Sequences ONESIEQuick View

Sequences ONESIE

**NEW** Colourful differentiated ONESIE(one A4 page) worksheet. Allowing students to show progression. Suitable for cover lessons - easy and cost effective to photocopy. Starts with linear sequences, finding next term, finding nth term. Moves onto finding the next 5 terms of a quadratic sequence, finding the nth term of a quadratic sequence, checking if a term is in a sequence (linear), input/output foundation exam question. **Supplied with answers.**
Sequences - mastery worksheetQuick View

Sequences - mastery worksheet

This is a mastery worksheet involving sequences. The worksheet is split into 3 sections, fluency, reasoning and problem solving so students can master the topic. All answers are included for the questions.
Sequences! Term to term, nth term and quadratic sequences!Quick View

Sequences! Term to term, nth term and quadratic sequences!

This bundle of lessons can be used for all key stages and abilities! I have used the first two lessons for KS3 and then the whole lot for KS4. All lessons are ready to go! Each lesson includes a starter, differentiated questions WITH answers, a progress tick slide and a plenary! Lesson 1: Term to term sequences. Starter introducing sequences we all know. Some animated examples and many differentiated questions with answers. Extension onto position to term rules with words and algebra. EXTRA! Includes a treasure hunt as extra extension work if class is more able. Lesson 2: Nth term. 5 a day starter with answers. Examples of how to find nth term from different sequences with many differentiated, colour coordinated questions with answers. Extension of how to generate any term of a sequences by using the nth term. Lesson 3: Quadratic sequences. 5 a day starter with answers. Recap nth term if needed. Intro into different types of sequences and terminology with a red/green all class activity to check progress of knowledge of different sequences. Intro into method of finding terms of quadratic sequences with differentiated, colour coordinated questions with answers. Self assessment plenary. Hope you like these lessons and they save you some time and effort! If you do like them, or think there is anything more I can do to improve my lessons, please rate or comment! Thanks =]
Differentiated (RAGE) Sequences | Nth termQuick View

Differentiated (RAGE) Sequences | Nth term

A Red Amber Green Extension differentiated activity on Sequences | Nth term. Students always start at RED and work their way through. Answers are provided too. This link should provide an idea as the quality of this resource:
Sequences Review LessonQuick View

Sequences Review Lesson

I have created this resource for the NEW AQA GCSE (9-1). Sequences Review Lesson: Contains student notes for each type of sequence. Contains questions for students to answer on each type of sequence.
Knowledge Organiser- Music SequencingQuick View

Knowledge Organiser- Music Sequencing

I've created this knowledge organiser to use alongside BTEC Music unit 7-Music sequencing. I used garageband in my lessons but this can be adapted and garageband screenshots can be replaced with logic pro or another sequencing program.
Number sequencesQuick View

Number sequences

Four differentiated worksheets on continuing number sequences and identifying rules for sequences.
Patterns and SequencesQuick View

Patterns and Sequences

A full lesson on sequences and patterns. It start by looking at finding missing terms, moves on to the nth term of a sequence before moving on to applying nth term algebra to problems involving pictures.
Year 5 Decimal Sequences Summer Block 1 Lesson PackQuick View

Year 5 Decimal Sequences Summer Block 1 Lesson Pack

This Year 5 Decimal Sequences lesson pack includes a teaching PowerPoint and differentiated varied fluency, and reasoning problem solving questions. The varied fluency resource is differentiated in three ways and includes a selection of different questions types. The reasoning and problem solving resource is differentiated in three ways and includes two reasoning and one problem solving question types. You can find more resources which follow the same small steps White Rose Maths Guidance here.
Year 5 Number Sequences WRM Fractions Reasoning and Problem Solving PackQuick View

Year 5 Number Sequences WRM Fractions Reasoning and Problem Solving Pack

These Number Sequences worksheets for Year 5 are differentiated in three levels to allow children to practise their reasoning and problem solving skills. The worksheets compliment the White Rose Maths guidance for Year 5 Fractions. You can find more Reasoning and Problem Solving resources designed to be used with the White Rose Maths Guide here:
Algebra: Sequences 3 - Quadratic Sequences (+ worksheet)Quick View

Algebra: Sequences 3 - Quadratic Sequences (+ worksheet)

This lesson is on quadratic sequences and goes through two methods to solve quadratic sequences. One method builds on their understanding of linear sequences as well, which is helpful. The other builds on their understanding of substitution and simultaneous equations. I teach both methods even though the majority of pupils will adopt the first method. I have found that giving pupils more understanding and methods and this does pay dividends in the long run. The lesson comes with a starter, learning objectives, keywords, plenty of teaching slides/examples, questions with answers and plenary. This is part of a bigger bundle or series, which can either be purchased with or without the additional A-Level lessons. NOTE: Feel free to browse my shop for more free and premium resources! As always please RATE and FEEDBACK (comments good or bad) thank you!
River landforms - waterfall sequencingQuick View

River landforms - waterfall sequencing

Sequencing activity: River landforms - waterfalls This is suited to KS3 but does work with KS4 - you'll need to add more detail (processes of erosion etc.). There are four slides to help the teacher explain the processes involved and introduce the keywords. The activity sheet requires students to complete three activities. 1. Cut out and arrange the tiles. 2. Add the labels from the sheet. 3. Add the descriptions from the sheet. There is also an animated consolidation slide to allow teacher/students to check accuracy. For higher ability - ask the students to underline the key terms, add more key terms and write their own descriptions. Two version of the sheet are included; one in colour and one in outline black & white. Every review we've received for a premium resource has been 5/5* (As of February 20th 2017)
Story Sequencing Cards with Cut and Paste Sheets (3-Step and 4-Step Sequences)Quick View

Story Sequencing Cards with Cut and Paste Sheets (3-Step and 4-Step Sequences)

Who is this for? These cards are great for the teaching of sequencing and narrative skills. This activity can help students grasp the idea that things happen in an order. Students build and sharpen their logical skills as they study the pictures and put them in order using sequencing words and numbers. What you Get: This set includes 16 stories in 3-step sequencing and 4 storiesin 4-step sequencing. There are sequencing sheets which are a black and white version of the same stories for students to cut out and paste in their notebooks or on colored sheets to show the correct sequence. I also included optional notebook sheets. As an extension they can write a sentence about each picture. The colored cards make a great center activity. The main idea of each story included in this resource are as follows: -Baby refuses noodles -Girl blows balloon -Girl blows candles (birthday cake) -Boy dives in swimming pool -Rabbit pulls carrot -Fireman rescues kitten (stuck in a tree) -Chameleon catches a bug -Dog plays with a pillow -Dog jumps in pool (with the kids) -Boy sleds (down a snowy hill) -Aliens land on a planet -Cat and Dogs (game parody) -Sleeping cat catches mouse -Boy Lights Fireworks -Boy Fishing -Flea jumps into dog -Frog leaps over worm -Girl grooms a dog -Monster destroys building -Girl and Boy playing video games -Man grows a beard -Elf kid finds a treasure chest -Crow eats corn -Chef makes French fries -Gardener makes bush sculpture -Girl ghost scares girl (Halloween) -Boy paints a picture -A Growing Parrot -Wave destroys sandcastle -Santa (Mario, video game parody) How to Use: Simply print, laminate then cut the stories apart. Your students can retell a story using sequencing words or place them in the correct order…
Sequences SelectionQuick View

Sequences Selection

A large selection of worksheets, powerpoints and sorting activities on nth terms of sequence including quadratics