Alphabet Arc and Phoneme Frame ResourcesQuick View

Alphabet Arc and Phoneme Frame Resources

This resource pack consists of a lower case Alphabet Arc with matching cards to cut out and attach to the arc. It is colour coded with red vowels and blue consonants. It also includes a selection of phoneme frames that fit within the arc and are appropriately sized for the letter cards. There is also an information/tip sheet to explain ways to use the phoneme frames with the Alphabet Arc. Alphabet Arcs are a visual way to help children learn to read and write when they struggle with learning through phonics. This resource can be used to send home to support home learning, or can be used with a TA in school.
Phoneme FramesQuick View

Phoneme Frames

This resource has 40 clearly illustrated phoneme frame cards. They are designed to help children identify initial, medial and final sounds in CVC words. Each card features a picture of a CVC object. Underneath the picture is a phoneme frame with either the initial, medial, final or all 3 letter sounds missing. Set 1 - final sound missing - 10 cards box, fan, hat, man, red, rat, bin, log, van, rug Set 2 - initial sound missing - 10 cards bat, bus, cup, dog, fox, hen, jam, mop, pen, ten Set 3 - medial sound missing - 10 cards bag, bed, cat, jug, leg, pig, sun, tap, web, zip Set 4 - all sounds missing - 10 cards can, bug, pot, bib, wig, six, cot, pin, peg, pan Images were generated using Microsoft Office clip-art and used with permission under the terms of the product licence. For more quality time saving teaching resources visit our shop at
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Phoneme Frame

Enlarge to A3 on the photocopier if necessary. Cut the phoneme frames out and laminate them. Using a white board pen, write the focus word in the space. Re- write the word in the phoneme frame, one sound per box. Count how many sounds make the word?
Phonics igh phoneme frameQuick View

Phonics igh phoneme frame

Pictures of simple words containing the igh phoneme with a phoneme frame next to each one. To practice spelling by segmenting. Phase 3 Letters and Sounds Phonics
Polar Bear Writing Phoneme FrameQuick View

Polar Bear Writing Phoneme Frame

Polar Bear Early Writing Phoneme Frame and Answers Ideas for use include: Laminated to enhance tuff spots and writing areas Can be made into writing booklets The product is designed on A4 but can be adapted bigger and smaller through your printing preferences.
Phoneme Frame TemplatesQuick View

Phoneme Frame Templates

A simple phoneme frame sheet (2 to a page) which can be laminated and used for segmenting activities. There is also space for a child to write their name (handy in case you want to photocopy the board), an alphabet showing letter formation (not cursive) and a line to write the word under the phoneme frame. This file was made using Publisher 2010.
Selection of phoneme framesQuick View

Selection of phoneme frames

I have double-sided these and laminated them for use during phonics. Each child has their own one with their name on. During phonics the chn use them to write on with their whiteboard pens. They love having their own and I've found it works perfectly. Sometimes I tell them how many sound boxes the word needs, sometimes I let them tell me. Hope they are useful!
ch sh th phoneme framesQuick View

ch sh th phoneme frames

9 picture phoneme frames to support children with recognising the difference between ch sh and th. Can be printed as sheets to be used in continuous provision, or can be printed several to a page and used with a small group intervention.
CVC Letter Shape Phoneme FramesQuick View

CVC Letter Shape Phoneme Frames

These CVC Letter Shape Phoneme Frames are perfect for children who are in Reception to practice their CVC words in a fun way in our hand drawn writing frames. Each page has a different picture to prompt the child so that they can decide which word fits in the frame. A fun activity for the Early Years age range. Explore the rest of our here.
Phoneme Frame Boards (CVC, CCVC/CVCC, CCVCC)Quick View

Phoneme Frame Boards (CVC, CCVC/CVCC, CCVCC)

Phoneme frame boards to support the teaching of phonics. Laminate this to be reused over and over again. Includes CVC frames, CCVC / CVCC, and CCVCC. Empty writing line for children to write independently. Thanks, Ann x
CVC phoneme frame phonics worksheetsQuick View

CVC phoneme frame phonics worksheets

A set of Phase 2 phoneme frame worksheets for phonics development. Features 4 pages of CVC worksheets - covering CVC words, e.g. bus, hat, fish, moth etc. Children write one sound in each box - ideal for writing practice or homework.
28 Phase 2 Phoneme FramesQuick View

28 Phase 2 Phoneme Frames

These Phase 2 Phoneme Frames are pre-filled. These can be used as assessment or just as an extra activity in the classroom. Child reads the word and draws a picture above of what they have read. They can be printed off and put in their books or laminated as an extra resource in phonics or in class.