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Phonics UNO, Phase 5

Phase 5 phonics UNO game. 3 words for each sound. Includes switch, take 2, skip a go and black cards. Choose rules in line with UNO as you wish. Children should match colour or sound, and read the word as they put the card down. Sounds included are: ay ou ie ea oy ir ue ue aw wh ph ew ew oe au ey a-e e-e i-e o-e u-e
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Phonics Phase 3 - The 'ee' sound

This resource is an interactive lesson aimed at whole class or group phonics. It is a powerpoint presentation that allows children to revise phonemes and learn or revisit the sound ‘ee.’ It takes 15-20 minutes. This powerpoint is split into different sections: - Revision of phase 2 and 3 phonemes in a random order - Introduction to ‘ee’ sound and opportunity to trace the shape of the sound - Segmenting and blending sounds in ‘ee’ words - Phoneme counting - Phoneme spotting in sentences - Writing words with ‘ee’ sound - Writing a sentence with ‘ee’ sound - Revision of high frequency words
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Phonics Phase 3, ee

Slides to teach the phase 3 phonic sound ee Includes: Review of previous sounds Alien words ready for the phonics screening test at the end of Year 1 Phoneme frames Tricky words to read and write Superhero sentence to write
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Phase 3 Phonics ee sound

Simple and easy to use free phonics slides, for the sound “ee”. Phase 3, Letters and Sounds or Set 2 Read Write Inc. The slides include a recap of previous sounds, words with the “ee” sound, blending and reading a sentence practise, a sound spotting game and correct the sentences. The slides also include a tricky word and an opportunity to practise some spelling. The best part about these slides is that they are a free resource. Sharing is caring! Check out my TES shop for more easy to use phonics slides! Kindly leave a review.
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First School YearsFirst School Years

The 'ee' Phonics Games Pack (Phase 3)

A set of printable resources that can be laminated and used to support teaching and learning the ‘ee’ long vowel grapheme (Letters and Sounds Phase 3, Read Write Inc. Set 2). Great for one-to-one and intervention as well as group and class use. Includes: ♦ Bingo (calling card + 32 game cards) ♦ Race to the Moon (track-based dice game) ♦ Rocket ‘n’ Roll (single or multi-player grid-based dice game) ♦ Loop Cards (32 ‘I have… / Who has…’ cards) ♦ Jigsaw Puzzle (match the pictures with the words) ♦ Tarsia (join the triangles so that the words are alongside the correct pictures) ♦ Falling Star Four in a Row (2-player, read the words and try to get four in a row) ♦ Moon Mountain (2-player, leave the last word to win) ♦ Nebular Noughts & Crosses (phonics-based tic tac toe game) ♦ Planetary Pick-Up (2-player roll around the board collecting things/aliens) ♦ Solar Squares (phonics-based boxes game) ♦ Starlight Sudoku (phonics-based selection of 4 by 4 Sudoku puzzles) ♦ Battleships (phonics-based variation of the traditional game) Most of the resources contain a pre-cursive font similar to that used in the Year 1 Phonics Screening Check.
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'ee' word cards - Phase 3 Phonics

A selection of word cards with pictures, including the ‘ee’ sound. Please note that the words are not all decodable at a phase 3 level. I do not own any of the images in this document.
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Phase 3 Phonics Activities - ee

This resource provides students with fun ways to practise using the ee sound. Each activity uses the same ee sound words. This bundle is designed to complement the Letters and Sounds spelling program, but can be used for any spelling program. This pack is a no prep needed, just print out and go! Perfect for spelling centers, homework, whole class or small group activities. Worksheets include UK and US spelling. Enough activities to last Monday to Friday! Activities included are; Roll and Write Word Shapes and Answers Look Cover Write Check Rainbow Writing Wordsearch and Answers If you like this resource, then check out my Phase 3 Bundle! It contains all the same activities for each Phase 3 sound
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Phase 3 Phonics (Pack 2)

