Maths: Year 9 Level 7-8 SOWQuick View

Maths: Year 9 Level 7-8 SOW

Detailed Scheme of work. Can be used with the MyMaths Textbooks. Includes the following suggestions: WALTs WILFs Activities NRICH tasks Group Work activities
Data Analysis (MEP – GCSE – Unit 9)Quick View

Data Analysis (MEP – GCSE – Unit 9)

The topic of Data Analysis from the GCSE books of the Mathematics Enhancement Program. For information about these resources and an index for the whole collection please visit Keywords: Statistics, Data, Grouped, Cumulative Frequency, Box Plot, Box and Whisker Diagram, Curve, Median, Quartile, Upper, Lower, Percentile, Distribution, Inter quartile Range, Semi Inter quartile, Frequency Polygon, Total, Percentage, Mean, Mode, Frequency Table, Class Width, Standard Deviation, Variance, Range, Spread, Distribution, Compare, Calculation, Justify, Evidence.
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Over the years, I have perfected how to manage a huge workload. The key is to have a good to-do-list template. Follow my personal template and follow the simple 9 instructions to lighten your workload. You will find that you hardly ever feel stressed about workload again. Your capacity for work will also increase. You will never carry anything in your head again. You can leave work without taking anything home in your head!
Blog part 12 starting on 8th AugustQuick View

Blog part 12 starting on 8th August

It's great to see the Olympics bring so many people together, uniting and inspiring so many in Britain. To be a great sports hero requires many &'divine&'; qualities such as patience, determination, endurance, courage and enthusiasm - and brings so much joy. On TV tonight, discussion on the 'exclusive&' nature of sports - equestrian / sailing. But everyone is getting so much joy in watching. The discussion itself should lead to improvements which bring more people into the different sports. I&';d love to see more games (such as Indian Kabadi) from around the world into the Olympics, too.