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Rhyming Bingo

Bingo is a great game that can target a wide range of literacy skills and concepts, expressive/receptive language, social skills, and problem solving abilities. This game works on identifying rhyming words! In this game, students identify words on their board that rhyme with the word and picture on each calling card. This resource includes 20 boards, 1 set of calling cards, and a visual answer key. This is a fun way to target rhyming words in a game format!
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Rhyming Bingo

Rhyme Bingo fun for the whole class or small groups! Rhyme Bingo consists of 20 game boards, each with 9 images/words plus 24 Rhyme Call Out Cards. There are two bingo boards per page. Rhyme Bingo is a great way for your students to consolidate the phonological awareness skill of rhyming. Use as a whole class for up to 20 players or with small groups during your Literacy Block. Simply print, cut and laminate. Related Resources Available Fast Phonological Awareness Fillers Alphabet Matching Cards Like Resourcing Time on Facebook for updates. Follow Resourcing Time on Pinterest
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Rhyming Bingo

Rhyming Bingo! Each student has a bingo card with one word on it. The other words are face down in the middle of the group. Students take it in turns to choose a word and see if it rhymes with theirs. The first to a full board wins. 18 different cards to use. Recommend to print off on coloured card.
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Oi Frog! Rhyming Activities

Oi Frog! Is a funny and colorful rhyming picture book and a great resource to use when teaching rhyming words to little children. This resource includes follow up activities for Reception Class level based on this hilarious picture book. I used the book in my class for one week using all the different resources and the children LOVED IT! Included in the resource: BINGO MEMORY GAME 6 bingo boards and cards. Print and laminate the boards. Back the rhyming cards with colored paper before cutting them out, cut and laminate. The children are each given a bingo board, the cards are placed upside down and the children take turns to pick a card. If they match a rhyming pair on their board, they place it on the matching picture. If it doesn’t match, they place it back down. The first child to find all the rhyming pairs shouts out BINGO! And is the winner. THREADING CARDS 6 threading rhyming cards. Print, cut, laminate and punch a hole in the circles. The children are given a long piece of wool or thread and practice threading by joining the rhyming words. **PNG FILES ** 36 Individual matching rhyming cards and 18 picture cards and sentences in PNG format (transparent background) for you to make your own digital resources. These are what I used for my EASEL activity. FLASCHARDS Matching rhyming cards and sentence flashcards for you to print, laminate and cut out. We used these daily to help the children learn the different rhymes. As they came into class, they picked a picture and looked for its rhyming sentence, we then went around calling out our rhyming sentence at the start of the lesson. RHYMING WORKSHEETS, COLOURING SHEETS, SENTENCE WRITING PRACTICE & DOODLE WORKSHEETS ANSWER KEY INCLUDED
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Rhyme Bingo Game (Phonics)

**Teach phonics in a fun and engaging way with this rhyme Bingo game! ** This well designed and visually appealing set contains 22 individual bingo cards, each with nine images. You will also receive a word list (or caller’s card). Simply read out each of the words, ticking off each as you go, and ask the students to check off any images on their card that rhyme with these words. Students win by achieving a line or full house. Counters may be used, or alternatively cards can be laminated for future use and written on in a dry-wipe marker. Can be used for all ages and groups. Works very well for a phonics intervention / SEN / EAL work.
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Duck in the Truck story pack- rhyming words

A great pack for the story ‘Duck in the Truck’ by Jez Alborough. Great for teaching about the book or making into a story sack. Contains: Display banner Story word cards Display border Story poster Picture flashcards Story question cards for display Face masks for retelling the story in colour and black and white Stick puppets to make A4 word card with pictures Speech bubble worksheets Alphabet line Book review worksheet Writing sheets Rhyming words worksheet Favourite part of the story worksheet Number line Missing numbers worksheets Counting worksheets Tracing pictures Cut and assemble the truck worksheet Cut and stick rhyme worksheet Colouring pictures Board game Matching pairs game Rhyming bingo game
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KS1 Rhyming Bingo Classroom Game