66 differentiate phonics worksheets for phase 3 (weeks 3 and 4) Consonant digraphs ch, sh, th, ng Vowel digraphs ai, ee, oa, long oo, short oo Each digraph has: A variety of differentiated labeling/spelling worksheets (LA / MA / HA). Choose the word from three words reading worksheet. ‘Find the word’ reading and writing worksheet. All worksheets designed with reference to the Letters and Sounds Word List. e.g. All the example /ng/ words use only graphemes​ taught previously (i.e. during earlier weeks of phase 3 and during phase 2). Therefore all the words used should be fully decodable for the learner. Very clear black and white clip-art used. I often photocopy and enlarge to A3 for whole class teaching and modelling of the worksheet
Phonics Phase 3 Story and Reading Comprehension BookletQuick View

Phonics Phase 3 Story and Reading Comprehension Booklet

A superbly simple and useful reading comprehension booklet with 12 simple stories, starring the lovable Sam and Sara. Each story is written to help young learners consolidate their phase 3 sounds (/ay/ee/igh/ow/oo/oo/ar/or/air/ir/ou/oy/) and common exception words (what/all/was/were/we/so/to/me/call/her/there/want/go/old/some/he). An ideal tool for developing early reading comprehension skills, helping your young readers to read for meaning. Each story is followed by four simple questions, allowing you as teacher/adult to support the children to locate and copy the words developing their phoneme-grapheme knowledge, and comprehension skill.
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Phase 3 Phonics Flash Cards Letters and Sounds RWI

Phonics Flash Cards Letters and Sounds RWI Phase 3 Letters and Sounds Read Write Inc flashcards with rhymes. RWI is a brilliant scheme used alongside JollyPhonics. The easy to remember rhymes and visual aids help children decode real and nonsense words for the Phonics Screening Test UK Letters and Sounds Reception Year 1 Year 2 56 A4 Pages Full set - print back to back. In Phase 3, children will learn: j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu. Consonant digraphs - ch, sh, th, ng. Vowel digraphs and trigraphs - ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure, er This resource downloaded as PDF Document. Check out my other resources and Phonics Flashcards Phase 2 Phase 5
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Phase 5 Phonics e-e Activities

This no prep Phase 5 Phonics e-e Activities has 5 fun and engaging activities for students to practise their phonics skills and develop their phonemic awareness. Just print out and go! The Phase 5 Phonics e-e Activities includes answer keys and worksheets in US and UK spelling. The Phase 5 Phonics e-e Activities is designed to be used to teach whole class spelling/phonics lessons where children’s abilities differs. I use the Phase 5 Phonics e-e Activities to complement the spelling program Letters and Sounds but it can be used to support any spelling program or even be a program on its own. These activities can be used for small group instruction, literacy centers, phonics games, homework or whole class activities. Why not save money and get all of the Phase 5 sounds activities including these worksheets in the Phase 5 Phonics Activities Bundle Included in the Phase 5 Phonics Alternative z and ear Activities is; Look, Cover, Write Check Activity – children cover their list word then write it from memory in pencil, marker, and highlighter checking each time they spelled the word correctly. Roll and Write Game – students roll a dice and choose a spelling list word to trace the corresponding number. Word Shapes Activity – students write their list words in the correct shapes box. Word Shapes Answers Rainbow Writing Activity – students write their spelling words in whichever colour they spin. Wordsearch – students find their list words hidden in the wordsearch. Wordsearch answers You might also be interested in my; Phase 2 Phonics Worksheets Bundle Phase 3 Phonics Worksheets Bundle Phase 4 Phonics Worksheets Bundle Phase 5 Phonics Worksheets Bundle Phase 6 Phonics Worksheets Bundle For more information about how to teach phonics click here!
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Phonics Phase 3, ai, ee, igh, oa

