3D shape net activityQuick View

3D shape net activity

This activity includes 10 monster themed 3D shape nets for student to put together and assemble. They range in difficulty and include the following shapes. cube triangular prism cone cylinder rectangular prism rhombic prism tetrahedron pyramid pentagonal pyramid pentagonal prism
Shapes ActivitiesQuick View

Shapes Activities

These play based shape activities are perfect for young learners just learning shapes and colors. Included are shape cards. Print out as many of the cards as you wish. Then simply laminate, cut, and use! There are shape cards for sorting games. Allow the children to sort the cards by like shapes that are also big and little or by color. You may make as many copies of the cards as you wish so that their may be more matches to sort! The green cards have one matching shape card each; one matching shape is big and the other small; the shapes that match are different colors. This way the cards allow for multiple ways to sort. Also, there are cards for a memory matching game. One copy of each cards will work for a memory game. There are no matching shapes on the purple cards. Make at least two copies for matches! Lastly, there is also shapes for making a shape robot!
Shape activityQuick View

Shape activity

This is something I stole from the internet and reformatted slightly. It is a worksheet/activity for pupils to look in a pattern and find different shapes. Some of the shapes are right there, some have to be made from compound shapes.
Properties of 2D Shapes - Matching ActivityQuick View

Properties of 2D Shapes - Matching Activity

A great resource that I have used with most classes every year. It really gets the discussions going about the difference between shapes. It also make for a challenging competition / race. A basic activity that matches 2D Shape names, diagrams and descriptions. Ideal printed, cut and laminated so that you can use again and again as a nice kinaesthetic activity. Can also be printed / displayed for students to write down the letters of the matching items. Solutions included.
Introduction to 2D shapesQuick View

Introduction to 2D shapes

This is a complete lesson with a great PowerPoint story, printable cut and stick activities and fun ideas for an outstanding lesson!
Perimeter of Compound Shapes ActivityQuick View

Perimeter of Compound Shapes Activity

This activity is differentiated by task and there are additional aids that can be printed to differentiate further or offer scaffolding. Pupils can complete this individually or in pairs. ***Answers are provided **- questions 8 onwards are open-ended questions that have multiple answers, so need to be either checked by the teach or peers. The activity can be shown on a board or used as a worksheet that is handed out. This task is designed to challenge students of differing ability and provide teachers with a great resource that help reduce their planning, whilst creating interesting and productive lessons that have progress.
2D Shape ActivitiesQuick View

2D Shape Activities

10 pages of activities on 2D shapes 2x shape sorting pages 1x shape matching 7x picture making pages- build a house build a rocket build a boat make a tree make a snowman make an owl make a robot
Car Logos - Shape ActivityQuick View

Car Logos - Shape Activity

Activity using well known car logos to look at shapes within the logos. This activity can also be done with learners taking photographs of car logos in the staff car park or searching for other logo's using the internet.
3D Shape ActivityQuick View

3D Shape Activity

Stage 2 Mathematics Year 4 4 Mathematics Australian & New South Wales Curriculum › MA2 14MG makes, compares, sketches and names three-dimensional objects, including prisms, pyramids, cylinders, cones and spheres, and describes their features * Topics: 3D Shape * Can be used as: Quiz / Resource / Assessment Editable Word version. Purchase separately or as part of a bundle from Mathematics Program
Handa's Surprise Shape ActivitiesQuick View

Handa's Surprise Shape Activities

EYFS/Year 1 activity set, incorporating 2D shapes and mastery in addition. Children can use the Handa’s Surprise landscape picture scene to spot various 2D shapes. This comes with a second activity which brings addition, problem solving, and shapes together. For the addition activity, children will look at the sides of the each shape, and add them together. There is an example on the sheet, to remind the children of the add and equals symbols, as well as how to structure a number sentence. The activity progresses from looking at adding 2 shapes together, to then adding 3, and then to a shaped object.
Art Element: Shape ActivityQuick View

Art Element: Shape Activity

Worksheet to help learners understand and define the Art Element shape, identify and examine shape in sculptural work and analyse and critique its effectiveness to communicate meaning. Suitable for Art students aged 7+. Includes printable PDF worksheet and a fully editable Powerpoint providing guidance on how to use the worksheet which can be shown in lesson to learners.
Shape sortingQuick View

Shape sorting

6 shape sorting boards with different colour shapes to match and sort. Perfect for an independent workstation activity.
Shape matching activitiesQuick View

Shape matching activities

5 different themed shape matching activities. Each picture has 5 shape silhouettes, along with 5 shapes with pictures on which need cutting out to be matched up to the correct shape. The 5 themed pictures are Farmyard Under the sea Space Winter Desert
2D Shape Activities PackQuick View

2D Shape Activities Pack

Learning about 2D shapes? This pack of easy to prep printables is perfect for learning about the different 2D shapes and their properties! A range of activities include allowing you to plan a complete unit for 2D shapes with ease! Puzzles, sorting activities, mini books, playdough mats, games, worksheets and assessment tasks included. Includes reference to 13 different 2D shapes - square, circle, triangle, rectangle, trapezoid, pentagon, hexagon, octagon, oval, kite, rhombus, heart and star. Make learning about 2D shape fun with these hands-on activities! Here’s what’s included - 2D shape 3-part puzzles - 2 per A4 page 2D Shape Mini Books to make (3 different variations for differentiation) - 1 per A4 page 2D Shape Sorting Mats - 1 shape per A4 page Find Me The Shape recording sheet - A4 page 2D Shape Draw Me A Picture (12 choices) - A4 page 2D ‘What Shape Am I?’ Lift the flap worksheet in colour + B/W - A4 page 2D Shape printable DIY dice - A4 page Race the 2D shape sheet (2 variations) - A4 page 2D Shape Sort Worksheet in color + B/W - A4 page 2D Shape Draw Me A Shape sheet - A4 page 2D+3D Shape Sort Worksheet in color + B/W - A4 page 2D Shape Mats with Real Life Examples - A4 page To use - You will need to have an up to date version of an PDF Reader like Adobe Reader installed on your computer to open this resource.
Shape Graph ActivityQuick View

Shape Graph Activity

This activity is aimed at year 1 students. It involves counting and representing the shapes on the graph. Shapes included in this activity are: squares, circles, triangles, diamonds and stars.