This rhyming Bingo pack supports KS1 children in recognising and learning rhyming pairs. The pack contains games that can be played as a class or in smaller groups. Included in this pack are: 30 bingo cards each containing nine words 1 tick-list with words that rhyme with those on the 30 bingo cards
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Rhyming CVC Word BINGO Game

Focusing on short vowel words, this fun Rhyming CVC BINGO game can be played with your whole class or as a literacy centre activity. To play, call out one of the 17 different CVC word + picture cards for your students to try to match the rhyming word to. For example, you might call out 'HAT' and on the BINGO card in front of them they might find a CAT, a MAT, a BAT or a RAT. Contains 25 word+picture BINGO cards with six pictures and words per card, 17 CVC word cards to try and find the rhyme to. Also includes word only cards for early readers.
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Poetry Bingo

Challenge your pupils to recognise poetry themed definitions with this bingo game. There are 30 different boards; enough for every child in your class. Definitions: acrostic, alliteration, assonance, ballad, couplet, free verse, haiku, half-rhyme, internal rhyme, kenning, limerick, metaphor, narrative poem, onomatopoeia, personification, rap, repetition, riddle, rhyme, rhyme pattern, shape poem, simile, sonnet, syllable, stanza The set includes a definition answer sheet for the teacher. This resource is also available as part of the complete Poetry Pack at https://www.tes.com/teaching-resource/poetry-pack-11817993?theme=1
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Nursery Rhyme Week

This is perfect for a kindergarten class during World Nursery Rhyme Week. This resource includes: 1 Week of Preparation for 5 Various Nursery Rhymes The Big Ship Sails On The Ally-Ally-Oh 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Once I Caught a Fish Alive Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star 5 Little Speckled Frogs BINGO Nursery Rhyme Cards Print, laminate, and cut the nursery rhyme cards. Use these as visual aids for the kids. Display them around the classroom or at the front of the class to remind children of the five different Nursery Rhymes being learned during Nursery Rhyme Week. 6 Bingo Boards with Nursery Rhymes The bingo boards and cards should be printed, laminated, and cut out. Give the children a bingo board and flip the cards over. They pick a card, and if it matches a picture on their board, they cover it up. The person who covers their boards first shouts “BINGO!” and wins. Nursery Rhymes Memory Game Print, laminate, and cut out each card for the Nursery Rhyme Matching Memory Game. Mix the cards and turn them over. The kids take turns picking two cards. If they match, they keep the cards; if the cards don’t match, they turn them back around. The player who has the most cards wins. Nursery Rhyme Worksheets and Colouring Pages Answer Key Be sure to leave feedack!
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GCSE English Language Features Bingo

Perfect for GCSE English Language or Functional Skills Level 2 revision. Language Features Bingo includes 30 different game cards and can be used for up to 30 learners. The language features can be used to revise language features, language techniques and persuasive writing techniques. After each feature is called out the learners should give a definition of the technique and the winner is the first to fill their bingo card. The resource can also be used to quiz the learners on how each feature has an effect on a reader. After the quiz the learners can use their game card to guide them through a writing task, using the language features on their card. Language features included are: Rhetorical Question Repetition Alliteration Rule of Three Adjectives Powerful Verbs Comparative Direct Address Imperative Verb Exaggeration Fact Oxymoron Proper Noun Adverb Hyperbole Statistics Short Sentences Emotive Language Humour Personification Simile Metaphor Pun Onomatopoeia Anecdote Opinion Rhyme Common Noun Pronoun.
Hooray for Fish Rhyming WordsQuick View