4 Resources
4 lessons for the price of 3! Slides to teach the phase 3 phonic sounds of ai, ee, igh and oa. Includes: Review of previous sounds Alien words ready for the phonics screening test at the end of Year 1 Phoneme frames Tricky words to read and write Superhero sentence to write
Phase 3 phonics word cardsQuick View

Phase 3 phonics word cards

A collection of word cards with pictures, including all phase 3 sounds apart from ‘j’, ‘v’, ‘w’, ‘x’, ‘y’, ‘z’, ‘zz’ & ‘qu’. Sounds included are: ch sh th ng ai ee igh oa oo (book) oo (zoo) ar or ur ow oi ear air ure er Please note that the words are not all decodable at a phase 3 level. I do not own any of the images in these documents.
Phonics Phase 3 BundleQuick View

Phonics Phase 3 Bundle

7 Resources
Everything you need for letters and sounds phase 3! Phonics Worksheets, table mats, and tricky words game for letters and sounds Phase 3. Everything taught is covered: j, v, w, x, y, z/zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, oa, short & long oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, er, igh, ear, air, ure
Phonics Powerpoint, Phase 3, Week 4 (ai, ee, igh, oa)Quick View

Phonics Powerpoint, Phase 3, Week 4 (ai, ee, igh, oa)

This is a powerpoint for use in lessons teaching the fourth week of phase 3 phonics (ai,ee,igh,oa) and the tricky words ‘was’, ‘no’ and ‘go’. It contains 5 days worth of phonics powerpoints and a lesson plan. Each days teaching is split into 4 parts, with revise, teach, practise and apply. It includes a demonstration of how to form each letter, examples of words starting with each letter and reading/blending practise. The slides are ready to be used in your phonics lesson (please check through before using in class to ensure the fonts/animations work on your computer). I will be adding to this set and aim to produce powerpoints ready to use for all phonics phases. If you wish to be informed of future powerpoints please follow me as a TES author.
Phonics Comic - Phase 3Quick View

Phonics Comic - Phase 3

A phonics comic containing the following phase 3 sounds: qu, ng, ee, sh and ch. The comic also includes the following high frequency words: I, the, go, to and was This resource is designed for Year 1 readers or Year 2 readers who require some extra support.
Phase 3 phonics powerpointQuick View

Phase 3 phonics powerpoint

This phase 3 phonics powerpoint encourages children to say the sounds and associate the phase 3 sound with a picture. Afterwards, the picture is accompanied with a word that contains the sound and some sound buttons to help them to segment and blend the words. The phase 3 sounds included in this powerpoint are: j, v, w, x, y, z, zz, qu, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air, ure.
Phonics  Worksheets for Phase 3 and Phase 4Quick View

Phonics Worksheets for Phase 3 and Phase 4

114 fully differentiated practice sheets covering all of the digraphs and trigraphs for phase 3 and Phase 4 of the UK Gov. Letters and Sounds phonic programme, except ‘ure’. Sounds covered: ck, ch, sh, th, ng, ai, ee, igh, oa, oo, ar, or, ur, ow, oi, ear, air and er, in this order. Sheets with mixed sounds are included too, as well as plenty of sentences to read and puzzles. Great for revision, general class work or homework. I provide up to four sheets at two levels for most sounds: the first set for phase 3, with no consonant blends, and the second for phase 4 including words with consonant blends. Thereby giving plenty of scope for differentiation. Fully differentiated, they meet the real needs of the average class and are fully systematic: no words are introduced for which the student has not yet learned the necessary skills to decode. They provide ample practice for students in both reading and spelling. Suitable for use with other schemes as long as you make sure that your children know the sounds necessary to complete the sheet. Use them for assessment, reinforcement activities; blow them up for whole class/group teaching or send them home for extra practice once taught in class. Copy, reduce, enlarge as much as you like. Please leave a review if you find this product helpful. Please see the book of Initial sounds Worksheets, and the CVC/CVCC words Worksheets for Phases 2, early 3 and simple cvcc words in Phase 4.