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phonic worksheets

Year 2 worksheets for 'aw/or' sound ; 'oo/ew/ue' sound and 'sc/ce' sound.

By clara5

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I designed these resources to support students throughout the primary age range gain confidence and recognition of phonics.

By jorgill

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Phonics Plan

I use this plans for my Nursery/ Reception children. It can also be used by KS1 EAL groups. It is a mixture of Jolly Phonics, RWI and Letters and Sounds. It is easy to use. Feel free to adapt to your needs.

By marybon

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Rhyme Rummy is a game for 2-5 players, and is played in a similar way to number rummy but is less complicated. The aim of the game is to but down rhyming words and scoring is by words put down. Each of the 24 games (8 at each level) comprises 30 words which have a sound in common (e.g. set 1a all end in –t), so children have to listen hard to the other sounds to identify rhymes. Sets can be mixed and combined in many different ways depending on the needs of the children. For example, sets can be mixed so that sounds have more or less contrast. If it is difficult for a child to hear the differences in the sounds, sets may be mixed so that there are no similarities. For example, instead of using all set 1a words, the “-at” words can be used from 1a, the -“ip” words from 1b, the “-on” words from 1d, the -“eg” words from 1e and the “-uck” words from 1f. If a child has particular difficulties with one pair of sounds, e.g. “m” and “n”, it can be helpful to just take words ending in these letters. Set 1: Three-, four- and five- letter phonic words (CVC, CVCC, CCVC, CCVCC) and ch-. Set 2: Double vowels,-sh, -ch and split digraph (“magic e”) words Set 3: Vowel digraphs and two-syllable words Onset and Rime Follow me: These games give practice in sounding out words and in building both words and non-words in an enjoyable game situation. The "follow me" cards involve matching beginnings and ends of words (and in discussing whether plausible-looking combinations actually result in real words). So, "c" can be matched with "at" to form "cat", "p" can be matched with "en" to form "pen", and "s" can be matched with "and" to form "sand", for example. But can "c" be matched with "en" or "and"? Sounding out the words that players create and discussing whether the words are real or not helps to build confidence in early readers as well as an understanding of phonics and the sounds of letter combinations. Set 1: CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant) combinations, initial blends, th and ch in the initial position, -ll and -ck Set 2: Split digraph (magic e), th-, -sh, -oo-, -ng, -nk and -or- Set 3: -ou-, -oa-, -igh- -ow-, -or-, -ea-, -ai-, -ew, two-syllable —le words. Phonic Dominoes: The phonic dominoes are played in the same way as conventional dominoes. Instead of matching dots, these dominoes involve matching sounds (rhymes/rimes with different onsets). So, "rat" can be matched with "hat", "mat" or "pat", for example. Set 1: CVC (consonant-vowel-consonant), -ll and some initial blends Set 2: CVC, sh, ch. Set 3: final blends, -ou-, -oa-, -ai-, -ea-, -ng

By JaneatJanesGames



The activities were created for individual students that I tutor and support them in becoming more familiar and confident with specific phonemes. They include many of the phonemes that children find more difficult.

By jorgill

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ch phonics worksheets

4 ch phonics worksheets: 1) circle the correct word (2) join the letters to make the words (3) unscramble the letters (4) word search. There are two versions of each worksheet: a PDF version and editable version

By SaveTeachersSundays

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Phonics and Spelling

Activities to support students in recognising and gaining confidence in their knowledge of phonics and spelling

By jorgill

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phonics phase 4 planning

planning with all words, sentences etc at the bottom ready to print for each week. The only week not complete is week 4 as i downloaded the tricky word bingo and the worksheet from someone else on this website.

By emmajob

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Phonic Webs

There is a web for each sound that has 2 or more ways of writing that sound. Made from a combination of sounds from RWI and Letters and Sounds. Webs have pictures and/or words for alternative sound and spider has either Phase 2 or 3 sound with a picture. Perfect for displaying sound families.

By FunkyPhonics

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Phase 3 Phonics Revision

As a revision activity, the children worked in pairs to use sounds they learnt in Phase 3 to label the pictures or write them in a separate list. The only sounds this misses out are ure, ur, and er. 'Chair' covers ch and air - see if they notice this!

