"Tsotsi" COMPLETE UNIT EDITABLE-Activities, Tests,Essays, AP Style, KeysQuick View

"Tsotsi" COMPLETE UNIT EDITABLE-Activities, Tests,Essays, AP Style, Keys

201 page COMPLETE unit on the novel! Focuses on LITERARY DEVICES (allusions, anaphora,connotation,comic relief,denotation,diction,flashbacks, foil,personification,simile,paradox, metaphor,narrative structure,tone, types of questions), SKILLS APPLICATION, and LITERARY ANALYSIS. Original photographs of South Africa on handouts. * over 200 READING/ANALYSIS SHORT ANSWER QUESTIONS (based on Bloom's cognitive levels) * over 150 READING/LITERARY ANALYSIS MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS * 14 FOCUSED ACTIVITIES (Individual or group work):Characterization,Figurative Language,Foil Characters,Syntax,Writing About,Psychiatric Evaluation,Significance of Names,Transformation Through Communication,Point of View,Symbols,Motifs * over 15 READER RESPONSE ESSAY QUESTIONS * 3 FIVE-PARAGRAPH ESSAY PROMPTS * 4 AP STYLE PROMPTS * 67 VOCABULARY WORDS DEFINED/HANDOUTS * 2 AP STYLE PASSAGE TESTS (analysis/application of skills) * STUDENT ESSAY REVISION ACTIVITY