Hooray for Fish Rhyming Words

Featuring the beloved little fish and his mum from the story by Lucy Cousins, these activities explore the rhyming words: tiny and spiny, hairy and scary, carrot and parrot, lime and time, heart and dart. This pack contains sets of picture, silhouette and word cards, Bingo cards and simple worksheets with three levels of challenge. There are greyscale versions of resources for those who want to save ink or include colouring as part of the activity. Themes: rhyming words, fish, under the sea Skills: shape recognition, cut and sticking, colouring, beginning reading and writing skills. A guide is enclosed with the pack which includes ideas for card games. These activities are a great springboard for creative work, inventing new rhyming fish. This resource is part of a Teachers Telling Tales series inspired by the Hooray for Fish story and can also be purchased as part of a bundle.
EYFS Rhythm and Rhyme phonic activities resource packQuick View

EYFS Rhythm and Rhyme phonic activities resource pack

This pack is a collection of PowerPoints and printable resources in pdf. It will help give children experience how words rhyme, and to develop an awareness of rhythm in speech. Listening to and joining in with rhymes and playing rhyming games help children to develop skills to know how letters correspond to sounds. Fits in with Letters and Sounds Phase 1. PRINTABLE GAMES AND ACTIVITIES: • Dominoes – showing pictures of simple cvc words • Odd one out cards – print, cut and laminate for a rhyming game • Rhyming pairs – 40 images showing pictures of rhyming pairs. There are 4 per A4 page so can also be used for display or flashcards • Rhyming soup game – A printable version of the powerpoint. The children have to make a soup out of rhyming objects (eg snake, cake, rake etc) • Rhyming words bingo – 4 bingo cards with 7 pictures each. • Two rhyming worksheets • DISPLAY: • Large lettering: Rhymes (one letter per A4 page, if you want them smaller you can alter the print settings.) • Large lettering: Rhyme Time(one letter per A4 page, if you want them smaller you can alter the print settings.) • What rhymes with….posters – A set of 6 A4 colourful posters with pictures of rhyming words. Rhymes include what rhymes with…can / hat / pot / bug / cap and zip. POWERPOINT GAMES: • Can you think of words that rhyme - Simple introduction to rhyming. • Making up rhymes - Explains rhyming words, and then encourages the children to make up rhymes using the images. • Odd one out - Find the picture that doesn’t rhyme from a choice of 3, with immediate feedback. • Playing with words - 20 images of words with longer syllables. • Rhyming pairs - Find the rhyming pair from a choice of 3, with immediate feedback. • Rhyming puppets - 14 name rhymes for the children to finish. • Rhyming soup - ake - An interactive version of the game, the children click on the object to put it in the soup bowl. • Rhyming soup - an • Rhyming soup - at • Rhyming soup – ip • Rhyming soup – ox • Rhyming words - 11 sets of rhyming words, encouraging the children to make up rhymes with them. • Words that rhyme - Find the 2 pictures that rhyme from a choice of 3. • POWERPOINT RHYMES: • A pig who was big - 9 rhyming verses about pigs • Action Rhymes - 8 different rhymes: Two little feet / I wiggle / This is the way / Wind the bobbin up / A sailor went to sea / Jack-in-the-box / Clean up/ I’m a little teapot / Row your boat. • 5 fat peas • Dingle Dangle Scarecrow • Down in the jungle • Head, shoulders, knees and toes • Katalina Matalina • Peanut butter • Ten fingers • The Farmer’s in his den • The wheels on the bus • There was a princess
Figurative Language Techniques BingoQuick View

Figurative Language Techniques Bingo

Play bingo with your high school students and recap their figurative language techniques in a fun and engaging way! To save paper and space, the bingo cards are ready to be printed as 2 pages per A4 sheet. Once you’ve laminated the cards, students can either use whiteboard markers or counters to play the game. Students need 5 terms in a row to win (vertically, horizontally or diagonally). What terms are covered? – Simile – Metaphor – Personification – Oxymoron – Pathetic fallacy – Alliteration – Sibilance – Pun – Rhyme – Irony – Idiom – Assonance – Consonance – Hyperbole – Paradox – Rhetorical question – Hypophora – Onomatopoeia – Imagery – Colloquial language – Emotive language – Symbolism – Allusion – Repetition – Anaphora – Hyperbaton – Euphemism If any files have typos or can’t be opened, email to contact.aceenglishresources@gmail.com and I’ll re-upload them. Appropriate for Grades 7-12 32 unique bingo cards Includes master / instructions card
Onset & Rime (not rhyme) Bingo Game - A Game of Onset, Rime & Word BuildingQuick View