By fcodd

Hannah's Phonics Stories; Phonics Card GameQuick View

Hannah's Phonics Stories; Phonics Card Game

I am really excited to show you my first phonics game. This pack includes a set of cards, including 13 different sounds; ay, ee, igh, ow, long oo, short oo, ar, or, sh, unvoiced th, voiced th, ch and tch. Included are a set of game ideas, although the possibilities really are endless!! Examples include, Phonics snap, Phonics go fish or pairs. These could be used along side your phonics, or as an individual game for children to play during guided reading sessions, or as part of continuous provision. They are a fun way for children to learn, revise and consolidate their sounds. Suitable for all ages and abilities. Using original illustrations from Hannah's Phonics Stories. I will bring out another pack once I have done another 13 sounds!! Feedback warmly welcomed!!

By hannahmhayes91

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Year 1 phonics booklets based on the phonics tests.

I was finding that my children were struggling with the concept of the phonics booklets for the year 1 test. I therefore created a set of 8 booklets for the children to use as practice for the real thing! They have loved the booklets and enjoyed challenging themselves as there are some tricky words in there. I have also included in some of them year 1 common exception words.

By jennywren83

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Phase 4 Phonics

All you need to teach Phase 4 resources are presented in weekly SmartBoard notebooks. My pupils enjoyed learning phonics through visual and engaging activities on the slides. I hope these resources will ease your planning and recourse making time.

By natalia1974

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Phonics Blends Activity Pack

Resource Title Phonics Blends Activity Pack Age/Year Group Early Years and Key Stage 1 Total Pages in download ❤ 52 File Type PDF Resource Content ❂ Beginning Blends Activities ❂ Over 20 Blends Posters ❂ One set of Blends jigsaw puzzles FREE NOW WITH VOUCHER CODE UNTIL 31/3 Check the preview! Reviews and feedback are appreciated, I value all but as we tell our students, try to be constructive! @ Printing Tip: This educational resource has been designed for printing on A4 size paper. If you are printing on a different size, select ‘shrink’ or ‘print to fit page’ (or similar option) in order for the contents to fit correctly. TOU Purchase of this resource entitles YOU, the buyer, the right to reproduce the pages for personal and classroom use ONLY. Duplication for other classes, an entire school or for commercial use is strictly prohibited without written permission from Polly Puddleduck. Minor editing is allowed but only for personal use. The document remains under the copyright of Polly Puddleduck even when edited. Posting this item in whole or part on the Internet in any form is strictly prohibited and a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Polly Puddleduck ©2017

By PollyPuddleduck

The Big Book of Phonics Poetry Phase 5- Phonics Screening check prepQuick View

The Big Book of Phonics Poetry Phase 5- Phonics Screening check prep

A fantastic way to get children recognising graphemes when reading and also ticking off some of those poetry objectives at the same time! The 42 page booklet contains a short poem for each Phase 5 grapheme, a corresponding activity page for each sound where the children have to list the words they find containing the focus grapheme then sort/read alien and real words also containing the grapheme, and a visuallise pagewhere children have to illustrate their understanding of the poem. Phase 3 booklet also coming soon. Ideal for revising sounds and get the children spotting them within words ready for the Phonics Screening check in Year 1.

By littlemisstechnical

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Phonics Phase 5 Roll It Spell It

There are four picture boards in total. Board 1 - ay,ou,ie,ea,oy Board 2 - ir,ue,aw,wh,ph Board 3 - ew,oe,au,ey,a-e Board 4 - e-e,i-e,o-e,u-e Each board has a ? section where there are a mixture of pictures from the sounds on the board. Board 4 has two ? where there are sounds missing in the word and the children have to work out which phase 5 sound is missing. Please note some boards have words with the sound missing instead of pictures as some sounds do not lend themselves to pictures How to play: Roll the dice. When it lands on a sound, find that column on the game board. Spell the first picture from that column on your spelling grid. Continue rolling and spelling each picture. Can be played with 1 or 2 players.

By FunkyPhonics