Unseen Poetry Revision (Quieter Than Snow)Quick View

Unseen Poetry Revision (Quieter Than Snow)

A revision aid for students completing an unseen poetry element of their GCSE exams. This uses Quieter Than Snow by Berlie Doherty to explore how to plan and answer an unseen poetry question.
KS3 Childhood PoetryQuick View

KS3 Childhood Poetry

A series of lesson slides teaching various poems on the theme of childhood, including Duffy’s In Mrs Tilscher’s Class, Doherty’s Quieter than Snow and McGough’s First Day at School. Aimed at Year 7 or 8 English students for approximately a 4-5 week unit of work.
Three Halloween Poem Reading Comprehensions KS2Quick View

Three Halloween Poem Reading Comprehensions KS2

Three Halloween poem reading comprehensions for upper KS2. The Witches’ Ride - describes a traditional witch on a broom Ghost in the Garden - describes a mysterious ghostly presence or could it just be the poet’s imagination? Quieter than Snow - the narrator return to school a day early after the summer holidays only to discover the school is haunted. Focus is on understanding literary devices and their effects as well as inference and reasoning skills, with each poem increasing in challenge level.
Blog beginning 20th December 2012Quick View

Blog beginning 20th December 2012

I try to share the things that are interesting, things that make me think about life - not just the outer details of my days. Because I do have an active spiritual life and practise meditation daily, this may bring a slightly different and more interesting perspective to things. But I also share some of my weaknesses and the battles I fight. I have been encouraged to continue my blog by some very kind and sincere teachers. I think we have little that we can offer to the world other than who we are - so this is a bit of me. Happy Christmas to everyone.
Signals and Noise, Oh Boy! ActivityQuick View

Signals and Noise, Oh Boy! Activity

In this activity, students are introduced to the terms 'signal' and 'noise' in the context of spacecraft communication. They explore these concepts by listening to a computer-generated signal from two different distances with no additional background noise, and then with background noise. They compare their experiences in a science journal page.
Locomotion Novel UnitQuick View

Locomotion Novel Unit

This is a complete novel study using the book Locomotion by three time Newberry Honor winner Jacqueline Woodson. Locomotion is a Coretta Scott King Book Winner that is told in 60 poems. The poems are written through the perspective of 11-year old Lonnie who uses poetry to emote. This Novel unit has 10 additional poems embedded into the lessons and its great for not only introducing students to poetry, but also in getting them to develop their own poetry. In addition to being embedded the poems are formatted to be used as standalone resources for students. This item is also in my store if you want to preview before purchasing. Poetry Analysis Resource The entire unit focuses on the Common Core Standards and shift to getting students to use evidence from the text to defend their responses. Each lesson includes a copy of student work with answer key, vocabulary word of the day, daily exit ticket, and homework.
Recommended books for childrenQuick View

Recommended books for children

Two lists of recommended books for children. Michael Morpurgo's list contains books to be read from early years to early teens while the second list contains recommended texts for use in your classrooms up to Year 6
Travel Destinations Case StudyQuick View

Travel Destinations Case Study

New York – Travel Destinations. This GCE Travel and Tourism case study aims to help students, teachers and parents with the requirements of AQA’s Unit 3 ‘Travel Destinations’. It will also be useful for those studying with the Edexcel and OCR exam boards. The case study includes assessor commentaries, which will give an indication of the unit requirements and the depth of portfolio work required. Areas covered include: Location, climate and landscape; attractions; travel method; future popularity and suitability for different customer types.
KS2 English - Viking SagasQuick View

