Word of the Week PowerPointQuick View

Word of the Week PowerPoint

As literacy coordinator I created ‘word of the week’ presentations which were shared with KS3 and KS4 in order to promote the development of new vocabulary across the school. The PowerPoint goes through the etymology of the word in a way to help students remember it. Form teachers devlivered the presentation to form classes and pupils were encouraged to use the word in all their lessons, where appropriate.
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Free Powerful Verbs Word Mat

This ‘Powerful Verbs’ word mat and poster can be used to aid learning within different genres of writing. This handy list can be cut out and stuck into pupils’ books or laminated and stored within the classroom to be used when needed. #stressfreeteaching_dreamscheme
The Power of WordsQuick View

The Power of Words

[https://youtube.com/channel/UCvF3WCXm6oXstd2_cioRskQ] For those of you wanting to close the vocabulary gap, I’ve set up a YouTube channel aimed at giving parents and children easy ways to expand their vocabulary. Each week, I post 2 videos explaining why words are so important and what you can do to collect more words in everyday life. The more words we know, the more choices we have in life and the better our chances of a happy and successful future.
The Power of Words: Inclusive LanguageQuick View

The Power of Words: Inclusive Language

This is a presentation and activity I made up for a group of year 8’s, but it could be adapted for many years. It looks at the importance of inclusive language. It goes through words you should not use, and why. How to deal with non-inclusive language and how to address it with other people. Finally it has a stop-light activity where students choose a non inclusive word, why we can’t say it, and alternatives to that world.
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Poetry - Power and Conflict Word Search

This word search covers the poems and poets used in the English AQA anthology, from Bayonet Charge to Charge of the Light Brigade. This activity can be used for starters, time fillers, or just for fun.


Useful starter slides challenging students to extend their vocabulary. All included, except answers. Very straightforward, though. 20 slides in total.
Bayonet Charge Power and ConflictQuick View

Bayonet Charge Power and Conflict

Bayonet Charge by Ted Hughes is a brilliant poem but quite tough to teach. This detailed lesson goes through each section of the poem carefully, helping students to gain an understanding of its key themes and language features and allows them to build up their own independent interpretations. The pack also includes an older version of the lesson with different activities that could also be adapted for your students. One student I taught this lesson to said it was the “most I’ve ever learnt in an English lesson!” So take his word for it! (GCSE 1hr PP with differentiated tasks, New Spec) Focuses on Ted Hughes’ Bayonet Charge - part of the Power and Conflict bundle For AQA Paper 2 Literature New Spec Complete 1 hour, well differentiated lesson with worksheets Suitable for KS4 or adaptable for KS3 Different level tasks for MA,LA or Core Designed to fit Ofsted criteria for’ Good’ or above
Power and the People Revision GuideQuick View

Power and the People Revision Guide

AQA GCSE 9-1 Britain: Power and the People, c.1170 to the present day The 33 page Revision Guide is broken down into four sections: challenging authority and feudalism, challenging royal authority, reform and reformers and equality and rights. The Guide starts by explaining the 4 questions types asked in the exam and gives suggestions and tips on the easiest way to tackle these. The Revision Guide gives over 20 typical exam questions asked on each topic (from significance, to how useful, to similarities and differences to factors) and how to put these questions into practise with model answers. This Guide has been designed to be engaging, detailed and easy to follow and can be adapted and changed to suit with PDF and word formats supplied. This Guide can be used for revision, interleaving, within the classroom as well for homework purposes. Any reviews on this resource would be much appreciated. Please review and receive a free copy of the AQA Power and the People flashcards I have made worth £3. If you like this guide, please check out my others for AQA History on Germany: Democracy and Dictatorship 1890-1945, Conflict and Tension 1918-39, Britain: Health and the People and Elizabeth 1.
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Countdown PowerPoint Game

An authentic recreation of the cult UK game show, Countdown, complete with stunning visuals, slick animations and even the famous Countdown clock audio timer. Don’t worry if you’ve never played Countdown before - I’ve included detailed notes for teachers, helpful information boxes on all of the game slides and embedded video clips of the actual show. The game is all setup and ready to play with absolutely no preparation necessary, Play a full game, consisting of 10 Letters rounds, 4 Numbers rounds and a final Conundrum, or just enjoy a couple of casual rounds as a quick warmer or review activity that’s sure to bring out the competitiveness in your students. All the game slides are completely customizable and simple to edit if you want to focus on specific sets of letters or adjust the difficulty level for more advanced students or for younger learners. The Letters Game Choose a combination of 9 vowels and consonants and make the longest possible word against the Countdown clock - a great way to expand students’ vocabulary, review lexis or practice spelling! If your students expect you to come up with epic 9-letter words every round, you can always rely on the embedded online anagram generator to help you out! The Numbers Game Use 6 ‘large’ and ‘small’ numbers to get to a 3-digit target number using the 4 basic mathematical functions of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - a fantastically fun game to sharpen your arithmetic skills. If your math skills aren’t the best, there’s an embedded online calculator to make you look better! The Countdown Conundrum Unscramble the letters to make a 9-letter word in 30 seconds or less Watch your students beam with pride when they accomplish this challenging feat - you can always start the countdown timer late or input a really familiar word if you want to give them a helping hand! This presentation is easy to navigate with lots of screen tips and all you need to play is a Windows or Mac version of PowerPoint. I really hope you and your students enjoy it as much as mine!
Power and Conflict Poetry Revision BookletQuick View

