelson Thornes GCSE Science series. Included are Chemistry worksheets and practical sheets to support the specification. These resources are from our 2006 series but we have indicated where they provide the best fit with the new specification. These resources could also be used as lower demand activities for students who are struggling with the GCSE.
KS3 Science: 2-Year Scheme of WorkQuick View

KS3 Science: 2-Year Scheme of Work

Taken from our Fusion KS3 Science course, this Scheme of Work covers the 2008 Key Stage 3 Programme of Study. It provides lesson plans and teacher support to deliver a 2 year Key Stage 3 Science course. The scheme was written by experienced teachers who are recognised for their inspiring classroom practice. How Science Works is integrated throughout.