KS2 English - Viking Sagas

Video animations from BBC Teach of some of the best-known Viking Sagas, told in a light-hearted but faithful style. Download the Teachers Notes, then go to the BBC Teach website for the animations, the first of which is available here. The collection begins with the Viking account of how Odin creates the Viking world, before relating tales involving gods and goddesses such Thor, Loki, Freya and Iduna - as well as plenty of goblins and giants! Each video has a transcript of the text making it an ideal resource to extend the study of myths and legends into drama and the dramatisation of narrative text. The purpose of BBC’s content is to inform, educate and entertain. As such, students, teachers, schools, and other established educational bodies may utilise such content for educational purposes via an ERA Licence. Without an ERA Licence, reasonable use of the content (for the purposes set out above) may still be possible, however; any such use must be in line with the BBC’s Terms of Use. Whilst this is not an exhaustive list, when using and or sharing BBC Education content, you must comply with the BBC’s Terms of Use and where relevant, YouTube’s terms and conditions, ensuring that: there aren’t any advertisements on or around the BBC content; there aren’t any charges for access and or charges associated with the content (clearly stating that the content is free to access); and you do not state or imply (in any way) that there is a relationship and or any endorsement from the BBC to you. We ask that you read the said terms before using any of BBC’s services. When you use BBC’s services and content, you’re agreeing to the BBC’s terms of use.
Rigorous Common Core Aligned Poetry BundleQuick View

Rigorous Common Core Aligned Poetry Bundle

This resource is a combination of all of my poetry resources which include: • Locomotion Novel Unit • Poetry Resource Unit • Poetry Analysis Resource • Poetry Resource Pack: Mini-books, Templates, Graphic Organizers
Persuasive Speech Writing         (Children's rights)Quick View

Persuasive Speech Writing (Children's rights)

2 weeks planning for persuasive speech writing. Written for my Year 6 class but could be adapted. My class found it challenging but loved it - some great writing came from it too. All resources have been included, I have also made 2 prezi presentations available on-line. (link is in the resources) Please comment if useful. It would be lovely to know if my hard work has helped someone :)
034 - How pupils give each other quality feedbackQuick View

034 - How pupils give each other quality feedback

ukedchat summary and archive from Thursday 24th February 2011 session 'How can pupils give each other quality feedback and enhance their learning?'. Join ukedchat each Thursday evening between 8-9pm via twitter using the hashtag #ukedchat. See ukedchat.com for details.
Student Social Anxiety: an exploratory web surveyQuick View

Student Social Anxiety: an exploratory web survey

An on-line survey was designed to gather information about the impact of social anxiety on student learning and well-being. A psychological screening tool was used to maximise validity and anonymity was employed to enhance response integrity.
330 ESL Worksheets: Beginners - IntermediateQuick View

330 ESL Worksheets: Beginners - Intermediate

This pack will includes over 330 worksheets, ideas, quizzes, stories and lessons. It covers a number of areas in ESL language teaching including: Speaking, Listening, Writing, Grammar, Vocabulary, Pronunciation, idioms and much more. Topics & Grammar - Adverbs, Adjectives, Prepositions, Verbs, Imperatives, Jobs, Antonyms, Articles, Ask, Conditionals, Countable & Uncountable, Countries & Nationalities, Daily Routine, Directions, Do & Does, Find Someone who…, Future tense, Linkers, Meeting People, Modal verbs, Money, Past Progressive, Past tense, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Present Tense, Pronouns, Quantity Expressions, Questions, Second Conditional, Synonyms, Telling Time, and much more.
Measuring Animal BehaviourQuick View

Measuring Animal Behaviour

This pack includes a full power point lesson on animal behaviour. It explains how to construct an ethogram from videos of primate behaviour. More complicated social behaviours are described in posters that show how two related primate species have different non-vocal communication patterns. It also shows how to use standard behaviour sampling to measure and record behaviour for a research project with videos suitable for various sampling methods are supplied for class activities.
DurgaMata's Blog - part 6Quick View

DurgaMata's Blog - part 6

Valentines Day today, but the first blog is just to catch up a bit. My computer is ill so I could only write on paper for a few days, 13th = background info about me and my hubbie, + when we went to Paris Disney last year to celebrate my mother-in-law's 90th birthday. 15th is mostly about Valentine's day, love and relationships in general - mostly me and my hubbie. I was asked to prepare a Biography for something else - but I thought it might interest my blog-readers. Sorry for blog-gaps. My laptop died and I have little access to a computer.
135 – Do new techs in the classroom change behav?Quick View

135 – Do new techs in the classroom change behav?

#ukedchat session, '135 – Do new technologies in the classroom change student behaviours? If so, how?' on Thursday 24th January 2013 hosted by Laura Pearce @SWGfLLaura. Join #ukedchat each Thursday evening between 8-9pm to discuss the latest educational issues via twitter. See live at http://tweetchat.com/room/ukedchat Information and details at www.ukedchat.com