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Discover English - Level 6

This fantastic 6 Level English course for Early Learners of English. Each level consists of three units of 10 lessons each. Each lesson includes detailed lesson plan and worksheets. DISCOVER ENGLISH: LEVEL 6 The lesson structure: Warm Up Main Activity Group Activity Technology Time Extra Activity Every lesson has links to awesome sites that will facilitate the lesson. The curriculum has a hands-on approach that involves, group work, arts & crafts, technology, individual work and more. I have tried to make the lessons as free of preparation as possible. Lesson resource requirements are included in each lesson plan. 30 Lesson Plans 30 + Worksheets This is great for home tutoring, class supplement, ESL department or for private tutors. Term 1 What do I want to be when I grow up? Money Let’s go Shopping Review Culture & Food Etiquette & Table manners Other Cultures: What are they all about? Other Cultures – Take 2 Review Term 2 The Human Body Healthy Habits Sports Accidents / Helping People Review Habits & Lifestyle: The Life we Lead Habits & Lifestyle: Before our Time Places & People World Facts Review Term 3 The World of Art Famous Artists Habits & Lifestyle: Before Our Time Theatre / Show Time Famous Actors & Actresses Review Day Pollution & the Planet Animals & Pollution Charity: Good Times for a Good Cause Friends Review Day
The Gradual Elephant by H S ToshackQuick View

The Gradual Elephant by H S Toshack

These materials are designed to support the work of teachers who plan to use ‘The Gradual Elephant’ by H.S. Toshack as a whole-class literacy resource. "One of three delightful adventure stories set in Africa… Illustrated brilliantly… reminiscent of 'The Jungle Book'. Older children will find them a perfect read." Books Monthly May 2011 A selection of other reviews of the series: The resources take the form of questions linked to each of the book's pages, and additional whole-book tasks. The activities are aligned with the KS2 Literacy Strategies, and presented in tabular form so that teachers can easily match them to class needs. Free inspection copies (ebook format, readable on computer) of the paperback edition of the book are available at