Power and Conflict Poetry Revision Booklet

A 50 page revision booklet that students should use as a reminder of the key information needed for each of the 15 poems in the Power and Conflict cluster. The booklet opens with a model answer and then four mock questions that students can answer. It goes on to revise structure techniques used in poetry. Each poem is then tackled, with students completing the plot, key quotes, context, imagery and structure for each poem. There are hint words and pictures to assist students as they work. The activities then move on to key themes in the poems and comparison tasks so that all of the Assessment Objectives for AQA are covered.
Compound Words PowerPointQuick View

Compound Words PowerPoint

Study more in depth about compound words with this fully animated PowerPoint that will help students use compound nouns in their writing. Fun and engaging compound word puzzles break up the informational slides about closed compounds, open compounds, and hyphenated compounds. Students will learn the difference between the three types of compound words, and basic rules about when to use each type. Special attention is given to when and when not to use a hyphen. Review and check test at the end with answer key. 27 slides. ©2017 HappyEdugator.
Word Families PowerPointQuick View

Word Families PowerPoint

Word Families PowerPoint. 77 slides on this Literacy PowerPoint! Introduce word families. Print out as signs for literacy centers, make into reading phonics flashcards by printing out on index cards, or show on the projector to use when introducing a word family. Each slide has the word family as the title, an example of a word in that family, and a picture to represent it. Multiple uses...you can use these signs as word wall titles, for word sorting, reading practice flash cards, etc. Enjoy! - HappyEdugator
ge / dge words: PowerPoint LessonQuick View

ge / dge words: PowerPoint Lesson

This resource includes a fully editable and highly visual PowerPoint lesson explaining when to use -ge / -dge at the end of words. (The /dʒ/ sound spelt as -ge and -dge at the end of words National curriculum , English Programmes of Study Year 2). The PowerPoint includes rules for adding -dge and -ge and exceptions and opportunities to practise spellings through a challenge and sorting activity. It is appropriate for Year 2 pupils and older SEN students who have yet to master the basics in phonics. You may also be interested in: Set of 15 Differentiated Worksheets- Words Ending in dge/ge This resource includes a set of 15 differentiated worksheets on words ending in -ge / -dge. Tasks include: inserting the correct -ge / -dge word into a sentence anagrams -ge / -dge words spelling practise worksheets using ge / dge words in sentences word searches sorting words into ge / dge / categories More English Resources Thinking of publishing your own resources or already an author and want to improve your resources and sales? Check out this step-by-step guide: How to Become a Successful TES Author: Step-by-Step Guide
Word Problems PowerPoint GameQuick View

Word Problems PowerPoint Game

Enjoy the Night Owl Word Problems Adding within 5 Game with your students. Night Owl is a fun interactive PowerPoint game. Students first pick an owl that is sitting on the fence. They then have to figure out the word problem. If they get it correct the owl disappears. Figure out all the word problems to complete the game! Game Compatibility: This game can be played on any device that has PowerPoint. It is great for SmartBoards, Prometheans, Mimios, or any other interactive whiteboard. This game can also be played on laptops or computers that have PowerPoint. *Or try downloading the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer to play this game. This Product Includes: • 20 night owl word problems • Owls on a fence game board Thank you for purchasing a product at Early Core Learning!
Word Forms PowerPoint PresentationQuick View

Word Forms PowerPoint Presentation

Word Forms PowerPoint Presentation-ESL Fun Games Try out our Word Forms PowerPoint Presentation. Description: Each Regular PowerPoint Slideshow has one topic with 6 task categories; What’s in the Photo?  Answer the Question, True or False, Fill in the Blank, Multiple Choice and Spot the Error.  Every PowerPoint Slideshow has a total of 60 different tasks with answers.  All 120 slides are also animated with sounds! How to Use It:       Open the slideshow in PowerPoint.  Click the mouse or the right arrow button on your keyboard to advance to the next slide.  To move back a slide, click the left arrow button.  Students can take turns performing the tasks on the slides or present the slideshow to the entire class as a fun classroom activity or topic warmer. Notes: Use our worksheets, Jeopardy Game, Board and Card Games as complimentary activities for the PowerPoint Slideshow