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Spelling Lists

Working on the assumption that people remember things better if like is grouped with like, this booklet contains twenty-one lists of commonly mis-spelled words, all under different categories. Ranging from adjectives to adverbs to animals to birds to body parts to food and sports, the concept is that students will remember the spellings more easily if they can remember patterns and connections between words. This free resources complements the booklet “The Definitive Guide to Spelling” found at Mrs Shaw’s Shop, which is a seventy-four page booklet covering all the major spelling rules with exercises and answers, on sale at just £10. This photocopiable resource is a bargain for anyone wanting to help their students improve their spelling.
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The Collective Spellings List

The complete spelling list collection from Year 1 to Year 5. Never before has there been such a complete guide like this. This has been designed by Surrey Home Education for use in School or Home School. This file is in PDF format.
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Year 5 Spelling Lists

The complete set of Year 5 spelling list. Twelve units linking directly to the Read, Write, Inc spelling scheme.
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Spelling lists

This is a resource containing 31 weeks of spelling lists which I have used with a Year1/2 mixed class. Each list has an option of 8 or 10 words and can be photocopied and given to the children for homework. Obviously you could adapt the lists to suite your own class, but the framework is there.
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SATs Spelling Revision List

This pack is applicable to all KS2. I made it for Year 6s revising for their SATs but it covers all the spelling rules from Year 3 up to Year 6. I have included as many words as I could think of for each spelling rule but feel free to edit/improve where you want.
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Year 6 Spelling Lists

A complete set of spelling lists for Year 6. Twelve units linking directly to the Read, Write, Inc spelling scheme.
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Big Spellings spelling lists KS2 whole school

These are differentiated spelling lists for a junior or primary school, and there is a file here which explains exactly how it could work in your school. It means each child has exactly the right spelling list for them regardless of age. This was a very popular resource with over 100 ratings and 5 stars. Lots of schools have adopted it and I’ve had very positive feedback from teachers, but took me all summer to make and so I thought I’d start to charge for it. It encourages independence as the children test each other at the end of the week. There are enough spelling lists on one A4 sheet to last a term. The lists start with cvc words and phonic sounds, progressing to very challenging words. They also contain all the High Frequency Words. There are free assessment sheets in another resource to work out which sheet each child starts at. See my other resources to see how to learn the Government statutory lists along side this.Also hold Spelling Bees (see my free resources for this!
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Year 1 Spellings Lists

These are all the spellings list I send home to parents over the course of a year for Y1. Each list is in order so each list relates to the previous one. I’ve also included some revision tests to ensure the children have mastered the spellings. The words are lifts from the common exception words and HF words for Y1. For further Year 1 resources please visit my shop https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/Paineltd
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Spelling Lists KS1

Do you want to save time each week creating your own spelling lists linked to the curriculum? Here are 25 weekly spelling lists to savce you time. Use them for your weekly spelling at school and for homework. All rules are stated and linked the the curriculum…see below link: https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/239784/English_Appendix_1_-_Spelling.pdf You can adapt the words but they are all linked to the spelling rule and examples from the English National Curriculum included.
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Tudor topic spellings list

Differentiated spellings based on the theme of life in Tudor times. 30 words in total, could be adapted to create a word bank as well.
Year 1 Spelling ListsQuick View

Year 1 Spelling Lists

Each card has 6 spellings on it taken from the year 1 common exception words list (including days of the week and numbers to 20). for a weekly test. Test your children each week on the spellings on the card and only move them onto the next card when they can spell between 4 and 6 of the words. Add the 1 or 2 words they got wrong onto the next card only moving children on when they can spell the words off the card correctly.
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Spelling List for Year 5

A spelling list of 100 spellings, used across one term in Year 5. These spellings were used for homework, for students to learn for a test. But could also be incorporated into lessons. Good practice for NAPLAN or other assessments as many of these spellings are common errors that students make. Used in Yr 5 but could be used in other year groups too.
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Sonic themed spelling List

This resource comes with a letter template from Sonic the hedgehog asking pupils to help him with some spellings. He asks pupils to write each word out three times. The spellings can be changed to whatever level the pupil is working at.
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Beginning Blends Spelling Lists

17 pages of 5 letter word spelling lists grouped by their initial blend sound. Blends include: br, cr, dr, fr, gr, pr, gl, pl, sl, sm, sn, sp, sc, sk, st, sw and tw. Each list has 16 - 18 words (tw has 12.)
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Graded Spelling Lists

47 graded spelling lists for upper KS2 and lower KS3 children. The spellings range from easy and mostly decodable in the early lists to extremely challenging in the later ones. The vocabulary too is designed to challenge even the most able. Linked crosswords are also available. The printed version can be found on this site, and they can also be found online as java activities: http://www.reall-languages.co.uk/spelling-crosswords.html.