Onset & Rime (not rhyme) Bingo Game - A Game of Onset, Rime & Word Building

'ONSET & RIME' (not rhyme) Bingo Game - My onset & rime bingo game is designed so students practise the auditory and visual discrimination of sh, ch, th, ng & ck sounds. It also aims to practise beginning and final sounds in an entertaining way. What you need: 4 to 8 players 1 caller (optional) 4 game boards 16 counters per game board 1 deck of ninja word cards How to Play: 1. Students distribute game boards & counters. 2. If using a caller, the deck is handed to them toshuffle and hold. If not, the cards are shuffled & placed face down in the middleof the playing area. 3. In turn the students turn over a card, read it and identify the final sound. 4. Students search their board to see if they have the sound called. It they do, they place a counter on it. If not, they wait for the next turn. 5. Play continues in this way until one of the boards has all sounds covered. 6. On placing the final counter the first student to call ‘BINGO’ is the winner. Variations: - First player to get 4 counters in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally is the winner. - Students take 20 seconds to memorise one line of the game board. Caller calls out the words and the first student to call out ‘mine’ receives the card. When one player has four cards they turn over their board and match them. If correct they win. What happens if they are incorrect is something the class decides on. - One player draws a card and the other players try guess the ending. The person who guesses correctly places a counter on their card if they have the sound, as does the person who drew the card. Words and Sounds Dealt With in the Phonics Game Final Sound 'sh' - bush, cash, brush, dish, finish, fish, flash, polish, push, rash, rush, smash, splash, wash & wish. Final Sound 'ch' - beach, bench, bunch, couch, crunch, match, pinch, lunch, each, inch, reach, punch & peach. Final Sound 'ck' - back, brick, block, click, clock, crack, deck, duck, kick, lick, luck, neck, pack, quick, rock, shack, shock, sick,sock, stick, truck & yuck. Final Sound 'ng' - bang, fang, gang, hang, long, lung, rang, ring, sang, sing, slang, sling, song, thing, wing, wrong & young. Final Sound 'th' - bath, both, cloth, Earth, fifth, froth, length, month, myth, path, sloth, teeth & with. Enjoy!!!
Poetry devices bingo Year 4/5/6Quick View

Poetry devices bingo Year 4/5/6

This game focuses on onomatopoeia, rhyme, alliteration and personification. The rules are simple and explained in the file. All I know is that children of all ages love a bingo game! PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK!
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World Nursery Rhyme Week - 2022

I’ve created a fun resource to use to celebrate World Nursery Week! The rhymes for this year are: The big ship sails 1,2,3,4,5 5 Little speckled frogs B.I.N.G.O. Twinkle twinkle little star I’ve created 2 booklets for children to complete every day after learning/exploring the rhyme of the day - one with a picture to colour and space to write a simple word or sentence - and one with a black space for the children to write and/or illustrate the rhyme of the day. I’ve also included a QR Code sheet that I have sent home with children to practice the rhymes and songs being focused on this year with their families. The QR codes link to the official video with Piccolo and have makaton signing as well.
Bingo to 20Quick View

Bingo to 20

Bingo to 20. This includes 30 class card set with all different numbers. It also includes the card numbers to cut out. Do not forget to cut and laminate them so they last longer!
Rhyme Pack - a set of 4 rhyming pictures (10 sets of 4)Quick View

Rhyme Pack - a set of 4 rhyming pictures (10 sets of 4)

This is one pack from the Rhyme Set, which is separately listed. It includes one pack of rhyming pictures, plus the teaching instructions and game ideas from the full Rhyme Set. Please note, the instructions and game ideas includes the additional resources which are included in the Rhyme Set, as well as this rhyme pack. I’ve included it because it gives a good idea of the additional options available if you have or create bingo boards and word cards.