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A Midsummer Night's Dream SoW

A gentle introduction to Shakespeare for KS3 students. Borrows ideas from the RSC-BBC “Shakespeare Unlocked” teachers pack (links to clips in slides) and adapts for year 7/8. Lessons include: The theatre, with optional library research project for able students whilst others use laptops to research general theatre terms. The plot - what happens? Mapping this with stickfigures. The Mechanicals - who are they, how do Bottom & Quince battle to be in charge? The Fairies - how are they different from stereotypical fairies? Why have Titania & Oberon fallen out, & what are the effects? Problems & Advice - Agony Aunt letters. Helena Vs. Hermia - at the start, Helena & Demetrius, the BIG FIGHT SCENE! Assessment planning - S's presentation of H&H. Fun end-of-module games.
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Macbeth resources various

Various power points, activities, and a student booklet for teaching Macbeth. DVD referred to is Patrick Stewart version from 210. Note: 12 certificate and gory in places so not suitable for lower than year 9 really. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Macbeth-DVD-Patrick-Stewart/dp/B004NB75BE