EYFS Parent QuestionnaireQuick View

EYFS Parent Questionnaire

This questionnaire allows you to find out how parents feel about the way in which their EYFS children transitioned from their previous setting (Pre-School/Nursery) to your school. This gives you the chance to improve your provision.
Parent Skills QuestionnaireQuick View

Parent Skills Questionnaire

Asks parents whether they have any talents/hobbies/skills that they can share with the class. Good to support the schools partnership with parents and certain topics. For example, we have had a parent chef come in to cook some healthy food and parents who work for the emergency services to share their job role. Ofsted really liked this when they visited.
EYFS Parent Questionnaire for Learning JournalsQuick View

EYFS Parent Questionnaire for Learning Journals

A one page PDF parent questionnaire to support parent contributions to Learning Journals. Asks about child’s interests, their ability to use technology, celebrations of special occasions and where the family is from, as well as providing space to add further information.
Parent Questionnaire Template Pro FormaQuick View

Parent Questionnaire Template Pro Forma

A simple template for a parent questionnaire, including questions and space for them to answer. Can be adapted for any situation. Currently contains parent review questions for a summer school transition scheme.
Assess, Plan, Do, Review - Parent questionnaireQuick View

Assess, Plan, Do, Review - Parent questionnaire

Questionnaire to be sent out to parents in advance of the APDR meeting each term to gain their views. Provides parental voice and can be collated alongside school and child questionnaires as evidence to back up targets.
Spreadsheet to analyse Ofsted-style Parent View questionnairesQuick View

Spreadsheet to analyse Ofsted-style Parent View questionnaires

Many schools ask parents to fill in the Ofsted Parent View questionnaire once per year. This spreadsheet analyses Ofsted Parent View questionnaires and produces a parent-view style set of graphs and a numerical grid by year group. Useful for discussions with Governors, LA, MAT or as data for Ofsted.
Parent Teacher Conference Questionnaire TemplateQuick View

Parent Teacher Conference Questionnaire Template

Check out this simple, yet effective pre-conference questionnaire that can be used before or during a conference. This can be used to make the conference meaningful and/or to keep the conversation on topic. If sent home before, it can be a strong tool in structuring the conference itself. The questions make the parent/guardian think though strengths, weaknesses, interests, and conversation topics that they want to cover. This has the potential of increasing investment as well as serving as a great communication tool doubling as documentation.
Parent Teacher Conference Questionnaire TemplateQuick View

Parent Teacher Conference Questionnaire Template

Facilitate your parent teacher conferences with this 8-question template. This is a great way to guide your conversations, push them to a deeper level, hold all parties accountable and making this time meaningful. Questions include things about students feeling about school, their favorite friends, difficulties in school, how can teachers help and much more. This is a great form of documentation for both you and the parents.
Intervention impact tools and questionnairesQuick View

Intervention impact tools and questionnaires

12 resources to assist in setting up interventions including behaviour and mental health sessions. Parental evaluations, Primary and secondary impact evaluations, reward charts, observation sheets, assessment sheets and consent forms. All in word format so you can easily change wording and add school names and logos
QuestionnairesQuick View


Advantages and disadvantages of questionnaires. Can be used for revision purposes prior to assessment - should be quick and easy to learn.
behaviour for learning questionnaireQuick View

behaviour for learning questionnaire

An activity which is completed individually to encourage students to reflect on their behaviour in the classroom and how it impacts on others. Part of a strategy to develop student responsibility. Users will need to input specific school terminology for discipline measures as indicated by italics.
Questionnaires to Audit sch InclusionQuick View

Questionnaires to Audit sch Inclusion

School Improvement Audit Questionnaires for Primary Schools – Diversity and Inclusion: There are 4 questionnaires within this set intended for schools to use with their school community to audit what they are doing well & what needs developing in terms of inclusion & meeting the needs of students with learning difficulties. The questionnaires are intended for Senior managers, Teachers, Parents and students but schools can decide to use them for in-school staff only. The responses to the questionnaires will help schools determine what they doing well, what needs to be developed and also to prioritise developments. They are concerned with inclusion with a particular emphasis on literacy although special reference to literacy could be deleted if preferred. The questionnaires for parents and students could be used with two school years only e.g. years 2 and 5.
SEND parent proformasQuick View

SEND parent proformas

Structured conversation form to support in solution focused meetings and annual parent questionnaire.