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A selection of our favourite sequences resources. Finding the rule of a sequence, working out the nth term and using the nth term. For more resources like this look at www.teachingmaths,net

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You will find two files including a Power Point presentation explaining with examples how to use the recursive formula and the general formula for the nth term to generate sequences. And you will find a pdf file which is a Worksheet with exercise to do as class work, or homework along with the answers. For a preview of the powerpoint copy the following link on your browser:

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9 Power point presentations including: Arithmetic and geometric sequences. Arithmetic and geometric series. Applications

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Cubic Sequences and Geometric SequencesQuick View

Cubic Sequences and Geometric Sequences

To be used with a top set class but a starting cover of Cubic and Geometric sequences following the new 9-1 GCSE spec. Not an in-depth lesson however covers cubic sequences (from applying quadratic sequence skills) and then geometric which is fairly self-explanatory I should imagine. An NQT so all feedback welcomed! Thanks

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Algebra: Sequences 3 - Quadratic SequencesQuick View

Algebra: Sequences 3 - Quadratic Sequences

This lesson is on quadratic sequences and goes through two methods to solve quadratic sequences. One method builds on their understanding of linear sequences as well, which is helpful. The other builds on their understanding of substitution and simultaneous equations. I teach both methods even though the majority of pupils will adopt the first method. I have found that giving pupils more understanding and methods, does pay dividend in the long run. The lesson comes with a starter, learning objectives, key words, plenty of teaching slides/examples, questions with answers and plenary. This is part of a bigger bundle on sequences / series, which can either be purchased with or without the additional A-Level lessons. The bundle comes at discount, and contains the following: 1. Introduction to Linear Sequences 2. Linear Sequences in Diagrams 3. Quadratic Sequences 4. Other Sequences and Problems 5. Fibonacci Sequence, Golden Ratio and Spiral (one of the reasons I become passionate about mathematics!!) 6. Arithmetic Sequences or Series 7. Sum of Arithmetic Sequences (A-Level) 8. Geometric Sequences or Series (A-Level) 9. Sum of Geometric Series (A-Level) 10. Sum of Infinite Series (A-Level) NOTE: Feel free to browse my shop for more excellent free and premium resources and as always please rate and feedback, thanks.

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Number sequences

Four differentiated worksheets on continuing number sequences and identifying rules for sequences.

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Sequences ONESIE

**NEW** Colourful differentiated ONESIE(one A4 page) worksheet. Allowing students to show progression. Suitable for cover lessons - easy and cost effective to photocopy. Starts with linear sequences, finding next term, finding nth term. Moves onto finding the next 5 terms of a quadratic sequence, finding the nth term of a quadratic sequence, checking if a term is in a sequence (linear), input/output foundation exam question. **Supplied with answers.**

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Number Sequences

7 worksheet activities based around observing, identifying and extending number sequences. Includes harder activities using decimals and negative numbers. Suitable for upper KS2/lower KS3 children

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The Fibonacci Sequence Quick View

The Fibonacci Sequence

A teaching pack to teach a series of lessons on the fibonacci Sequence. The pack consists of a Powerpoint presentation (plus answers), activities and grids, worksheets and card templates.

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Sequences! Term to term, nth term and quadratic sequences!Quick View

Sequences! Term to term, nth term and quadratic sequences!

This bundle of lessons can be used for all key stages and abilities! I have used the first two lessons for KS3 and then the whole lot for KS4. All lessons are ready to go! Each lesson includes a starter, differentiated questions WITH answers, a progress tick slide and a plenary! Lesson 1: Term to term sequences. Starter introducing sequences we all know. Some animated examples and many differentiated questions with answers. Extension onto position to term rules with words and algebra. EXTRA! Includes a treasure hunt as extra extension work if class is more able. Lesson 2: Nth term. 5 a day starter with answers. Examples of how to find nth term from different sequences with many differentiated, colour coordinated questions with answers. Extension of how to generate any term of a sequences by using the nth term. Lesson 3: Quadratic sequences. 5 a day starter with answers. Recap nth term if needed. Intro into different types of sequences and terminology with a red/green all class activity to check progress of knowledge of different sequences. Intro into method of finding terms of quadratic sequences with differentiated, colour coordinated questions with answers. Self assessment plenary. Hope you like these lessons and they save you some time and effort! If you do like them, or think there is anything more I can do to improve my lessons, please rate or comment! Thanks =]

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Sequences - mastery worksheetQuick View

Sequences - mastery worksheet

This is a mastery worksheet involving sequences. The worksheet is split into 3 sections, fluency, reasoning and problem solving so students can master the topic. All answers are included for the questions.

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Easter Sequencing CardsQuick View

Easter Sequencing Cards

This is the sequencing activity submitted by Sprinkles but put into 'Cards' for mixing up and sorting - I hope you don&'t mind Sprinkles

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Second Differences in Quadratic SequencesQuick View

Second Differences in Quadratic Sequences

Flipchart resource to help students discover the second differences of quadratic sequences including structure for: learning outcomes differentiated starting points extension activity investigation opportunity To accompany the resource there is a worksheet to investigate second differences and a worksheet including reasoning and problem solving for the new curriculum.

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Space Sequence of LessonsQuick View

Space Sequence of Lessons

Sequence of lessons to introduce students to Space. The lessons included are: L1 The Night Sky L2 The Solar System L3 The Earth L4 The Moon

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Sequences (Dance Mat Maths)Quick View

Sequences (Dance Mat Maths)

This is a Dance Mat Mathematics activity to use along with your ready made dance mats. Check out our blog post (link in download) for tips how to make your class set of dance mats. Once you have a set of dance mats for your classroom you are ready! This set of dance mat questions requires pupils to find the next or missing number in linear sequences, with some questions at the end are quadratic sequences requiring comparison to square numbers. Students then display their answer by placing their feet in the correct position; left foot for tens and right foot for the units. Terms of Use The purchase of this resource is for the use of one teacher only. Thank you for looking, I hope the NumberLoving resources meet the needs of colleagues. Please get in touch via @numberloving or

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